The Top 3 Best TEDtalks on Sleep You Have to Listen to

TedTalks have become one of the best ways to gain quick snippets of knowledge on virtually any topic out there. There are millions of views per video as people around the world turn to experts as they quickly delve into important topics of conversation. Listed below are three essential TedTalks on the topic of sleep!

#1 Why do we sleep? – Russell Foster


Want to understand why we need to sleep? and what happens while we sleep? This TEDtalk provides a great overview of both.

#2 Sleep is your superpower – Matt Walker


This TEDtalk will shed some insights into the positive impacts of sleep and the negative impacts of not getting enough sleep have on your body and your mind. Knowing all the positive things that happen while you sleep can lead to motivation to actively seeking proper sleep. Knowing the negative impacts that occur when you don’t get enough sleep has the same effect.

#3 One more reason to get a good night’s sleep – Jeff Iliff


Sleep is a great solution for some of the brains most basic needs. This TEDtalk explains the many reasons why we need to get a good night’s sleep. Explore the relationship between the brain and sleep and gain insights into the science of sleep.