Cold Feet? Here are the 3 Best Heated Slippers in the UK

People across the globe suffer from chronic cold feet, regardless of if the weather outside is nice and warm or freezing cold. Many just pull on a pair of socks or just ignore it completely, but there are negative side effects that can develop. Symptoms such as numbness, a change in skin colour, pins and needles, and even pain?

We’ve come across a warm and cosy solution to your chronic cold feet––heated slippers!

What happens when we suffer Cold Feet

Cold feet are caused by primarily poor blood circulation and disorders of the nervous system. Other causes include thyroid conditions or frostbite.

While individually, these symptoms are not too worrisome, neglecting them can cause further deterioration. That’s why it’s important to address the issue right away and warm up those tender toes!

*Note: if the symptoms are too severe, it is advised to consult a physician

Benefits of a Heated Slipper

The warmth of a heated slipper will not only help change the temperature of your feet but will provide a soothing sensation for your entire body.

By warming our feet, we relieve symptoms of nasal congestion and even relieve headaches and migraines.

The best way to warm our feet is by wearing slippers. Not only do they keep our feet toasty, but they also keep our feet protected. 

The Best 3 heated slippers

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1. Kuddly Komfies

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Coming in at number one are the Komfies by™. These are by far the cosiest option on this list and for good reason too. Engineered with 280 GSM plush, these slippers are the ultimate pampering experience for your feet.

The Komfies come with a removable insert that you can microwave for the added benefit of tingling heat for your feet. In fact, the insert provides an additional 30 minutes of cosy warmth!

The heated inserts and the cosy plush make the Komfies the ultimate footwear to wear all day long! With winter just around the corner, the Komfies make the perfect gift to prevent those tender toes from freezing up.


  • 280 GSM plush
  • Removable, microwavable insert
  • Up to 30 minutes of additional cosy warmth
  • Available in two colours: Earl Grey and Taffy
  • 100% polyester and anti-slip sole
  • 100% UK-based
  • Free shipping
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Never have cold feet again with the soft, cosy feeling of kuddly Komfies!


#2 Aroma Home® – Faux Fur Slipper Boots

Our number two pick are the Faux Fur Slipper Boots by Aroma Home®. These boots are fluffy and comfortable to wear, and come in three cool colours.

The only downside is that these are designed exclusively for indoors and have limited sizing. They are only available up to a women’s size UK 7.

#3 Warmies® – Slippers

Warmies are a great choice, and that’s why they are part of our top 3. They have a sweet lavender scent and are soft and plushy. The Warmies® are available in four colours.

The reason Warmies® are at the end of our list is because they do not have a removable insert. This means you have to place the entire slipper into the microwave––which could leave them feeling a little damp. This also makes them not last as long as our other two.

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