The kuddly Blanket Helps Relieve Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The kuddly Blanket has made quite an impression on many who suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Many customers have taken to Trustpilot to praise kuddly for their weighted blanket. It has given them the pain relief they needed and has allowed them to finally sleep through the night:

I suffer with fibromyalgia and bought one of the weighted blankets and wish I’d done it sooner. It really helps to relax my legs and takes away the ache. I’ve never slept so well!Sian Gale

Recently ordered 4 weighted blankets, whilst they were on ‘sale’ at £49 each, saving over £300 in the process. When they arrived I was presently surprised by the quality and softness of the blankets…I suffer with Fibromyalgia, and a disability. I am so glad I made the purchase as from the 2nd night of using the weighted blanket, my sleeping has improved a lot, also noticed that the pain from my disability & Fibromyalgia has improved especially first thing in the morning, it’s now much easier and not as painful as it used to be. Tracy Holmes

I am thrilled with my blanket. I suffer with fibromyalgia and sleeping is a problem but this blanket has changed this… I sleep much better and feel much better. Lesley Stocks

Love my blanket. So cosy and comforting. I suffer with Fibromyalgia and found sleeping difficult but this [kuddly] blanket really helps.” Ann Friar

“I adore this blanket, it is super quality, snuggly, feels amazing and it works. I fall asleep quickly with it and it keeps me warm, never too warm though and now I don’t sleep with a duvet just my blanket. The weight is perfect for feeling hugged. I have Aspergers, Fibromyalgia and Functional Neurological Disorder and this blanket is a real therapy must. Trust me you’ll love it! Wendy Trew

Been wanting a weighted blanket for a couple of years but couldn’t afford one and didn’t know which to buy. When I saw the reduced price sale and I reviewed the makes , I decided on the…with a money back guarantee also available it was too good to miss on…After about 3 to 4 nights I began to have a full nights sleep…I struggle with arthritis and fibromyalgia and my body aches all the time…This [kuddly] blanket is the help I have wanted and I would recommend it to anyone to try it…It’s been wonderful and I know I would not be without it. Allison Jane

I have been researching these [kuddly] blankets for quite a while. I suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression and anxiety…After searching the internet, [kuddly] seemed just right for me and the price was very good…by the third night – OMG!!…I slept for a significant time without constantly waking. If you are thinking of buying this blanket – go for it – in my humble opinion, you won’t regret your decision. Kim Paine

“I ordered a weighted blanket in the hope it would help with my fibromyalgia symptoms, and allow me to start exercise again. Well!!! It has been amazing, I sleep better, I don’t ache quite so much, and I have been able to complete some steady exercise…if you’re in any doubt about the benefits of a weighted blanket, then don’t be, well worth the money, a price just cannot be placed on anyone’s health and wellbeing 👍” Michelle Bateman

I suffer from fibromyalgia and a brain condition which means that my medication makes me very cold all the time and in a lot of pain with barely any sleep…So far only had [my kuddly blankets] a few days but have seen a vast improvement in sleep and pain throughout the night. I can also go the majority of the day not shivering anymore…Can’t recommend enough for fibromyalgia and Intracranial Cranial Hypertension.” Kirsty

Fantastic blanket, I have fibromyalgia and struggle to sleep. My blanket feels like a giant hug and eases my aches and pains and helps me to de-stress. Would highly recommend it.Karen Rawlinson

“I suffered from insomnia, restless legs and fibromyalgia pain. These [kuddly] blankets have helped all three problems, AND they don’t break the bank like other weighted blankets. I’ve washed mine and it comes up like new again and doesn’t take long to dry. I have one piece of advice, if you’re thinking about buying one… do it, buy two; you won’t regret it! Dee Champion

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