How my Weighted Blanket Improved my Sleep

August 4, 2020
Written by SleepBo Research Team

I used to always look at my friends, who could fall asleep anywhere, anytime, getting those full 8 hours of recommended sleep, with jealousy. Why couldn’t I, too, fall asleep no problem? Why was I always the one laying awake staring up at the ceiling waiting for that feeling of sleep to take over? Or being jolted awake by the sound of my alarm clock, blaring in my ear, and then wishing I didn’t feel like a zombie for most of the day, just to start that horrible cycle all over again.

Searching for a Sleeping Solution

I wanted blissful, restless nights, and happy, energetic mornings. So I searched the internet for a solution.

Many mentioned sleep aids, some mentioned doing yoga, others mentioned exercising, but the one that caught my eye was a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are described as warm and cosy blankets that give you the sense of being hugged by a loved one. That intrigued me because the only time I was ever able to fall asleep easily was when I was sleeping in the arms of my significant other. That sense of a warm embrace always seemed to soothe me and put me into a sense of calm, which always put me right to sleep.

I couldn’t believe that a blanket could give me that warm and cosy feeling, but that little voice in the back of my head kept saying, what if it could and what if the heated blanket could give you that comforting feeling without all the extra body heat?

Finding the Perfect Weighted Blanket.

That little voice was right. I had to try the weighted blanket and see if it did what it claimed.

But which one? I knew I wanted one that:

  • is breathable, and not too bulky
  • I could take to the couch, or my desk
  • I could use all year-round
  • wouldn’t make me too hot in the warmer months
  • is machine washable

Searching the internet and comparing all of the various weighted blankets out there, the Kuddly Weighted Blanket checked all my boxes.

Breathable, Portable, Machine Washable, Durable & Affordable!

Not only that, Kuddly is made with BPA-Free glass tiny, round beads that help give it its weight. I was also happy to see that it was rated 5 stars and that the reviews were raving about how it helped people with their anxiety. Its price was great too.

My Life Improved

At first, I was a bit skeptical, as one should be when trying out something new that claims it can improve sleep, help with de-stressing and anxiety, but I was surprised to find that the benefits one gets from using a weighted blanket were to be true.

My first night with the weighted blanket, I found myself sleeping straight through the night. Even my significant other was surprised. Normally, I toss and turn every night, keeping him up as well, but my new weighted blanket kept me still, hugging me into place. I also found myself more alert during the day and less irritable. Was it my weighted blanket?

It had to be. I tried sleeping with the weighted blanket for a whole week and I couldn’t believe how good I felt each day. My sleep slowly got better and better—more efficient. I used to sleep in until about noon because my body just begged for more sleep, which made me feel miserable because I always felt like I was wasting the day, but the weighted blanket helped me get more restful sleep and I found myself becoming a morning person.

Weighted Blanket promoting a sense of Calm!

A New and Happy Morning Person

Now a morning person, thanks to my weighted blanket, I am a lot more productive and I get to enjoy the day. No longer tired, I am able to focus more and my friends and family have taken notice of my improved mood.

As an experiment, I tried sleeping a night without the weighted blanket and I quickly realized how much the weighted blanket improves my sleep. Once again, I was tossing and turning, missing that cozy comfort the weighted blanket provides.

So I continue to use my weighted blanket and it has helped me obtain the optimal amount of sleep each night. I no longer crave sugary food, which is crazy—supposedly sleep affects your diet. Who would have thought? Maybe my weighted blanket will also help me trim my waistline.
One can only dream—and I shall dream and sleep well with the help of my new Kuddly Weighted Blanket.