kuddly Review – Why Sleepbo Loves This Cosy UK Brand

Sleepbo Loves kudd.ly™

A healthy body needs a proper diet and exercise, yes, but it also requires a full night’s rest. I suffered from sleepless nights throughout my life, and I knew there were many others just like me. I just couldn’t figure out a way to help me calm down and get the much-needed rest I deserved. That is until I came across kudd.ly™

kudd.ly™ is a brand that I love because it not only focuses on putting the customer and their comfort first, but because they deliver products to match their incredible service. They are a 100% UK brand that gives customers a 30-night money-back guarantee to try their cosy products. The best part? Free shipping to all of the UK and Germany!

With constant monthly giveaways, it’s so easy to get your hands on and fall in love with their products. Nothing beats the cosy, soothing comfort that the kudd.ly™ family products provide. Sleeping never felt as good as it does with kudd.ly™. After all, it’s the comfort that brings about smiles.

The cosiest products

kudd.ly™ is changing the market through its eight innovative products designed to maximize comfort, reduce stress, and boost happiness.

kuddly weighted blanket

Featuring the grey weighted blanket, available now for up to 60% off!

The number one bestseller is the kuddly weighted blanket. It is designed to hug you while you sleep, providing a deep, relaxing sensation that will calm you down and soothe your pain.

Weighing a cosy 5kg, the weighted blanket is crafted to the size of a single bed, so it perfectly hugs your body as you sleep, providing the best comfort and reducing your stress.

The ultra-soft MicroCool™ fleece is super breathable, helping to keep your body’s temperature at a cosy level. The glass beads are also much higher quality than plastic ones, and conform to your body shape, for that extra comfort.

Not only is the kuddly weighted blanket effective in providing a good night’s sleep, but it’s much more affordable than its competitors.

“Absolutely love my blanket, really helps my anxiety and ive never slept so good. I sleep on my quilt with just the blanket over, it’s so comforting. Will definitely be buying the cooling one when I’ve saved up and also the other products. Thankyou kuddly <3 <3” – Christina

NOTE: kuddly is currently having a massive holiday sale. Get your blanket for as low as £49 for a limited time only!

Up to 60% off | Free shipping

kuddly cooling blanket

Featuring the Cooling Mist cooling blanket, up to 70% off!

If you love the kuddly blanket, then you’ll love its much cooler twin, the kuddly cooling blanket! The same weight and size as their original blanket, the cooling blanket offers just as much comfort, but with a cosy, cooling twist.

The cooling blanket weighs 5kg (just like the original) and is designed to fit a single bed. Thanks to the HydroCool™ technology, the kuddly cooling blanket will reduce stress and soothe your aching body, keeping you refreshed throughout a hot night.

“I love my cooling blanket! I get so hot during the summer, and this has been a lifesaver. Best sleep in a long time!” – John P.

Up to 70% off | Free shipping

Kuddly Hoodie

Featuring the blue and sky blue hoodie blankets, on sale for up to 40% off!

What’s better than snuggling in a cosy blanket? Wearing one of course!

Designed around a 6XL size hoodie and built with ultra-soft and breathable MicroFleece technology, the kuddly Hoodie is the perfect combination of clothing and comfort.

With seven fun colours and prints, the kuddly Hoodie is the ultimate in cosy swag, putting boring competitors to shame.

“Purchased 2 kuddly hoodies for myself and my daughter. We both absolutely love them. So comfy and snuggly. Most weekends I sit in my garden eating breakfast in mine. Can’t wait to take it camping. Great customer service.” – Zoey E.

Up to 40% off | Free shipping

kloud sliders

Featuring the grey Kloud Sliders, buy two for £39!

You’ve heard of “walking on sunshine,” but have you ever “walked on a kloud?”

With kudd.ly™’s Kloud Sliders, you can enjoy footwear that feels amazing on your feet while looking super stylish!

Orthopedic and cushioned, the Kloud Sliders mould perfectly to the shape of your feet, providing the ultimate relief for your poor soles. Crafted with CUSHIONsoft™, sustainable EVA materials, the Kloud sliders are the best all-around.

Available in six popping colours, the Kloud Sliders will have people wishing they were in your shoes–literally!

“These are a very comfortable sandal I love them so to anyone who’s thinking of buying them get them now you wont be disappointed I love them x” – Susan N.

Buy two for £39 | Free shipping

Dream Pillow

Featuring the Dream Pillow, up to 30% off!

Have a kink in your neck because of a bad pillow? Well, kudd.ly™ has got you covered! Rest your head on a cloud and dream away on the Dream Pillow.

Engineered with patent-pending CLOUDpad™ lining and filled with hypoallergenic, 100% shredded recycled microfiber memory foam, the Dream Pillow is the perfect companion for bedtime.

The memory foam is easily accessible, meaning you can adjust the firmness to satisfy your needs and have a cosy night’s sleep.

“Once I was able to adjust my pillow to the right firmness, I was blown away. Its such a comfortable pillow to sleep on, I love it” – Kiran K.

Up to 30% off | Free shipping


Featuring the pink Komfies, up to 50% off!

What’s better than soft, plushy slippers for your feet?

Soft, plushy slippers that you can warm up! Their Komfies are made with 280 GSM plush and even have a detachable microbead insert that can be heated up in the microwave.

Say goodbye to freezing toes and enjoy the toasty comfort of kuddly’s Komfies! The removable heatable inserts provide up to 30 extra minutes of cosy warmth.

“The Komfies are perfect for the winter! I just heat up the pouch and zip it back up, and voila, my feet are nice and warm” – Liam

Up to 50% off | Free shipping

100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Featuring the silk pillowcase, up to 40% off!

Pillows are so important for a restful sleep, but pillowcases are just as important to ensure that hair and skin are revitalized.

kuddly’s Silk Pillowcase, made from 100% mulberry silk will improve your hair, skin, and health while you rest your eyes!

With high-quality silk of 22-momme, the kuddly Silk Pillowcase helps regulate your temperature and protects your skin and hair from damaging friction. The gentle fabric works great on any skin type.

While great with any pillow, the silk pillowcase matches perfectly with kudd.ly™’s dream pillow.

“The silk pillowcase is amazing! No more needing to flip the pillow over anymore and no more frizzy hair when I wake up. I’m recommending it to all my friends!” – Natasha M.

Up to 40% off | Free shipping

Slim 3D Sleep Mask

Featuring the new Slim 3D Sleeping Mask, only £39!

Nothing says lights out better than kudd.ly™’s Slim 3D Sleep Mask. Designed with cosy, zero pressure cushioning that can adjust and fit perfectly to any face shape, the Slim 3D Sleep Mask is the perfect sleeping accessory to keep out intrusive light.

The Slim 3D Sleep Mask is the perfect final touch to your kudd.ly™ collection, and it ensures you have the most cosy and comfortable sleep.

“There’s a streetlamp right outside my window, so it is so hard to fall asleep. I tried the Kudd.ly slim 3D sleep mask and was blown away with how it keeps everything nice and dark. Love it!” – Sara O.

Only £39 | Free shipping

So, What are you waiting for?

The kudd.ly™ family of products are multi-faceted and designed to tackle every problem area of discomfort.

With consistent quality and a focus on being as cosy and comfortable as possible, each of the kudd.ly™ products work well in relieving stress, soothing aching body pain, and ultimately, relaxing your body and mind.

Whether you float around on the Kloud Sliders, wearing your kuddly Hoodie, or you wrap yourself in the huggable kuddly Weighted Blanket, kudd.ly™’s products will ensure that you are 100% cosy throughout the day.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, kudd.ly™ consistently provides quality products and services at an unbeatable price!

They are always offering amazing deals and great prices that will keep your bank account feeling just as cosy and comfortable as your body.

(Remember to use Voucher “SUMMER21”)

Free gift when you spend over £89!