If you’re a parent who has kids back in school, experiencing psychological distress, anxiety, depression, chronic insomnia, sensory processing issues, or an inability to focus, you might want to ask yourself these few questions:

  • Is your child sleeping well?
  • Is your child sleeping through the night?
  • Is your child waking up early?
  • Is your child tossing and turning all night?

If ‘yes’ is the answer to one or more of these questions, it’s recommended that you purchase a weighted blanket for your child. 


Experts in child/ family psychology found that a good night’s sleep makes a massive difference to the child’s mental and emotional state. A child who receives a proper night’s sleep is exceptionally more focused, calmer, happier, and has a much easier time dealing with and conquering any challenge they may face.  Dr. R. Y. Langham, family psychologist, recommends the use of a weighted blanket. 

“Parents tell me after their kids slept beneath a weighted blanket...their children’s sleep habits, thought patterns, behaviours, and moods significantly improved after using one.”

Dr. R. Y. Langham, family psychologist


Having become extremely popular with kids, teens, and adults desperate for a good night’s sleep, weighted blankets are made to relax  your body and mind so you can sleep more soundly. 

Essentially, they’re cosy blankets with tiny weighted beads sewn into pockets that make up the blanket. These beads are what add weight to the blanket and when you lay under it, the blanket secures you in one place to help you stay calm. This calmness comes from the weighted blanket’s ability to create what’s called deep pressure touch, which is what helps calm the nervous system of people in states of sensory overload.


Some of the benefits that come with using a weighted blanket include increased calmness, stress and pain relief, better and longer sleep, better daytime focus and concentration, fewer mood swings and agitation, fewer nightmares, reduced racing thoughts and bedtime restlessness, less hyperactivity and impulsivity, reduced anxiety and depression, improved behaviour, and so much more.


Kudd.ly Blanket £49 (SleepBo’s  #1 Choice!)

We can’t get enough of this blanket and parents can’t either. 

With it’s lush and velvety touch, Kudd.ly’s weighted blanket is made to form to your body, providing the perfect cuddle on the couch and in bed. Filled with BPA-free glass beads, and at the perfect weight, Kudd.ly is designed for comfort, relaxation, and sleeping. Plus, it’s machine washable so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.

Worked wonders! I purchased a kudd.ly weighted blanked for my 8 year old foster son who has ADHD. The blanket has worked wonders for him, he feels so much more secure wrapped in it at bedtime and even uses it during the day when he feels a bit angry and needs to calm down. I would recommend these blankets for any child with ADHD/Autism etc. They are not too heavy for a child and, in my opinion, would be just right to comfort an adult too.

Karen Tait – a happy Kuddly customer


Using its deep touch technology that calms the nervous system, the Koala blanket helps stabilize your stress levels, increases your relaxation and improves your sleep. Made from bamboo and cotton, the Koala blanket is eco-friendly, durable, and competitively priced. With its two sided cover, you can use the silk eco bamboo side on those warmer nights, or the ultra-soft minky side on cooler days.

Koala Blankets come in heavier weight options. Make sure the weight of your Koala is suitable for the size of your child.

Gravity Blanket £149 

With its many collections, spanning from their summer collection, which offers breathable fabric, to their kid’s collection, Gravity blanket has many options for a variety of their customers. The Gravity blanket improves sleep and enhances feelings of calmness and relaxation. To top it off, it comes with a removable cover to easily machine wash it!

Gravity Kids provides the same stress-reducing and sleep-enhancing benefits as their adult sized blanket but it’s suitable for kids aged 7+.  The dimensions are66” x 42” & is available in pink & green. It has an duvet cover made of cooling fabric (100% polyester ), which is moisture-wicking. lightweight & extremely breathable.

YnM Weighted Blanket £89

This weighted blanket provides year-round comfort with moisture-wicking management and bamboo viscose. There are also two extra layers of durable and breathable fabric ensuring there are no leaks or breaks in the blanket. Just choose your weight and colour and you are all set.

YnM manufactures blankets specifically for kids that typically weigh between five and seven pounds.

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket £89

ZZZNEST uses 7 layers of fabric and small diamond tight stitching to prevent movement of the beads in the blanket, allowing for the most comfortable and sound sleep. Targeting disorders like RLS and anxiety, ZZZNEST promotes calmness and restfulness, allowing you to sleep much more soundly. Its beautiful grey colour is bound to compliment any room. 

A customer states that: “My 9 year old has suffered from night terrors, tossing and turning, and insomnia for the last few years since we moved to a different state. He slept through the night the first time the blanket was delivered!”

Many have attested to the performance and quality of Kudd.ly, Sleepbo’s recommended weighted blanket:

“Love my Kuddly blanket. Absolute godsend during my exams, massive help for stress and anxiety too. Super soft, I highly recommend Kuddly for all the kids I tutor. Don’t know what I’d do without it now.”

Christi M. – a happy Kuddly customer

“Two weeks in and so far the blanket is really helping our son’s sleeping habits...The Kuddly blanket is fab quality and a wonderful colour.”

Eric Boyd – a happy Kuddly customer

“The blankets are amazing. I purchased 2 for my children...who absolutely love them. They are super soft, a great weight and just perfect for snuggling up with or easing anxiety. I wish I had purchased one for myself.”

Emma D. – a happy Kuddly customer