Hoodie Blankets: My Honest Review

It’s almost cosy season! And with the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your gift list

With many of the shops being closed, the risk of lockdowns ever-looming, and COVID-19 variants Grinch-ing up the joint, many are turning to online stores to get their holiday shopping done. But when holiday shopping online, it’s important to start early so your gifts all arrive on time.

At Sleepbo, we are obsessed with all things comfy and cosy. We spend all our time researching tips, tricks, and products to ensure you and your loved ones get the best night’s sleep possible. 

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce our holiday blog series: Honest Reviews. Our team researched this year’s most popular cosy gift items and wrote their honest opinions on them so you can make smart purchases from reliable companies this holiday season.

My Honest Review of the kuddly Hoodie Blanket

As Sleepbo’s token young person Research Assistant Intern, I was tasked with researching the best gifts for Millennials and Gen Z-ers and giving my honest opinions on them. So, while researching products to review, being the professional that I am, I went on TikTok to see what was trending. 

One thing I kept seeing everywhere were these massive—I mean MASSIVE—Hoodie Blankets. People were obsessed. They wore them while dancing, snowboarding, hanging out with friends, after their gym sessions, and while running errands. 

Truthfully, I’ve been playing with the idea of getting one for myself since my roommate bought hers last winter. We both work from home and she would literally turn the thermostat DOWN while I was shivering at my desk. She looked super cosy 24/7 and I frequently found myself fantasizing about stealing it while she was out. 

So needless to say, I was pretty psyched to try one out for myself. 

Choosing and ordering

Making the decision of which hoodie to buy, to be honest, wasn’t that difficult. Since I work for Sleepbo, I already spend all day researching and reading reviews on comfort brands. So, not only do I know which ones are popular and trustworthy, but I also know which ones not to buy (but that’s a different article entirely). 

I ended up choosing the kuddly Hoodie Blanket for a few reasons. 

  1. It’s a UK-based brand: I always buy local when I can.
  2. I trust their quality and customer service: Since I work for Sleepbo, I’ve researched a few other kudd.ly products. I’ve read countless five-star reviews and I already know what a great company they are.
  3. They were having a really good sale: Full disclosure, I got reimbursed for my hoodie by Sleepbo, but I love a good sale so I wanted to pick something affordable for you, reader!
  4. They have a 30-day money-back trial period: So you can’t come for me if you don’t like it (you’ll like it, trust me. But you can never be too safe).
  5. Bonus: Ok, I know colour isn’t the most important thing… and obviously, I don’t plan on wearing this massive hoodie to the Met Gala or anything, but the tye-dye hoodie was giving me the dreamiest lavender cloud vibes, so I just had to.

Shipping time - 4.5/5 stars

Okay, I won’t lie, a lot of other kuddly product reviews claim they got their package the next day after ordering them. I was not so lucky, apparently, because it took me 4 days to get mine. Still, this is way faster than a lot of the other brands I’ve researched. 

Maybe the delay was because the Christmas rush is already beginning. I’ve read in a lot of places that online holiday shopping is skyrocketing so I’d plan for future delays if I were you!

First impressions - 5/5 stars

The first thing I thought when I pulled it out of the bag was: WOW, this thing is soft. The outside is made of super silky fleece and the inside is this amazingly cosy sherpa fleece. I was worried it would feel cheap but it’s absolutely the opposite. 

When I unfolded the hoodie and held it up, I was pretty shocked at how big it was. I’m barely 160cm tall, so I knew I was taking a major risk buying the biggest hoodie on the market (the website says this thing is modeled after a 6XL hoodie).

Luckily, when I put it on, it didn’t completely swallow me whole. It was the perfect oversized fit. When I laid on the couch, it just felt like a big, cosy blanket, and when I got up to walk around, it wasn’t overwhelming at all. 

I think their trick to having such a massive fit and still maintaining functionality is the cuffs on the sleeves. They’re really stretchy, so the length of the sleeves doesn’t get in the way. Actually, it just adds to the cosiness. 

After trying it on that first day, I kept it on for the rest of the evening. I cooked seafood linguini with no problems, carried all my snacks from the kitchen to my bedroom in the huge front pocket (hands-free!), and actually found myself getting excited to try it out at work the following morning. 

Everyday wear - 5/5 stars

When I say I wore this hoodie blanket everywhere, I’m not embarrassed to admit I mean: everywhere

Of course, I wore it while working from home, but I also wore it over my gym clothes before and after my training sessions. I wore it on movie nights with my roommate and while walking my dog down Brighton Beach I only wish there was an oversized poncho I could buy to wear over it for the rain!

One night, before a rom-com marathon with my roommate, we did a late-night shop run for snacks and the cashier said mine was cuter than hers. I won’t say where she bought her hoodie from but I will say: it hasn’t withstood the test of the countless TV dinners she’s put it through.

I booked a holiday to Portugal for next spring and I’m dreaming of how cosy it’ll be on the plane. It really is the ultimate weekend uniform. Unless you work from home like me… then it’s the ultimate uniform, full stop.

So yeah. I am obsessed with my kuddly Hoodie. It’s truly my favourite garment and I now loathe to wear normal human clothes.

Final Verdict - 5/5 stars

I honestly can’t imagine why a person wouldn’t want a kuddly Hoodie Blanket as a gift. They’re a one-size-fits-all gift that literally offers something for everyone

  • It’s the perfect go-to garment for gamers and Netflix bingers
  • Gym rats and snowboarders will love basking in its post-session cosiness. 
  • It’s perfect for study dates and sleepovers.
  • It’s the ultimate working-from-home essential. I don’t mean to be dramatic but it changed my life.
  • You can even use it in the summer, especially when camping or while having picnics in the park
  •    You’ll never have to listen to the perpetually chilly family member complain about the cold again.

I’m personally buying a bunch of these while they’re still on sale for my entire family. Maybe I’ll update this article with a picture of us all in our kuddlies after Christmas! 

Get it sooner rather than later

Since the holidays are fast approaching, I’d recommend buying from kuddly sooner rather than later. In keeping with my commitment to an honest rating, I think the one downside I’d say is that they get really busy around the holidays

They’re known to sell out of trending items around this time of year, but their website appeared still fully stocked while I was writing this review. It’s possible that they were finally able to catch up to the hype surrounding their products, but I’d still buy early, just in case.

STOCKING STUFFER ALERT: kuddly is currently having their annual Black Friday event. For a limited time, get your Hoodie Blanket for as low as £39.75 each when you buy for everyone on your list.

Other Trending kuddly gift items

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*I reviewed these too and if you’re shopping for teenagers, you NEED to check them out!

You could cross multiple people off your list in one virtual stop. And the sooner you get your shopping done, the sooner you can cuddle up in your comically massive hoodie and enjoy the holidays.

Maddie Hopkins

Maddie Hopkins

Maddie is a Research Assistant Intern here at Sleepbo. She lives in Brighton and loves to walk her fur baby Leonard along the pier.