Bamboo Bed Sheets: My Honest Review

Look, I don’t mean to sound like the Grinch, but one thing I really can’t stand about the holidays is how much waste they cause. 

I’ve been working as a Sustainable Product Researcher for Sleepbo for nearly a year now. So when my manager asked me to test out some of the season’s most popular gift items, I suggested a few sustainable gifts be added to the list.

So today, I’m going to be reviewing something I keep seeing everywhere in the eco-friendly world: Bamboo bed sheets.  

Why bamboo bed sheets?

  1. Amazing renewability. Bamboo can grow to full size in a fraction of the time it takes most plants to mature, meaning the resource can be renewed much quicker than other types of fibers.
  2. Less plastic waste. Polyester and other synthetic fibres are made with plastics that harm the environment in a landfill.
  3. More durable than alternatives. Bamboo fibres make strong, long-lasting fabric that requires less replacing, meaning less waste.
  4. Safe and non-toxic. Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for children.
  5. Environmentally friendly. Planting more bamboo means that more carbon gets absorbed from the air. In fact, bamboo can absorb up to 2x more CO2 than other trees!  

It’s easy to see that any eco-friendly person on your gift list would love a set of bamboo bed sheets, but the question remains; which brand to buy from?

Choosing kalmkoala

After hours of research, I made the decision to purchase a Bamboo Bed Sheet Set from kuddly for the following reasons.

  • They are UK-based. Any tree-hugger like me knows that shopping local is almost always better for the planet. 
  • Impressive features. I love that their fabric blend is specifically formulated to be odor-resistant, temperature regulating, and skin-soothing. 
  • Affordable luxury. Full disclosure, I get reimbursed by Sleepbo for everything I buy for work, but I chose this brand because they were having a really great sale.
  • Colour options. I know this is less important, but kuddly offered the perfect grey colour to match my bedroom. They only offer two colours, though, so this may be a downside for anyone who likes sheets that aren’t in neutral tones.
  • Amazing reviews. This part really sold me! Here are just a few of the many 5 star reviews on their Trustpilot.

Kalm Bamboo Bed Sheet set reviews

“Great quality blankets. Can't get enough of the bamboo bed sheets! They've literally removed my back acne -TMI? A must-have for anyone that cares about their skin.”
August H.
“I research different types and Kalmkoala came up the best. I bought one and have never looked back. I go off to sleep much quicker and sleep better. Even in hot weather my sleeping is better. Now have two of these blankets and sets of the sheets and covers. Would highly recommend these blankets and buy more.”
Sam K.
“Bought a weighted blanket for my other half and she loves it! The delivery was fast and friendly. I then bought her the bamboo bed sheets which I must admit are extremely comfy. 10/10”
Oli R.

Bonus: I always like to cover my bases and this company has them covered for me! They have a 30-night guarantee AND free UK delivery. So there’s really no reason not to try them!

First impressions - 4.5/5

Ok, first of all, do the kalmkoala employees work 24/7? Because my package came literally the next day! It was amazing, honestly.

I was expecting quite a bit of packaging, but I was actually pleasantly surprised when I found these sheets came in a reusable drawstring bag! Much of the other packaging was recyclable but I was disappointed by the few plastics that were used. Still, the package did look beautiful and it was far less wasteful than many of the other packages I’ve ordered from supposedly “sustainable” brands.

Once I took the bamboo bed sheets out of the packaging, however, I was really blown away by the quality. They were so soft they felt almost like pure silk. I was amazed!

I put them on my bed and they were the perfect fit. They smelt so fresh and when I laid down to see what it felt like, I really didn’t want to get back up! 

Nightly use - 5/5

The first night with my new sheets, I fell asleep so quickly and deeply that, when I woke up the next morning, I thought it must have been some sort of fluke. 

But no! Sure enough, night after night, I’ve gotten wonderfully cosy sleep. It’s hard to remember how I used to sometimes lay awake scratching my irritated skin, or wake up in a puddle of my own sweat. These bamboo bed sheets are super soft on my skin, and they’re so airy and light, I always fall asleep feeling cosy and cool at the same time!

After using these for only a week, I purchased 4 more sets–one for my guest room and three for my family members’ Christmas gifts. I couldn’t help myself, they’re amazing quality for an amazing price!

Final Results - 5/5

Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve noticed from using these bamboo bed sheets for almost a month.

  1. No more night hives. I used to get hives at night during allergy season, but these sheets have really helped me avoid them!
  2. No more night sweats. They really do feel cool and breathable and have kept me at the perfect temperature all night long.
  3. Deeper sleep. I wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic because my sleep is always great!

Conclusion - 5/5

It’s honestly impossible for me to think of a reason why you wouldn’t replace your old bed sheets with bamboo. They literally offer something for everyone! 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable & cosy
  • Super-soft
  • Helps improve sleep quality 
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colours
  • Free delivery & 30-day trial
  • UK-based brand
  • Luxury quality at a discounted price

Just make sure you donate your old sheets to the charity shop instead of throwing them in the bin! 

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