germany™ Vs. Oodie: Who is the King of Hoodie Blankets?

The hoodie blanket is massively popular in the UK, and some of the biggest hooded blanket brands have been competing for the massive hoodie customers. 

But how do they match up to the original hoodie blanket? You might be surprised.

We got our hands on the Comfy and put it up against the™ Hoodie. When comparing the:

  •  size, 
  • quality, 
  • designs, 
  • delivery times,
  • and price.

Only one hoodie blanket came out on top: The™ Hoodie Blanket. 

  • The™ Hoodie Blanket is the largest. 
  • It has the best quality
  • It has the more appealing designs. 
  • Since it’s UK based and ships from the UK, it has a faster delivery time, plus free shipping, and you’re not buying it from a third party. 
  • The only similarity, besides being a massive hoodie blanket, is the price. Both sell for £49.

Overall, if you’re a UK customer, we highly recommend choosing™ , as they’re UK-based and gear their brand towards UK customers.

The Comfy is American-based, and the only way to get a Comfy in the UK is to buy through Amazon. 

How Do They Compare In Size?

Many hoodie blanket brands claim to be the largest of the one’s out there. The Oodie does this right on their webpage. But when you actually pull out a measuring tape and start measuring, only one can claim the title of most massive hoodie blanket. 

The™ Hoodie Blanket is the largest of them all. If you look at the images of the™ and the Comfy side by side it’s pretty clear which one is more massive. 

Even the™ Hoodie Blanket’s pocket is much larger than the Comfy’s. 

Winner:™, hands down. The proof is in the pictures. 

How Do They Compare in Quality?

Many hoodie blanket customers rave about the cosiness and softness of the™. And it’s true, the™ is super soft. Course, the Comfy is too. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re made the same. The™ double lines their hoodies, making sure that the sherpa is secured with a one inch thick lip so that it won’t lose its shape. Course, the Comfy does this too, but the lip isn’t as wide and it’s not double stitched. From the pictures, you can see how the Comdy’s sherpa peeks out from the bottom.

Also, compared to the™ hoodie’s rich blue colour, at initial purchase, it looks as if the Comfy has been through the wash a few times already and the colour has faded.  

Winner:™, but we will admit, it was very close.

How Do They Compare With Designs?

The Comfy has a number of designs and colours for their hoodie blanket including: 

  •  camo, 
  • leopard print, 
  • and red plaid. 

All designs that, we think, appeal more to their American customers.

The only way to get your hands on a Comfy in the UK is to buy it through Amazon, and a lot of their hoodies appear to be currently out of stock, or unavailable for the UK. 

On the other hand,™ currently has 6 designs and colours available for purchase including:

  •  a unicorn design, 
  • a koala design
  • and a blue tie-dye design

All of which appeal more to their UK customers. 

Winner:™, their designs are just way more cute. Course, taste is subjective.

How Do They Compare With Delivery?

As mentioned before, the Comfy is sold through Amazon. This means you aren’t directly dealing with Comfy, but instead are dealing with Amazon. 

From what we can tell on the Amazon site, the Comfy’s delivery date varies:

  •  depending on which hoodie blanket you choose
  • Right now, it looks like the fastest delivery time is up to two weeks. 
  • There also might be shipping and delivery charges included™ is UK based and ships out of the UK. 

  • They have fast delivery times: normally next day delivery
  • Some of their popular colours have various delivery dates
  • They provide their customers free shipping. 

Winner:™. They offer free delivery.

How Do They Compare In Price?

Both are £49.

The™ is regularly £109, but their products are always on sale. 

Plus,™ offers bundle deals, allowing you to buy more and save more. 

Winner: It’s a Tie, but we do think you’re getting your money’s worth if you choose™

Overall, which one’s pound for pound is best?

If you’re a UK customer, we highly recommend choosing™ 

Unlike the Comfy which is American-based,™ is UK-based and gear their brand towards UK customers™:

  • UK based
  • Offers free shipping
  • Friendly and active customer service 
  • Great quality for a great price: only £49 and if you Buy more, you Save more
  • Some of the cutest hoodie blanket designs