My Honest Review of the kuddly Weighted Blanket

The kuddly weighted blanket helped me sleep better

Ever since I was a young lad, I’ve been suffering from RLS, or, “Restless Leg Syndrome.” Basically, what this means is that my body stays hyperactive, especially when I try to settle down for bed at night. The constant movements cause me to have anxiety and stress, making it even worse.

I found that no matter what I was doing it just didn’t matter. Bedtime would come and I would continue looking up at my ceiling wondering where all the sheep had disappeared to.

Eventually I came across an article claiming that using a weighted blanket was the way to calm the body to promote deeper sleeping. I thought about it and decided that it couldn’t hurt, so I began doing more research.

That research led me to kuddly and their bestselling flagship product, the kuddly Weighted Blanket. After seeing thousands of positive reviews, I went for it.

Why Choose the Kuddly Weighted Blanket

The kuddly weighted blanket was engineered so that it provided the optimal weight in helping to soothe stress and anxiety. The OG was also designed with MicroCOOL™ fleece––a fabric that helps promote the regulation of body temperature to cool you throughout the night.

Here is a complete list of features of the Kuddly  Weighted Blanket: 

  • Optimal weighted of 5kg
  • MicroCOOL™ fleece designed to regulate body temperature
  • Size of a single bed (48×78”)
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in 2 colours: Blue and Grey
  • Micro glass beads distribute even weight
  • 100% UK-based
  • Free express shipping
  • 30-day money back guarantee

First Impressions

Just as kuddly advertised, the shipping was quick and easy. The kuddly Blanket arrived at my doorstep just days after I had ordered it. I kind of expected it but was still pleasantly surprised when it did show up.

I unpackaged the blanket and immediately felt the gentle weight of it. When I squeezed my fingers into the blanket, I could feel the micro glass beads and I was surprised at just how small they actually were.

While I didn’t think I would ever sleep with the weighted blanket, my girlfriend says otherwise. She found me snoring away on the couch with the blanket on top of me. When I finally awoke, I felt so rested and relaxed, just from that one nap!

Feel the difference

After about a week of sleeping with the kuddly Weighted Blanket, I must say that I have never felt so fresh and so relaxed. Sleeping with the blanket is as if you’re being hugged gently, so it soothes away any stress and anxiety. 

The 5kg weight is the perfect pressure for your body, and just makes your eyelids heavy. The micro glass beads are truly a wonder because they help the blanket perfectly conform to the shape of your body.

This has helped my RLS greatly as the weight prevents my legs from moving about in the middle of night. With my body nice and still, I can finally embrace sleep again!

Final Thoughts

I’ve even caught my girlfriend taking my blanket so often that I just had to order her one too! We take it everywhere, even when we go camping. 

So, if you’re anything like me and also suffer from RLS, then I believe that this is the blanket for you! Even if you don’t believe me, that’s okay! Try out the kuddly Weighted Blanket yourself!

With kuddly’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you never have to feel like you made the wrong decision.

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