These Sliders are Becoming this Season’s Must-Have for Those with Sore Feet

The Kloud Sliders are true game-changers! They have been helping soothe the foot pain of thousands and counting. 

With thousands of happy customers, what is it about our sliders that make everyone want a pair?

Note: You might never wear anything else on your feet ever again!

People usually pay no mind to their feet, walking barefoot at home or wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes throughout the day, and wondering why at the end of the day their whole body is in pain. But when a crazy amount of consumers started demanding more and more pairs of our sliders, analysts everywhere were wondering why….

What is it about the kuddly kloud sliders that make people wish they had known about them sooner? 

Because consumers all over the UK want to get their feet into a pair of Kloud Sliders. Even kids!

Here’s What The Kloud Sliders Did for Me

 For over 20 years, I played highly competitive football and my feet have felt the pain of it: lost toenails, sprained ankles, torn Achilles tendons…. Plus, I didn’t fare well in the gene pool and have been graced with flat feet and a lovely bunion on my left foot. To say the least, I suffer greatly from sore feet. 

I didn’t know walking barefoot can really do your body a lot of harm, but I walked barefoot for years because shoes and sandals seemed to hurt me more. At the end of the day, I would be in even more pain, and I’d always be searching the web for a new pair of shoes, one’s that hopefully wouldn’t make me suffer. 

When I came across the Kloud Sliders, I so desperately wanted to give them a try and was happy they had a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their super quick delivery was a blessing, and I have to say, once I got my feet into them, I’ve had a hard time taking them off because they’re the best feeling slides I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. My pain has since subsided, and I can now enjoy walks with my significant other. Plus, I can wear them indoors and outdoors. 

My experience isn’t the only one. Thousands of people are buying the Kloud Sliders for their friends and family.

Who would’ve thought that a pair of sliders could become the best product for soothing sore feet?

The Kloud Sliders have started catching people’s attention on social media and wellness bloggers with their many health benefits and now they are the highest and most rated slider on the internet with people raving about how comfy they are. 

Below are some of the Kloud Sliders’ game-changing features that make it the best tool for sore feet, back, and joints. 

Kloud Sliders Soothe Sore Feet


It is important to wear proper footwear that gives you optimal support and cushioning, especially in places where we would normally walk around barefoot. 

The Kloud Sliders are designed to offer you the perfect balance of pressure between your feet and hips, which prevents the tension your joints and back would feel if walking barefoot or in a pair of shoes that don’t fit properly or are not designed for comfort. Essentially, the Kloud Sliders will give you cushioned support, better than any pair of sneakers you own.

They’re the Most Supportive and Comfortable Footwear You’ll Own

Ever wish you could get through the entire day without feeling the aches and pains of being on your feet all day? Or better yet, feel as if you have the same energy at the end of the day as you did at the beginning of the day? 

Well, with a pair of Kloud Sliders, cushioned sliders that provide the best foot support for relieving the stress walking and standing puts on your knees, hips, and spine, you don’t have to wish anymore. 

They’re made with EVA, patent-pending, CUSHIONsoft™ materials, giving you more cushion support than a pair of sneakers

You can walk in them all day and you won’t feel the discomfort, pain, and stress on your feet, joints, and muscles you normally would if you were wearing regular slides, shoes, or nothing on your feet at all

You Can Wear Them All Day Inside and Outside


As I said, these cushion sliders are great for wearing indoors and outdoors

You can literally wear them anywhere, all day, and their structure and support will never falter, meaning you can feel comfortable and confident that you won’t injure yourself while wearing them. 

Essentially, when you put your feet into a pair of Kloud Sliders, you know you’ve got full support.

They’re Waterproof, Anti Slip, and Easy to Keep Clean


They are built with anti-wicking, anti-slip, and water-resistant materials, meaning they are sustainable and will give you cushion support for a long time. 

You can easily keep them clean with a simple wipe of a cloth, and washing them won’t ever deteriorate them. 

Your Kloud Sliders might just last you a lifetime.

Kloud Sliders have the Thickest Midsole

With a midsole of 4.5cm thick, you won’t find the same sort of cushion support in any regular slide, sneaker, or sandal. 

These sliders are of the highest quality and shouldn’t be confused with knock-offs. You won’t find a better slider with the same kind of cushion support at the same price. 

Super Lightweight, They Offer the Least Amount of Resistance

Some footwear can be extremely heavy, making it hard for you to walk without putting unnecessary strain on your feet, knees, and hips. When you factor in how much the average person walks a day—240,000 kilometres in a lifetime—the equivalent to walking around the world five times, that’s a lot of time spent on your feet and adding the extra pressure of weight isn’t ideal. 

The Kloud Sliders are super lightweight, some people would say they’re as light as a feather, meaning you can walk around all day and forget you’re even wearing them.

Everyone Loves the Kloud Sliders….

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their Kloud Sliders:

“Just got mine today and they’re brilliant. They feel like little pillows on my feet. <3” – Patty S.

“So comfy!” – Kimberly B.

“I bought a pair because I have terrible bunions on both feet and so far they’ve helped with the pain.” – Melissa F.

“They are brilliant, so comfortable, I love mine.” – Adam H. 

“My feet and legs no longer hurt. These are miracle slides, I swear! Thanks kuddly” – Kathy S. 

“The kloud sliders are so comfy. Everyone should get a pair. I bought four, it’s the best deal, a pair for me, my hubby, and my two kids!” – Anna H. 

“So glad I took a chance on these. They really are life savours. I am able to walk my dog at the end of the day without any pain. Couldn’t say that before getting myself a pair of these. Thanks kuddly.” – Michael L. 

” These slides are so comfy!! They relieve pain in my joints and are great for standing long periods and making runs I have never had a slide so soft and cushioned!” – Trisha P. 

Where can you get a pair of Kloud Sliders?

Kloud Sliders are sold on their website and right now they are having an Early Bird Flash Sale!

Update:  An incredible amount of buzz has been generated for the Kloud Sliders on social media and they’re now selling out super quick.

Due to their popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are extending their Early Bird Flash Sale of 60% off.

But act now because their flash sale could end at any time.

Please Note:  For a limited time, kuddly is holding their Early Bird Flash Sale, allowing you to save more when you buy more. 

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