5 Fascinating Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Slippers All Year-round

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Honestly, who doesn’t like wearing a pair of super cute, ultra-comfy bootie slippers? But just in case you weren’t aware of how necessary wearing slippers actually is, here are 5 reasons why wearing slippers at home is a must.

1. Decreases the risk of getting sick

It’s been proven that having cold feet increases the risk of getting sick. Essentially, when your feet are cold, your body alters your immune system which results in you being more susceptible to illness and disease. This is because cold feet constrict the blood vessels in the body to prevent you from losing more body heat. As a result, your rate of blood flow slows down which affects your white blood cells that are meant to fight against sickness. 

Plus, keeping your feet exposed to the cold greatly affects the tiny hairs in your nose that are meant to trap germs and bacteria from entering your body. Keeping your feet warm, essentially helps your nose work properly so you’re not constantly sniffling and having to blow your nose. 

Basically, keeping your feet warm within a warm pair of slippers helps keep you healthy.

2. Helps blood circulation, preventing consistent leg and joint pain

Keeping your feet warm helps increase the blood circulation within your body which helps redistribute heat around the body which encourages your muscles to relax instead of constricting. 

Plus, when your body is warm, you’re less likely to get injured because the risk of tearing a muscle or sustaining an injury is higher when you’re cold

By wearing a high-quality pair of non-slip slippers, you’ll have a better chance of staying injury-free. Plus, if you have constant pain in your legs and feet, by wearing a pair of slippers, you might find that pain reduced.  

3. Boosts your productivity

People are more productive when they’re relaxed. When your feet are comfortable and warm with the proper amount of blood flow, you do feel more relaxed and have the need to be more productive. 

Essentially, wearing a pair of slippers at home could help encourage you to get things done.

4. Prevent accidents

The slippers you should be wearing at home should come with non-slip soles. Having slippers with non-slip soles will help prevent slips, trips, and sprains because you’ll be less likely to slide on slippery surfaces like your tile, linoleum, and wood floors. 

Wearing a pair of non-slip slippers can make the difference between an injury and stay injury-free.

5. Reduce the risk of fungal infection

Slippers help protect our feet from getting infected by bacteria and fungus, especially in areas like the bathroom.  They’re protective against foot infections like athlete’s foot, warts, and toenail fungus. 

If you want to keep your feet healthy, you should think more seriously about wearing slippers in your home even during the warmer months.

Features to look for in a house slipper

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While looking for the best house slipper for your home, there are a few features that you should consider.


Comfort is key, especially when you’re expected to wear your slippers for the majority of the time you’re at home. Making sure they’re soft and breathable is important too.


Need to make sure they actually keep your feet warm. Our recommendation for the perfect home slipper happens to have a very unique feature that helps increase comfort and warmth when needed.


Make sure the slippers you wear all day have non-slip soles so you have traction when you’re walking around so you don’t slip and fall.


Fit is important for comfortability, so slippers that offer a S/M and a L/XL instead of just one size fits all. This way, you’ll have a more proper fit which ensures that your feet stay comfortable and you can easily slip in and out of them.

Our Best Slipper Recommendation

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Thinking about traction, the komfies are also non-slip, so you can easily walk around the house in them without worrying about injury.


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