3 Amazing Weighted Blankets That Help Freelancers Beat Burnout

Published on: 11/26/2021
Written by Alyssa Kline
Weighted blankets are changing freelancers' lives all over the UK!

If you’re one of the 5.6 million UK workers who work remotely¹, you’ll know how difficult it can be to focus. This inability to focus can take a significant toll on your reputation at work, your eligibility for promotions and raises, as well as on your mental health. 

And if you’re one of the 2.2 million UK workers who freelance², the downfalls of inattention are even greater. Without job security, freelancers can only rely on their ability to complete quality work for their clients in a timely manner.

If they can’t maximize their productivity, they risk losing clients and the income they need to survive.

But with remote work comes many challenges. Work-life balance is practically non-existent. Parents who work from home have to care for their children, and young adults with roommates have to fend off multiple distractions in any given workday.

Weighted blankets are more popular than ever!

It’s no surprise, then, that in the same year when people were struggling to cope with the sudden changes brought about by the pandemic, that weighted blankets were more popular than ever

Users claim weighted blankets have helped them prevent burnout, manage their anxiety and stress, and increase the quality of their nightly zzzs. 

We were sceptical that a blanket could accomplish all that, so we decided to do a little research for ourselves. 

After reviewing the science and countless glowing testimonials from real consumers all over the UK, we’ve determined the three best weighted blankets in the UK for freelancers and remote workers. 

Keep reading to find out more!

What causes inattention?

Weighted blankets can help with burnout

There are many things that can contribute to a lack of focus, but three of the major ones are directly related to the changes that have occurred as a result of the pandemic. 

  1. Burnout. Approximately 75% of UK workers reported suffering from burnout last year.³ 
  2. Anxiety and stress. Nearly three-quarters of people in the UK feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with their stress levels.⁵ 
  3. Lack of sleep. Almost 50% of people in the UK have difficulties sleeping at least once per month.⁶

How can weighted blankets help?

1. Banish burnout with a science-backed self-care practice.

Burnout is caused by a lack of work-life balance and good self-care habits.⁴

Weighted blankets are an essential self-care tool because of their remarkable ability to shift the body into a state of physical and mental relaxation.

Using a technique called Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), they are able to transition the body from a sympathetic state (fight or flight) to a parasympathetic state (rest and digest).⁷

The effects of being in fight-or-flight mode for too long can be catastrophic for both your mental and physical health.⁸ So, after a long day at work, using a weighted blanket can ensure that your body gets the rest it needs to be productive the following day.

2. Manage stress and anxiety in just a few minutes.

Research shows that DPT leads to an increase in serotonin and dopamine production, both of which help improve focus and motivation.⁷

Use a weighted blanket at the end of a long day and the benefits could be life-changing! Observable mental health benefits of DPT can include:

  • General sense of relaxation⁷
  • Increased happiness⁷
  • Decreased anxiety⁷
  • Less social anxiety⁷
  • Better communication⁷
  • Improved focus⁷

It’s hard to measure the value those improvements could have on an individual, especially a freelancer, whose livelihood depends on their ability to stay productive.

3. Get better sleep and enjoy improved energy.

Sleep deprivation is devastating for motivation, productivity, and brain function.⁹ Luckily, weighted blankets were designed to help with sleep quality!

Aside from helping your body transition into a state of physical relaxation, using DPT, a weighted blanket can also trigger your body to create more melatonin–the hormone which helps induce restorative sleep.¹⁰ ¹¹ 

More rest means you’ll be fully recharged and able to tackle all your tasks, every day!

Choosing the right weighted blanket

With so many companies scrambling to keep up with the growing demand for weighted blankets, it can be hard to know which is the best one for your needs. 

At Sleepbo, we specialize in all things sleep. We spend our days researching tips, tricks, and products for improving your sleep to increase your quality of life. That’s why we compiled this list of the top 3 weighted blankets, based on customer testimonials and our editors’ experiences. 

So, if you’ve decided to try a weighted blanket for improving your productivity and motivation, keep reading to discover which of these three is right for you.

Our recommendations

Sleepbo’s #1 Choice: kuddly Weighted Blanket £119 £49

Trustpilot Rating: 4.8/5

We at Sleepbo always recommend kuddly for their craftsmanship, quality, and customer service. 

Here are a few reasons why our team loves them:

  • They’re UK-based. Always shop locally.
  • They’re specialists in all things cosy. As one of the UK’s most popular cosy brands, kuddly never disappoints us.
  • They have nearly 5000 5-star reviews, making them one of the UK’s most loved and trusted brands.
  • They offer a Cooling Weighted Blanket, too. So hot sleepers can say chill all summer long.
  • Their blanket is the perfect weight. Our research has shown that 5kgs is ideal.
  • Amazing price. We’ve yet to find a brand that offers such great savings. If you happen to catch them during a sale (like this one they have on currently) you’re in luck!
  • Free shipping and a 30-night guarantee. Shopping with them is risk-free!

Our team stands by kuddly. You won’t go wrong choosing a blanket from them.

    Shop kuddly     

2. Kalmkoala £199 £79

Trustpilot Rating: 4.7/5

Another great brand our team loves, kalmkoala, specialises in all things wellness and therapeutic home comfort. 

Why do we love them?

  • They’re UK-based
  • They design with sustainability in mind. We love their renewable materials such as bamboo.
  • Their blanket is all-seasons. Its two-sided duvet cover means you can choose between cooling, breathable bamboo, or cosy, warm fleece.
  • They offer multiple sizes and weights.
  • Free shipping and a 30-night guarantee
    Shop kalmkoala     

3. Gravity – £99

Trustpilot Rating: 3.7/5

Gravity is a European company that has gained success due to its blankets that come in multiple sizes, weights, and colours. Customers report loving their quality and variety.

However, it’s important to note that Gravity isn’t UK-based. Even though their policy states that they offer free delivery, UK shoppers will still have to pay VATs and import fees. Some reviewers report having to pay as much as half of their purchase price to FedEx for the delivery.

More on why kuddly is our #1 choice

If you’re still unsure about which blanket to choose, it’s always a good idea to check out the reviews of a company before you buy from them. However, if you’re pressed for time, don’t worry. We checked them out for you! 

In our research, we could not find a weighted blanket brand with a higher Trustpilot rating than kuddly’s. Here are a few reviews we thought would be helpful before you make your purchase:

“I would recommend a weighted blanket to anyone and everyone I have never slept so well as with my blanket and I even take it on holiday. If you make only one purchase in a year make it a weighted blanket you will not be disappointed.”
Pam F.
“I was surprised of the weight for the price and the short fleece material is so soft and comforting. It’s very nice to sit on top of in the recliner as well as getting under it. It is helping my anxiety already and I keep a blanket in my car and the other in the house. I am thinking of purchasing a hooded blanket now as they look so toastie. I highly recommend d this company. Items were delivered super fast and presented well with a nice message inside the box.”
Gail L.
“I loved my weighted blanket so much that I have now purchased a hoodie blanket which I received today. The quality is just fantastic. I have fibromyalgia and chronic arthritis among other conditions and these products help so much. Would recommend to anyone not just disabled.”
Sarah J.

Sale notice: kuddy is currently having a massive sale. For a limited time, get your weighted blanket for as low as £49.

    Shop kuddly     
Alyssa Kline

Alyssa Kline

Alyssa is a product Researcher at Sleepbo. She is a proud Mum to three kids and a French Bulldog.