The Best Weighted Blanket for Autism Sold in the UK

The Autism Community is no stranger to the benefits of the weighted blanket and Deep Pressure Touch. Originally used by Occupational Therapists to support sensory differences, the weighted blanket has improved the lives of many, including improving sleep, reducing anxiety and stress, and encouraging a sense of calm.

As the popularity of weighted blankets grows, more and more have hit the market. 

Finding the right one to suit your needs and not hurt your wallet can be difficult. The extremely high prices of many weighted blankets can make it hard for many, who could truly benefit from them, own one. 

The Kalm Koala Therapeutic Weighted blanket is a high-quality weighted blanket sold for a reasonable price.

Many from the Autism Community, like Henry and his mother, have stated how much the Koala Blanket has made a difference in their lives and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great weighted blanket. 

Henry's Love for the Koala Blanket

Hear the update on how much Henry has fallen in love with the Koala blanket after having it with him for a week: 

Testimonials From those who recommend the koala Blanket:

Recommended by Denise Paula

I love my weighted blanket. It is much more luxurious than I expected. Having a cover for the blanket and it having a warm and cool side is innovative. Both my sons have autism and I have previously bought them weighted blankets from a reputable company but they are nowhere near the quality of the koala blanket. Also, from a sensory/autism point of view, the minky side has a lovely feel to it for sensory seekers and would help to calm them down if they stroke it.”

Recommended by Jessica Mowson

“Thank you so much for our [Koala] blanket! It is so lovely and heavy with a silky side and a velvety side and I sleep so much more deeply with it without getting a sweat on. My 15 yr old son uses it for deep pressure feedback in times of stress (he has anxiety and sensory processing problems) and he finds it really calming…Well worth the investment!”

Recommended by Allyson Hardy

“I bought one [Koala Blanket] of these years ago for my daughter, who struggled to sleep, she has Asperger’s, she said it was like being hugged, made her feel safe, great idea.”

Recommended by Amanda Crawford

“We love our [koala] blankets. My youngest has autism and it has made such a difference to her sleeping habits. Although my eldest does not suffer from anxiety, she has said that the blanket has given her a much better nights sleep, she is 22 in her final year at Uni and raves about it to her friends! Thank you x”

Recommended by Tabitha Twitchit

“My ASD, ADHD,ODD little boy loves his Koala blanket. We’ve had ours a few years now and it’s invaluable. Sleep, long car journeys and days on the sofa. Thanks guys.”

14 reasons why the koala blanket is the best weighted blanket

  1. It comes in 2 different sizes and 3 different weights, so you can find the perfect blanket just for you
  2. They offer Free Shipping 
  3. And next working day delivery
  4. Kalm Koala offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  5. You’re ordering a weighted blanket from a UK based company
  6. It’s a natural and prescription-free solution to easing stress & anxiety
  7. With it’s deep pressure touch, the Koala Blanket can reduce self-stimulatory movements
  8. Encourages deeper sleep cycles
  9. Feels just like a warm hug, making you feel more calm, relaxed, and happy
  10. Has a bamboo side and soft mink side, making it perfect for warm and cold seasons
  11. It’s high quality, made with extra strong stitch & thread
  12. It has a unique pocket pattern, keeping it’s glass beads from bunching
  13. Comes with a unique loop & tie system, making sure your weighted duvet stays secure in its cover
  14. Customers highly recommend it

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