Best 3 Cushioned Slides Available in the UK

The most popular footwear this year has got to be the slides, and if you don’t have a pair, you don’t know what you’re missing. The best slides are great for those who are on their feet all day, and for those who have foot pain and joint issues. 

 We put 11 brands to the test and discovered our top 3 based on comfort, quick delivery, and price! Look to our number one choice, it’s the only brand that’s UK-based and currently has a bunch of products in the UK waiting to be shipped out.

The other brands? Well…they happen to be directly drop shipping from China…

The Best CUSHIONED Slides available in the UK:

Kuddly Kloud Slides


These sliders are the latest to hit the UK market and we’ve fallen head over heels for them. It’s the only brand that’s UK-based and currently has a bunch of product in the UK waiting to be shipped out.

  • kuddly is a UK based company, meaning you’re supporting a small local business
  • kuddly offers free shipping and fast delivery – the fastest available
  • kuddly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try out their sliders risk-free
  • kuddly has great customer service and an easy return policy, meaning if you happen to not like the comfort of your new sliders, you can return with no hassle

Honestly, you can’t go wrong choosing kuddly. Your feet will truly thank you for it. 

Order your first pair and join the walking on clouds club. Act now, and experience what it feels like to walk on clouds.

N.B: Currently, kuddly is offering FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING on their Kloud Slides


Pillow Slides


WARNING: Currently, as a UK resident, if you order a pair of pillow slides today, they could take up to 30 days before they’re delivered. 


Cloud Slides


WARNING: Cloud Slides can take up to 30 days to deliver. 

Why Sleepbo chose the kuddly kloud sliders as number 1

The kuddly kloud sliders are built with the best cushioning material

They’re built with 4.5cm thick, patent-pending, CUSHIONsoft™ materials that are anti-slip and anti-chafe so your feet are supported with the best kind of cushioning. 

You don’t have to worry about blisters or sores, and you could walk in these all day long without feeling the need to give your feet a rest.

The kuddly kloud sliders are Designed for easing joint paint

Structured to give the perfect pressure to your feet and hips, kuddly kloud sliders give you instant pain relief

The kuddly kloud sliders are Waterproof and washable

Made with anti wick EVA material, the kuddly kloud sliders are easily washable. Plus, you can wear them in the shower, in the rain, and at the beach because they’re water-resistant. 

The kuddly kloud sliders Offer great support

Made to be super lightweight and with the thickest midsoles you can find, the kuddly kloud sliders give your feet the best kind of support. You won’t even know you’re wearing them. 

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