4 Awful Ways Sleep Deprivation Causes Weight Gain

“Sleep deprivation is an illegal torture method outlawed by the Geneva Convention and international courts, but most of us do it to ourselves.

— Ryan Hurd

Think about that. Sleep Deprivation is so destructive, it’s an illegal torture method.

Weight Gain is one of the tragic consequences of a sleep deprived body. The problem is, being overweight creates a cascading set of disastrous health concerns.

Unfortunately, the world has been wrongfully battling Weight Gain using willpower. It’s the wrong approach.

SLEEP is the backbone of a Successful Weight Loss Program.

Don’t believe it?  Read on for 4 reasons to be terrified of Sleep Deprivation.

1. Sleep Deprived = Uncontrollable Food Cravings

You can’t lose weight because you can’t stop eating. Is it a lack-of-willpower?

Actually, it’s worse. Willpower is rarely enough to override the biochemical reactions bombarding a sleep-deprived body.

In a normal body, after eating, the hormone Leptin signals to the body “I’m full!” Naturally, you’ll stop eating.

Similarly, when malnourished, the hormone Ghrelin will signal to the body “I’m hungry!” You’ll be provoked to go get something to eat.

Tragically, when sleep deprived, Leptin levels are Low. THERE IS NO SIGNAL TO STOP EATING!


…in a sleep deprived body, Ghrelin levels are high. The body is SCREAMING “I’M HUNGRY!”

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And the final kick in the teeth. A brain scan will show that when sleep deprived, the part of the brain responsible for rational decision making is impaired, while the parts of the brain that drive impulsive responses (giving in to cravings) are amplified.

So, when sleep deprived, we are biochemically, helplessly condemned to OVEREATING.

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2. Lack of Sleep = Too Tired to Exercise

“I’m too tired to exercise”. I’d bet some variant of this quote has been uttered by every single person on this planet. Not even world class athletes are immune to the urge to skip a workout.

Exercise is extremely important to health, happiness & especially weight management. Upon discovering an active lifestyle, many dedicate the rest of their lives to training their mind & body for optimal performance.

Unfortunately, millions will never develop an “exercise fueled lifestyle” because they will never be able to escape a chronically sleep deprived life.

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SLEEP unlocks the benefits of diet & exercise. Without SLEEP, all your efforts are in vain.

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3. Chronic Fatigue = Slow Metabolism

As mentioned above, you’re already faced with the uncontrollable urge to over-eat. Sleep deprivation also sabotages your body’s ability to burn those excess calories. 

Sleep Deprivation, coupled with uncontrolled binge eating, results in chronically high blood sugar levels. To lower blood sugar, the body goes into “FAT-STORING mode” and GETS STUCK THERE.

There’s a name for this awful dysfunction – type 2 Diabetes.

While being fat may make some feel unattractive, it’s the least of one’s worries. Chronic high blood sugar & the inevitable fat gain is devastating to every aspect of your health. Every murderous disease (Cancer, Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.) can be traced back to the biological dysfunctions happening as you gain weight.

This nasty chain of events can all be blamed on a chronic lack of sleep. Sleep Deprivation leads to “being fat & sick”.

4. Sleep Deprived = Emotional Eating

Emotions are so tied to eating habits that the human race has become fat without actually being hungry.

The reality is that mankind has traded their valuable, nourishing sleep for a stress-filled, life-draining existence.

EMOTIONAL HEALING TAKES PLACE DURING SLEEP. But sleep is seldom prioritized.

It’s no wonder you are constantly reaching for junk food & junk beverages (alcohol included) to soothe negative emotions.

So you are steadily gaining weight because you have allowed yourself to become chronically exhausted, thus emotionally volatile, resulting in a chronic addiction to comfort food.

Sleep is the backbone of your Weight Loss journey

The Obvious Solution – 4 Steps To Sleeping for Weight Loss

“The first step is very easy, but crucial.”

Your Sleep Journey is essential for your Ability to Lose Weight & regain your health. Rearranging your life to accommodate better Sleep is very challenging.  You must treat this with a sense of urgency.  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Sleep with a Weighted Blanket.


because your health & happiness is at stake. This is a no-brainer (you’d be foolish not to get one) because:
* Immediate Benefits – you’ll sleep better the first night
* Sleep isn’t the only benefit – You’ll experience instant relaxation even while sitting on the couch or at your desk. This is invaluable for stress/anxiety management (WHICH ALSO improves sleep!)
* Extremely Affordable – pennies per sleep over the lifetime of the blanket. The benefits will pay for the blanket thousands of times over. Plus the best brands have money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase

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2. Eliminate sleep barriers.

Remove alcohol and screens (phone/tablet/TV). These disrupt the sleep cycle and all the complex biological processes that occur during sleep.

3. Optimize Sleep Environment

* Sleep in Cold Temperature (15-19 Celsius)

* Use blackout curtains

* Invest in top quality mattresses/pillows

* Soundproof your room.

4. Develop a Sleep Routine

* Sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours per night

* Have a consistent Sleep-Time & Wake-Time

* Use calming rituals daily like deep breathing or meditation.

Your Weighted Blanket – the Most Important First Step You’ll Ever Take

How could sleeping with a Weighted Blanket improve sleep & encourage emotional healing to help manage weight?

A weighted blanket is extremely Calming & Soothing  and that’s where the magic happens.

It comes down to the science of Deep Pressure Touch, where gentle pressure is applied to the body in order to increase feel-good chemicals in our body. A study found that deep pressure touch helped college students with anxiety reach a higher degree of subjective relaxation and suggested this method might be beneficial for calming autistic children.

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Many people have claimed it’s helped them break the insomnia cycle. After a few nights of using a weighted blanket, many state that the Deep Pressure Touch gave them a comforting feeling and it gave them something else to focus on rather than their racing thoughts. For most, the benefits have been life-changing.

For those looking to lose weight, a weighted blanket is a “Must Have”. Why wouldn’t you invest in something so crucial for all aspects of your health? You have nothing to lose (but weight!). If you don’t like it, return it, or even give it away as a gift. There is no shortage of people who are in love with their weighted blankets.