The Best Gag Gift Pillow for Your Friend

The best gift you can give someone is laughter. The second best gift is a gag gift that provides your friends with laughs and naps in one! If you are looking for that perfect hilarious gift for your friend, why not check out these great gag gift pillows below.

Skip the basket and go straight for the bread. This gag pillow is perfect for that carb-loving friend of yours.  It can be bread time all of the time with this gift!

Serve up this delicious loaf to your friend for only £8.99. 

For your friend that just can’t seem to get enough of Nicholas Cage, this is the perfect pillow for them! Snuggle up to Nicholas any time you like and when you’re sick of that face, push down the reversible sequins for some privacy.

This amazing pillow comes in a colour choice of champagne, pink, or red sequins. And its only £10.99, what a snag! Bees sold separately.

For those looking for a little extra body to cuddle, this muscle man arm pillow is the perfect fit. Anyone can have a nice spoon with this plush pillow, and without the pins and needles too. And its only £12.20.

Snuggle up to this chiselled and inviting man pillow and it will caress you off into dream land.

This hilarious gag gift pillow is the best personalized gift ever! Upload the picture of your choice- yours, your friend’s ultimate celebrity crush, or another face all-together- and this company will make a pillow in its likeness.

This highly personalized gift comes at a steal, for only £12.95, with quick delivery too!

This beautiful chonker is perfect gag gift pillow for animal lovers big and small. So plush and soft, seals know how to stay warm and cosy in any weather. Their giant, blubbery bodies make the perfect snuggle buddy.

This adorable chubby blob seal pillow is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

If you’re looking for a pillow that provides a little less laugh but more in the way of naps, then check out our best pillows of 2020 list for some serious sleep.