My Kuddly Blanket Experience

With everything going on in the world these days, my sleep schedule has been disrupted, and I’m finding it harder to get those eight recommended hours of sleep each night.

Whether it be from the stress of having to move back in with my parents, or being unsure of what my future looks like, the restless nights, anxiety induced mornings, and the small bouts of depression have affected my life drastically.

Speaking to a close friend, she recommended I get a kuddly Blanket.™ Weighted Blanket: BPA-free glass beads, durable and machine washable!

It improved my life,” she said. “You have to try it,” and she sent me the link to their website. Unsure of what I would find, I clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised to see that the blanket was a weighted blanket. I had heard of them before.

Weighted blankets have become the go-to tool to help offset bouts of restlessness, anxiety, and depression. That said, I never felt the need to try them and even if I wanted to, they’re so expensive and with the economic climate right now, I couldn’t afford to spend that kind of money. Except the Kuddly blanket was affordable.

SKimming Through the Features

I appreciated how it was made with BPA-Free, non-toxic glass beads and that it was machine washable. I have pets and the easier it is to wash the blanket, the better.

I also made sure to read the reviews and many rated the Kuddly five stars. Many raved about how the Kuddly improved their sleep and provided some anxiety relief. 

> Get™


Opening up my new kuddly blanket, I couldn’t get over the feel. It was so soft. 

I immediately wrapped it around my shoulders, feeling the warm and cosy weight of it. It honestly felt just like a warm hug. 

My body instantly relaxed and I could feel this sense of calm wash over me. I couldn’t wait to try the weighted blanket out that night.

My™ is the softest, cosiest hug I've ever felt!


The first night was like a dream. It was like I was being embraced all night by a loved one, who kept me feeling calm and secure all the way until morning. I didn’t toss and turn throughout the night like I usually do, and I was surprised to wake up before my alarm. For the first time, in a long time, I had energy throughout the day and I wasn’t feeling miserable or short tempered.


💤Life Changing Sleep with my™ 🙏!

After a week or two using the kuddly blanket, my family started to take notice of my good mood.

Instead of sleeping in all weekend, trying to catch up on lost sleep, I was awake and alert, enjoying my weekends. I even started taking my dogs for more walks because I wanted to, not because I had to. > Get™

I COULD TAKE my kuddly blanket ANYWHERE

My kuddly blanket became the comforting companion I could take anywhere in the house.

I would lounge on the couch, wrapped in my kuddly while watching movies or shows on TV, and my kuddly blanket would keep me relaxed.

Instead of needing to get up halfway through the movie or tv-show because of unease and restlessness, the comfort of my kuddly allowed me to enjoy the entire thing.

Sometimes I would take my kuddly blanket to my desk, laying it over my lap so that it gave me the same comforting feeling I had when I used to have a cat who would lay in my lap while I worked, or when my dog rests his head on my leg.

I became more productive because my kuddly helped keep me focused. Its continuous comfort stopped the the need to fidget or move around. > Get™

My experience with the kuddly improved my life

Finally...a good Sleep! Thank You™!

Ever since getting my kuddly blanket, I can proudly say that my life has improved.

I’ve become more active and my diet way healthier. It now consists of less sugary and processed foods because my body no longer craves them.

This can all be attributed to my mended sleeping habits, all thanks to my kuddly blanket.

My kuddly blanket has helped me

  • Want to get out of bed each morning
  • Want to be more active
  • Want to eat better


Cuddling up with my kuddly blnaket has helped me with my journey to becoming the best version of myself.

All those anxious feelings I had before are gone whenever my kuddly is hugging me.