America’s Top 5 Weighted Blankets and Why You Should Buy One for Your Autistic Child

Updated September 18, 2020

Written By: SleepBo Research Team

"Sleep deprivation increases the likelihood teens will suffer myriad negative consequences, including an inability to concentrate, poor grades, drowsy-driving accidents, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide and even suicide attempts. It’s a problem that knows no economic boundaries."

Stanford Medicine News Center

All around the world parents with autistic children have been raving about the magic that comes with a weighted blanket. Experts back up those claims, using weighted blankets to help calm or comfort restless or stressed individuals, as well as sleep and anxiety issues that are common with autistic children and adults. All amazing reasons why you might want to purchase one for your autistic child and perhaps even one for yourself.

Parents often feel stressed whether they have an autistic child or not. That said, it’s known that autistic children simply don’t sleep well. More than a few studies report that parents of autistic children experience more stress than those without and when you consider that a parent’s stress affects the child, finding a low-cost solution to parenting stress is a must. Many choose the weighted blanket, with some saying it’s the best purchase they’ve made in years

Best purchase I've made in years! Helps my 7 year old ADHD & ASD child settle a lot quicker at bed time & get a good night sleep. Plus, it helps calm my anxiety in minutes.

Suze Read, a happy mom

Picking the Perfect Weighted Blanket

The best weighted blankets:

  • weigh approximately 10lbs.
  • are machine washable
  • are highly breathable, yet soft and comforting
  • use BPA-free, non-toxic glass beads
  • match your home décor

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference — choose a blanket with the qualities mentioned above and you might enjoy a more stress free future. Blanket $59 (SleepBo’s Choice!)


We can’t get enough of this blanket!

With it’s lush and velvety touch,’s weighted blanket is made to form to your body, providing the perfect cuddle on the couch and in bed. Filled with BPA-free glass beads, is designed for comfort, relaxation, and sleeping. Plus, it’s machine washable and comes in two amazing colours—a soft grey and luscious blue!

One happy customer stated: “I have an autistic son who also has adhd. He has been really struggling with sleep since the Covid pandemic, even his melatonin hasn’t been working! After the blanket arrived, we have had 4 beautiful nights of sleep. He has also used the blanket during a meltdown to help soothe himself. It is so well made and sooo soft.
Thank you Kuddly for your amazing customer service.”

YnM Weighted Blanket $99

The YNM is our second choice for its moisture-wicking management and bamboo viscose properties, providing all year round comfort. Plus, there are two extra layers of durable and breathable fabrics ensuring there a nore leaks of beads, or breaks in the blanket. It also allows you to pick the weight you want and comes in a variety of colours. That said, it’s on the pricier side.

YnM manufactures blankets specifically for kids that typically weigh between five and seven pounds.

Chilla Weighted Blanket $99 

This 15-25lbs blanket comes in a 3-piece set—a winter duvet, a summer duvet, and a weighted blanket. The inner blanket is divided into 120 pockets for uniform weight distribution, and 8 internal ties keep the blanket in place inside the duvet cover. Their specially designed duvet covers allow air to flow through the fabric, ensuring you’re kept comfortably warm. It comes in 6 different colors.

One happy customer said: “…I got one for my son who was suffering from night terrors. He rarely has them anymore The blanket is worth its weight in gold for both of us.”

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket $39

ZZZNEST uses 7 layers of fabric and small diamond tight stitching to prevent movement of the beads in the blanket, allowing for the most comfortable and sound sleep. Targeting disorders like RLS and anxiety, ZZZNEST promotes calmness and restfulness, allowing you to sleep much more soundly. Its beautiful grey colour is bound to compliment any room.

A customer states that: “My 9 year old has suffered from night terrors, tossing and turning, and insomnia for the last few years since we moved to a different state. He slept through the night the first time the blanket was delivered!”


If your kid struggles to get to sleep (or stay asleep), the Bedsure Kids Weighted Blanket provides a comfortable pressure reminiscent of a soft & loving embrace. With the blanket, your child will sleep the entire night & manage anxiety which will give you a better sleep also. It’s extremely snuggly & won’t make them hot.