The Silk Pillowcase – the best beauty product money can buy

The kuddly silk pillowcase is one of the top silk pillowcases available in the UK. It’s made from pure mulberry silk with a weight of 22-momme, the best silk available.  In fact, it’s also on sale for as low as £54! And if you buy more, you save more! 

So, what is it about the kuddly silk pillowcase that makes it the best gift money can buy?

The money women spend on their appearance

First, let’s take a look at how much we spend on beauty products each year.

5 ways the silk pillowcase saves you money

Purchasing a silk pillowcase could be the best decision you will ever make if you want to save money on your skin and hair care routines. 

1. The silk pillowcase is a one time purchase

On average, a woman spends up to £54 a month on her skincare routine, which includes lotions and anti-ageing serums.

Instead, invest that money on a silk pillowcase and save yourself money because you’ll be getting all the skincare benefits those lotions and anti-ageing serums offer just from your silk pillowcase. And without spending £54 a month on skincare, you’d have around £549 saved up at the end of the year. Those are some nice savings…

2. silk helps lower the signs of ageing

In fact, silk is packed with essential amino acids and natural protein which tricks the nervous system into relaxing which helps smoothen out the wrinkles we develop as we age.

The natural-occurring chemical found in silk helps increase our skin’s metabolism which helps our skin repair at a faster rate.

Essentially, long-term use of silk will help drastically improve the skin’s appearance and lower the signs of ageing.

Think of your silk pillowcase as an invisible anti-ageing night serum applied to your face every single night.

3. silk helps you avoid allergies

Some suffer from multiple allergies and sensitive skin which require the use of many tissues, allergy medications, and lotions to alleviate the itch. 

Common fabrics not only evoke allergy symptoms, but they can also make them worse, making what should be a relaxing night’s sleep into a sneezing and itching nightmare. 

Silk is a great hypoallergenic solution to skin sensitivities and allergies. The proteins in silk repel dust mites, which are the leading causes of human allergies. 

Sleeping on silk will keep you from waking up feeling miserable due to a stuffy, runny nose, and watery, puffy eyes. 

4. silk helps you sleep better

If you’ve ever had the chance to experience sleeping on silk, you’ll know just how quickly it helps you fall asleep. 

As a natural body temperature regulator, silk helps keep you comfortable throughout the night. It’s the perfect sleep companion. 

When we are able to sleep well, our appearance improves for the better. Remember, our skin repairs and replenishes while we sleep. 

5. silk protects your hair

The smoothness of silk allows your hair to glide over its surface during the night which means your hair isn’t being pulled. This means you won’t wake up with new flyaways, frizz, or breakage to your delicate strands

Plus, silk’s natural proteins don’t draw moisture from your hair, meaning your hair stays moisturized, hydrated and full of bodyYou won’t need to fix up your hair every morning because it will look just as good as it did the night before, saving you time

Who knew silk had so many beauty benefits?

It’s so hard to believe, you’ll have to try a silk pillowcase for yourself.

We know that silk pillowcases can be an expensive one-time purchase, but it’s totally worth it. So much so, that we’re giving you an insider’s tip:

  • The kuddly 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is the best.
  • Plus, they’re the most affordable on the market.
  • Equally important, one of the best perks kuddly offers is their 30-night money-back guarantee.

So, if you don’t like how the kuddly silk pillowcase helps your skin glow and your hair shine, you can easily return it for a refund.

Everyone falls in love with their kuddly silk pillowcase.