Save Your Life – Virus Proofing 101

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Your Immune System is the only thing that will protect you during a pandemic.

The protective ability of social distancing & handwashing is extremely limited. What if circumstances beyond your control result with you contracting Covid-19, Influenza, etc? Or what if a more deadly pathogen ravages humanity in the future?

Who will be there to save you?

The Answer: Your immune system. Only YOU have the power to fight off infection.

When it comes to mortality rates for the leading causes of death, the World Health Organization does not not want you to see the death statistics of those who have been treated by pharmaceutical intervention. Why? BECAUSE Drugs are ineffective if the patient is already unhealthy. Despite the use of medication, the death toll is staggering among the demographics deemed “low immunity”.

The number of people categorized as “low immunity” has skyrocketed over the last decade. If you are sleep deprived, out of shape, stressed or sedentary, there’s a very good chance you’re classified as “low immunity”. In fact, according to experts, if you are even 7kg (approx. 15 pounds) overweight, you are a minimum 300% more likely to succumb to one of the leading causes of death (Heart disease, Cancer, Respiratory Disease, Stroke, etc)

Yet neither government officials nor the medical system bothers to preach the importance of Strengthening Your Immune System.

So we will preach.


Here’s a List of Things You Must do NOW to strengthen your Immune System and protect yourself from disease & infection.

1. Get to Sleep. Now. And Use a Weighted Blanket

…because if you are sleep deprived, YOU ARE a DISEASE MAGNET.

So why a Weighted Blanket?

Because you’ll sleep better immediately. And you literally don’t have to do anything. There’s no ingestion of chemicals, no sleep apps & no change to your habits or routine. You reap all the immune-strengthening benefits of therapeutic sleep without any sacrifices. All you have to do is bring a weighted blanket to bed with you.

Sound too good to be true? Thousands of testimonials don’t lie. A quick search in the internet forums reveal thousands of consumers reporting “improved sleep on the first night.”

But the health benefits of weighted blankets have been known for decades. Occupational Therapists began treating sensory disorders after realizing the body’s tendency to stimulate Serotonin, Oxytocin & other “feel-good” biochemicals while “securely embraced” under a weighted blanket. After consistent exposure to this stimulation, patients experienced lowered stress & anxiety, and more functional sleep. This produced an improvement in overall health.

Need more convincing? Just how dangerous is Sleep Deprivation/Dysfunction?


Research clearly outlines the undeniable link between sleep deprivation & heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, mental health disorders, diabetes, stroke, chronic pain and Cancer.

Simply put, if your sleep is dysfunctional, you’re INVITING DISEASE into your body.

While we understand, “rehabbing your sleep” can be a lengthy process that requires a lifestyle overhaul, we must emphasize the urgency of improving your sleep habits NOW!

That’s why Weighted Blankets have been a Godsend.

The Bottom Line

Boost your Immune System and overall health by committing to Improving Your Sleep. Your Weighted Blanket will be the backbone of this Sleep Journey.

2. Exercise – Strengthen Body & Mind

Do we really need to talk about how important exercise is? Everybody knows how important exercise is…don’t they?

The problem is, not enough people exercise. So here we are talking about it.

"EXERCISE!!! 😡😡😡"

Exercise is so good for you on so many levels. In the end, it will protect you against pathogens like Covid-19, Influenza, & more…

The point of exercise is to intentionally expose the body to various forms of stress, including mechanical stress, metabolic, thermal, hypoxic, and oxidative stress. As a result, the body is forced to respond by building a resistance to these stressors. In other words…


Since exercise encourages blood & lymph flow during muscle contraction, it also boosts the circulation of highly specialized IMMUNE CELLS, promoting transmission through the body at a higher rate and in higher numbers. Exercise prompts the acquisition of Natural Killer Cells & T cells (aforementioned immune cells) into the region where pathogens (like VIRUSES) are to be wiped out.

The Bottom Line

Exercise Builds Strength & Immunity on so many levels. And Sleep is the best form of exercise recovery

3. Eliminate Processed Foods


Why do you feel awful after a big junk food meal? IT’S BECAUSE YOU JUST PUT POISON INTO YOUR BODY.

Now, your body is overloaded with the task of detoxifying the damaging sludge coursing through your bloodstream & into your organs.

And who’s going to protect you from harmful pathogens if your immune system is so overrun from years of junk food abuse?

You have overloaded your Digestive System & Immune System.
Your Digestive System & Immune System are now BROKEN.
There is nothing to protect you from harmful pathogens.

Any food that comes packaged, that also includes an ingredients list, is highly processed and contains toxic substances. We are accustomed to injecting our bodies with these toxic substances 3, 4, 5 times a day. And we wonder why the western world is becoming such an unhealthy, obese species.

The best way to overhaul your immune/digestive systems is a combination of eliminating processed foods & intermittent fasting.


The Bottom Line

Addition by Subtraction – Eliminate processed food. Don’t sabotage your Immune System by putting poison into your body.