Heated Slippers: My Honest Review

It’s almost cosy season! And with the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your gift list. 

With many of the shops being closed, the risk of lockdowns ever-looming, and COVID-19 variants Grinch-ing up the joint, many are turning to online stores to get their holiday shopping done. But when holiday shopping online, it’s important to start early so your gifts all arrive on time.

At Sleepbo, we are obsessed with all things comfy and cosy. We spend all our time researching tips, tricks, and products to ensure you and your loved ones get the best night’s sleep possible. 

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce our holiday blog series: Honest Reviews. Our team researched this year’s most popular cosy gift items and wrote their honest opinions on them so you can make smart purchases from reliable companies this holiday season.

Heated slippers: My honest Review

As a single mother, I’ve got a lot to keep up with. Working full time, caring for my daughter, driving her to school, dance obligations, and to her friends’ houses, you could say I’m run off my feet. But it’s not my feet I’m worried about.

When my manager here at Sleepbo asked me to review some of the most popular gift items for 2021, my mind immediately went to my daughter, Hannah. She has been struggling with sore feet ever since she started competitive dance earlier this year. 

Since Sleepbo’s mandate is to research items that help bring comfort into people’s lives, I thought there must be something on the list that would help her. And sure enough, there it was! One of the top trending comfort-related gift items for 2021 was heated slippers.

Before working for Sleepbo as a Product Researcher, I studied health sciences, specifically related to sports injuries. So I know that heat therapy can be great for sore tendons and muscles

We’ve tried heat therapy with Hannah the traditional way–with a warm water soak–and it worked like a charm. The only problem was getting her to sit for long enough after every practice and competition. She’s only 12 years old! I can’t make her sit for longer than 5 minutes. 

I wondered: would these heated slippers have a similar effect? If so, she could wear them on the drive home or while playing with her friends. It would really change the game for her! 

And if they work on my daughter, then they’ll work on anyone with sore feet!

choosing and ordering

As a product researcher, I’ve spent many hours of my life researching and comparing products. And when it comes to heated slippers, there are a lot of variables to choose from.

Microwavable vs. Electric 

There are two main ways companies heat their slippers, the first is electric. Some use a battery or USB, but the common tradeoff is less mobility. This isn’t so bad if you’re an adult working from home, but it’s not so great for kids.

The other alternative was microwavable slippers. These came with heatable inserts that could be removed and placed in the microwave for heat-on-demand. The minor tradeoff with these would be that you have to repeat the process of heating them every hour or so. 

But ultimately, it’s a way more kid-friendly and convenient option.

Booties vs Slides

I decided that microwavable was certainly the better and more accessible option, so my next choice pertained to style. 

Microwavable slippers come in these two different styles, sliders and booties.

And while sliders are very easy to slip on and off, booties are warmer, trendier, and more comfortable. These ones look like cute furry Ugg boots!


The brand I decided to go with was kuddly, a UK-based brand with a reputation for making super high-quality and affordable weighted blankets. They recently topped the market again with their ultra-cosy giant blanket hoodie, too. 

I was eager to try out their heated slippers, but I always have to check for reviews first. Here were the few that sold me:

At the time of writing this, they were also having an incredible sale. Full disclosure, Sleepbo reimburses me for any work-related purchases (score!) but I wanted to pick something affordable because I know how stretched for money many people are these days. 

In all, kuddly has thousands of 5-star reviews on their TrustPilot, free shipping, and a 30-day money-back guarantee so it’s almost a no-brainer to choose their slippers.

First Impressions - 5/5

The slippers were delivered only three days after I placed my order. I have to admit I was very pleased with how quickly they came. 

They were the perfect pink colour and incredibly soft. I surprised my daughter after her dance practice and she was in love with them immediately! What little girl wouldn’t love a pair of pink fuzzy slipper booties?!

She danced around the ballet room with them on and I was grateful for the non-slip tread at the bottom. They looked so cute on her! Just the right size with a bit of room for her to grow into. It’s so hard buying footwear for kids when you know they’re not going to fit them in just a few months.

I used the microwave in the studio lunchroom to heat the inserts as stated and then put them back into the slippers once we were in the car. Within a few minutes, she told me her foot pain was going away!

Daily Use - 5/5

For the week following my early Christmas present, Hannah wore her slippers to and from dance practice every day

The best thing about these slippers is that they work for therapeutic use or just for ultra cosy loungewear. My daughter loves slipping them on after a hard rehearsal, but she also loves wearing them on the couch while playing games on the iPad.

Her friends and their parents started asking where we got them, so I’ve already ordered three pairs for her best friends for Christmas!

Results - 5/5

Here are just a few of the major changes I’ve noticed since gifting these Komfies to my daughter.

  • No more complaining. She has fewer days with foot pain which means she is happier before and after dance practice! 
  • She enjoys dance more. Because she no longer associates practice with pain.
  • She is more focused on school. Now that she doesn’t have foot pain distracting her, she’s focussing more on her homework when she’s at home.
  • She wears them constantly. And I mean constantly! If she could wear them to school, I swear she would.  

Final Verdict - 5/5

In all, I’m so grateful for these slippers! They’ve totally changed my daughter’s life. Even if she hadn’t been suffering from foot pain, I know she would have loved these as a gift. I mean, seriously, they’re the perfect gift for any young girl!

  • Super soft, fuzzy, cosy material 
  • Anti-slip for versatile wear
  • Heatable inserts for extra warmth
  • Super cute, trendy bootie-style 

Like I said earlier, as soon as I realized how great these were, I snatched up a few more pairs for Christmas gifts while they were still on sale. I ended up getting 3 pairs and saved £150!

The sale was still on at the time of publishing this but I have no idea how long it will last. If you plan to buy Komfies for someone for Christmas, act fast!

NOTE: kuddly is currently having a massive Black Friday Sale. Get yours for as low as £24.75 each for a limited time only!

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Other trending kuddly gift items

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*This gift item is really popular right now and in my opinion, it would be a great companion gift with the Komfies!

You could cross multiple people off your list in one virtual stop. And the sooner you get your shopping done, the sooner you can slip on your cosy heated slippers and enjoy the holidays.

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Alyssa Kline

Alyssa Kline

Alyssa is a product Researcher at Sleepbo. She is a proud Mum to three kids and a French Bulldog.