Top 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mum Really Wants

Mother’s day is March 14th this year. That’s not very far away. Why not get ahead of your mother’s day gift, and instead of getting her the usual flowers, get your mum something special—like complete and utter relaxation, stress relief, the ultimate gift—sleep!

I know my mum is always complaining about how she doesn’t get enough sleep, is always stressed, and just wants a day to relax. I bet yours feels the same way too. 

So, here’s our list of the top 8 Mother’s Day gifts that will make your mum feel like a queen.

Here at Sleepbo, we love what kuddly has to offer those wishing to be more relaxed, comfier, and more rested. We heard kuddly just came out with their best deal yet: the kuddly bundle-up kit

This kit is the best gift one could offer their mother. It is loaded with everything you need to sleep well and feel refreshed in the morning. 

Included is:

  • A kuddly weighted blanket, the one tool known for improving sleep, and making you feel relaxed.
  • Two kuddly silk pillowcases—known for working while you sleep; a silk pillowcase will keep your hair and skin looking fresh. (perhaps you can keep one for yourself).
  • And a kuddly 3D sleep mask that blocks out 100% of the light.

I mean talk about pampered luxury.  

The best part? It’s all worth £305 and kuddly is giving it away for only £120!

We heard this deal won’t last long, so do your mum a favour, get her the kuddly sleep bundle before it’s too late.

5. The Koala Blanket - starting at £89.99

The Koala Blanket is a great gift to give your mum. As a weighted blanket, it’s known for its deep pressure touch that helps with calmness and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as improving sleep. 

It’s super high quality too and comes in three different weights and two different sizes. With a super soft mink side and an eco-friendly cooling bamboo side, your mum will be able to reap the benefits of this amazing blanket all year round.

6. The kuddly Komfies - starting at £42

Yes, yes, we know, we’re mentioning kuddly again, but these super cute slippers just rolled out and we thought they deserved their own section. Plus, your mum is going to love them. 

These slippers aren’t regular old slippers; they have an inner sole that can be heated up in your microwave to give your feet some extra cosy warmth. Plus, we heard some find it helps with sore feet.

Not only that, these slippers smell great too. They’re infused with the scent of lavender—a very calming and relaxing scent. 

They come in taffy pink and earl grey and can fit up to a women’s size 6.5UK. 

If your mum is always complaining about how her feet are always cold, or if they’re in pain from running around all day, then get her a pair of these. We heard they’re good for the sole.

7. An Asakuki Diffuser - £37.99

Diffusers can be very relaxing and paired with the right essential oils, you can make any room feel like you’re entering a spa. 

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is a multifunction aromatherapy device that anyone would love to receive. Plus, it looks great and can be a nice accent to any room. 

It’s great for large rooms and greatly improves air quality. Plus, this one comes with 6 different essential oils. 

8. A Spa Gift Set - £45

Gift baskets seem to get a bad wrap these days because it feels like you didn’t actually put much thought into it, but we like the look of this one. 

Included in this gift set is:

  • 200ml Bath/Shower Gel 
  • 200ml Exfoliating Body Scrub 
  • 295ml Body Lotion 
  • 50g Clay Face Mask 
  • Bath Fizzer + Bath Puff 

This gift basket is wrapped in tissue paper and hand packed in a beautiful reusable gift box, delivered ready for gifting to your mum.