Top 5 Best Pillows for Sleep, Neck, and Back Pain

Can't sleep? Neck and back pain keeping you up? You may need to change up your pillow...

Did you know that each person spends about one third of their entire life sleeping? In order to be healthy and productive, we should each be getting about 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t get enough sleep because our bodies are too stressed or uncomfortable. One of the main ways to ensure a good night’s rest is investing in the right pillow.

Keep on reading to see just how important a good pillow is and check out some of our top picks.

Restful sleep is a byproduct of all your individual body parts being disengaged and not under any strain while sleeping. Therefore, it is crucial that your body has the right support throughout the night. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find such support.

The more time you spend sleeping incorrectly, the more it will impact you negatively in both the long and short term. The discomfort resulting from sleeping incorrectly can be very distracting and irksome.

Lack of sleep can impact your entire life, leaving you stuck in a vicious cycle. Without adequate sleep, your body and brain systems will not function normally. This will leave you susceptible to a plethora of physical illnesses and mental and cognition problems.

How You Can You Fix Incorrect Posture With the Right Pillow

You may be wondering, how can I have control over the way I sleep at night? 

Understandably, when you are sleeping, you don’t have control over the posture of your body. Therefore, a good pillow is necessary to ensure you are supported adequately when your body is unconscious.

Apart from making you feel cosy, a good pillow will not only prevent your neck from feeling achy and stiff, but your shoulder blades, shoulders, and your upper-spine as well.

When it comes to getting the right support while sleeping, memory foam pillows are the answer. These pillows are moulded in a particular way to suit the needs of different type of bodies. 

The best memory foam pillows are fully adjustable because you can completely adjust them to suit you perfectly. They mould themselves according to the weight and size of the body, thereby guaranteeing that you get the perfect support depending on your body’s needs.

As a result, these fully-adjustable memory foam pillows are the best and suitable for all kinds of sleepers. The best part is that they will not put a dent in your pocket, making them the best investment you will make towards improving the quality of your life.

Memory Foam vs. Traditional Pillows

Memory foam pillows are able to mould according to the individual needs of each person to provide optimal support, thereby reducing pressure points. Some of the benefits of memory foam pillows over traditional pillows include: 

  •     They spread pressure applied on the face and head evenly throughout the surface area. This allows your muscles to relax and prevents the buildup of tension in just one area. Ideal for people who grind their teeth while sleeping and suffer from jaw aches.
  •     Relaxed shoulders and neck: They allow the muscles in your neck, head, and shoulders to completely disengage while you are sleeping by providing the right support and reducing any pains or aches.
  •     One of the initial selling points of these pillows is that they reduce sleep apnoea and snoring. They ensure unrestricted airways because of the way they support the neck and the head while sleeping.

Essentially, if you aren’t sleeping on a memory foam pillow, you aren’t sleeping well. See our list of the best memory foam pillows available in the UK.

The Best Memory Foam Pillows in the UK

The Kuddly Dream Pillow is the best memory foam pillow you can get in the market when it comes to ability, price, and quality.

  • It has been engineered utilizing the latest technology and research to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • It is the one-size-fits-all solution to your sleepless nights.
  • This fully-adjustable pillow is suited for everyone, whether they sleep on their side, front, or back.
  • It is filled with shredded memory foam which further adds to its pliability.

The pillow has a removable, machine-washable cover with CLOUDsoft™ lining which makes it super soft and comfortable. It is also made from 100% cotton which ensures breathability so you can stay cool throughout your sleep, even on a hot day. You also get a bag of extra fill with every pillow. You can use this to easily store additional filling from the pillow if required.

The pillow is shipped from the UK and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee trial.

So, it is the safest investment you can make!

The Snug Single has dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic material throughout which is perfect for sensitive sleepers. The pillow has airflow channels which encourage breathability. This prevents it from getting too warm. It comes with a machine-washable Purotex technology pillow cover to keep the pillow comfortable and fresh for a long time. However, keep in mind that this pillow is very high so it is not suitable for everyone. It is also not the best for stomach sleepers since it’s heavy and ultra-dense.

         Shop Snug Pillow     
         Shop Snug Pillow     

The Panda memory foam pillow utilizes temperature-regulating technology. This ensures it stays warm during cold days and cool during the warm ones. The antibacterial, dust mite-resistance, and hypoallergenic pillowcase helps with this by maintaining optimal airflow and breathability. Featuring a three-layer viscoelastic foam, this pillow is suited for stomach and side sleepers since it keeps the neck and spin aligned. Some back sleepers may find this pillow suitable, however, it can be a bit too high for others. You get the same support across the pillow and it is not adjustable according to your individual needs.

         Shop Panda Pillow     
         Shop Panda Pillow     

Made from polyurethane, this pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers. It relieves pressure points by supporting the neck and the head. The firmness of the EVE pillow is moderate. It is breathable and ensures an ideal temperature while sleeping. The polyester cover of this pillow is removable which ensures easy cleaning. However, the downside is that polyester is not as environmentally-friendly. Moreover, polyester covers tend to absorb grease and oil and can be irritating if you have sensitive skin.

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         Shop Eve Pillow     

The formtastic pillow is versatile and well-designed for a lot of sleeping positions. It features a wave contour, which adapts to the neck and head of every individual. Moreover, it has a machine-washable, eco-friendly cover. The entire pillow is dust mite-resistance, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. So, it is perfect for people with allergies. This pillow’s memory foam is made with rubber tree sap or hevea milk. So, it provides the feel and support of the traditional bamboo fibre foam without any of the chemicals involved in it. However, the lifespan of this pillow is shorter as compared to other memory foam pillows. There is also no mention of a guarantee or trial period by the manufacturer.