Written By: SleepBo Research Team

Many around the world with sleep issues related to insomnia have been praising their newly acquired weighted blankets for the vast improvement to their sleep. Experts back up their claims with a study that resulted in participants’ length of sleep significantly increasing by the use of the weighted blanket

Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket

Experts discovered that when sleeping with a weighted blanket, participants experienced:

  • Less movement during the night
  • Less time to fall asleep
  • Less wakefulness during the night 
  • Increased time asleep
  • Increased quality of sleep

“Researchers concluded that weighted blankets were effective in improving quality and quantity of sleep for participants with mild to moderate insomnia who had some excessive daytime sleepiness. Thus, these blankets could be beneficial for use by those with general insomnia and mild sleep problems.”

Psychology Today

The study determined that weighted blankets may indeed be an effective tool for combating insomnia. So, if you or someone you know suffers from insomnia, investing in one of the following blankets might be a solid idea. 

HEre is ouR list for the best 5 weighted blankets for combating insomnia

Kuddly Blanket $59 (SleepBo’s Choice!)

We can’t get enough of this blanket!

With it’s lush and velvety touch, Kuddly’s weighted blanket is made to form to your body, providing the perfect cuddle on the couch and in bed. Filled with BPA-free glass beads, Kuddly is designed for comfort, relaxation, and sleeping. Plus, it’s machine washable and comes in two amazing colors—a soft grey and luscious blue!

One happy customer stated: “Wow! I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for years and having recently lost my job due to the current pandemic, I was really struggling. Mum left a “gift” for me to collect outside her house and I cried with relief when I unwrapped this blanket. I have had two nights of undisturbed sleep now thanks to my Kuddly. Thank you so so much for making this challenging situation a little more bearable 💫 I now don’t want to leave bed for all of the right reasons and my boyfriend has noticed the difference in my mood too-so thank you for that!”

(see what other happy Kuddly Customers had to say)

YnM Weighted Blanket $99

The YNM is our second choice for its moisture-wicking management and bamboo viscose properties, providing all year round comfort. Plus, there are two extra layers of durable and breathable fabrics ensuring there a nore leaks of beads, or breaks in the blanket. It also allows you to pick the weight you want and comes in a variety of colours. That said, it’s on the pricier side.

One happy customer said: “I suffered from insomnia for most of my life and it has affected work, not being able to get up in the morning, every morning, and now always having a horrible day is completely fixed. I am off to sleep within minutes of getting into bed with this blanket. It is very heavy to hold and rather cumbersome to put on my bed, but stays in place once on. Would highly recommend purchasing!”

Chilla Weighted Blanket $99 

This 15-25lbs blanket comes in a 3-piece set—a winter duvet, a summer duvet, and a weighted blanket. The inner blanket is divided into 120 pockets for uniform weight distribution, and 8 internal ties keep the blanket in place inside the duvet cover. Their specially designed duvet covers allow air to flow through the fabric, ensuring you’re kept comfortably warm. It comes in 6 different colors.

One happy customer said: “…I slept like I have not slept in decades!!!! I bring it out on the couch now and fall asleep on the couch! the couch! This was a never event before this blanket. I’m not sure why the weight makes me sleep better but as my husband said “It just makes me feel better.”
Would make a great holiday gift, I got the heavier, 20lb, for my husband so he’d leave mine alone and now he uses it all the time, even just to watch TV…”

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket $39

ZZZNEST uses 7 layers of fabric and small diamond tight stitching to prevent movement of the beads in the blanket, allowing for the most comfortable and sound sleep. Targeting disorders like RLS and anxiety, ZZZNEST promotes calmness and restfulness, allowing you to sleep much more soundly. Its beautiful grey colour is bound to compliment any room.

A customer states that: “Fantastic product … Comfortable and soft feel … Weighted but not heavy … Almost feels like you’re being held and gives a sense of comfort to anxiety sufferers like myself. It helps relax the body, I would recommend this to anybody, Fast efficient delivery … Thank you very much!!!”


This 15lbs weighted blanket triggers hormones that calm and soothe you, helping you achieve a deeper sleep. Its unique seven-layer process ensures maximum softness without feeling the filling on the inside. Bedsure is composed of breathable fabric and filled with comfortable glass beads. This weighted blanket will surely help you sleep better and feel much calmer.
A Happy Customer Says: “This blanket is brilliant! At first use, it is very heavy and trying to lift it up with your leg whilst in bed is very hard work if you are the kind that likes to ‘stick a leg out’ but after a few days, you get used to the weight. I will say, I sleep much sounder since I purchased this and getting to sleep no longer takes hours just minutes. If you have sleeping problems then this is marvellous!”

More about Kuddly, Sleepbo’s recommended weighted blanket:

“This blanket is amazing. I don’t sleep well and was getting fed up and was willing to try anything. Saw an ad for one of these. Since it came I have been sleeping so well! It’s like a miracle! It’s amazing thank you! Definitely recommend!”

Sarah K. (a happy Kuddly customer)

“I love my Kuddly so much! Great for pain and insomnia 💙.”

Eruanne J. (a Pain-Free Kuddly customer)

“...it’s literally like some one is cuddling/holding you and I’ve suffered insomnia since my aunties passing in May and this had deffo helped me and relaxed me completely”

Roxanne J. (a relaxed Kuddly customer)