4 Reasons Why Your Hair Wants You to Switch to a Silk Pillowcase

You might want to switch your cotton pillowcase for a silk one if you’re always wondering why you can’t grow long luscious hair, or why you’re always waking up with bedhead.

Silk pillowcases are breathable, non-irritating, and chemical free. Not only are they great for healthy hair, they’re also great for clear glowing skin. 

Here are the 4 ways your cotton pillowcase is destroying your hair and why you should switch to a silk pillowcase: 

  1. Cotton tugs at your Hair—silk allows hair to slide
  2. Cotton causes hair breakage—silk keeps hair intact
  3. Cotton absorbs your hairs natural oils—silk protects your hair
  4. Cotton dries out your hair—silk protects your hair’s moisture

Switch to a Silk Pillowcase. Check out the top 5 sold in the UK. 

Cotton pillowcases cause bedhead

Your cotton pillowcase is rough on your hair. In fact, while you sleep its texture is pulling and tugging at your hair and forming knots

A silk pillowcase has a very soft and smooth texture that allows your hair to slide while you sleep. Instead of waking up with knots, after sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your hair can look as good as it did before you went to bed. 

Switch to a silk pillowcase and it could be the one thing that saves you a lot of headaches when it comes to your hair.

Cotton pillowcases cause breakage

Remember, a cotton pillowcase’s texture is rough to the point that your hair can snag and snap. This is why you wake up with loose hairs on your pillow, and why you keep wondering where all the split ends are coming from. 

A silk pillowcase allows your hair to move around freely, and if you sleep with it in a low braid, it won’t pull the hair out. Silk protects your hair and minimizes split ends. 

Switch to a silk pillowcase, and your hair will thank you for it.

Cotton pillowcases absorbs the natural oils of your hair

Your cotton pillowcase is a breeding ground for bacteria. It absorbs all the natural oils of your hair, making your pillowcase dirty overnight and then all those oils are affecting your skin. 

A silk pillowcase protects your hair by not stripping it of its natural oils which keeps your skin from being clogged. 

Switching to a silk pillowcase won’t just do wonders for your hair, it will also encourage clear, glowing skin.

Cotton pillowcases dries out your hair

Since your cotton pillowcase absorbs all of your hair’s natural oils, it really dries out your hair and causes frizz. 

A silk pillowcase allows your hair to thrive by keeping its moisture intact. Waking up on a silk pillowcase keeps your hair looking as good as it did the night before. 

Switch to a silk pillowcase, and always have shiny, healthy looking hair.

Why You Should Switch to a Silk Pillowcase

All of your hair problems like knots, damaged hair, frizzy hair, dry hair can be improved by switching to a silk pillowcase. 

  • Silk allows your hair to move around completely as you sleep
  • Silk  feels luxurious and keeps your hair healthy
  • Silk is antibacterial and breathable
  • Silk is also temperature regulating 

Not sure which Silk Pillowcase to switch to? 

Check out our list of the top 5 silk pillowcases available in the UK:

#1 kudd.ly™ SILK PILLOWCASE £46 (With Voucher)

Sleepbo's Top Recommended Silk Pillowcase

The kudd.ly™ Silk Pillowcase is the latest silk pillowcase to hit the market and it’s an exceptional product at a banging price. It is made with satin silk, a high quality silk. It’s patented zipper keeps the silk pillowcase formed to your pillow so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off, and it’s completely machine washable

After conducting our internal tests, we can verify that the kudd.ly™ Silk Pillowcase are:

    • Made with pure satin silk
    • Based out of the UK (with Fast Next Day Delivery)
    • Helps with anti-frizzing – keeps your hair from tangling
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Anti-bacterial & non-irritating
    • Helps skin retain moisture
    • Helps regulate temperature

And most importantly, it is the highest graded silk pillowcase on the market being sold at the lowest price with their voucher code SILK. Plus they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and free next day shipping.

Please Note: Of all Silk Pillowcases we tested, Kudd.ly is the only UK based company. Their products are delivered next day while the other brands took between 8 and 14 days to arrive.

At Checkout User Voucher Code: SILK

Coming in a close second is the Blissy™ Silk Pillowcase. It has the same features as the kudd.ly™ listed above, including the ability to be machine washed; however, the price is a bit on the higher side. They also provide free shipping, but they’re American which means the delivery time is going to be a longer wait compared to say, kudd.ly™ which, as you remember, is based in the UK. We couldn’t find anything about a 30 day money back guarantee.

In third is Slip’s Silk Pillowcase. Like the top two, it claims everything a silk pillowcase has to offer. It’s made with the same quality of silk, but it doesn’t seem to be as form fitting to the pillow as the other two as you can see from the pictures provided. It is also one of the more expensive pillowcases on the market. So if you’re looking to save some money, we suggest looking closer at the top two silk pillowcases listed. It is also machine washable.

In fourth is the Lilysilk Pillowcase. It’s made with the same sort of quality but it has extra material around the sides, which most of us found annoying. It also doesn’t come with a zipper, like the top 3 silk pillowcases do, but instead uses the classic envelope enclosure, which means your pillow could potentially slip out of it. 

It is also machine washable.

Our last pick is the Zimasilk Pillowcase. Like the others, it’s made from the same Mulberry Silk and it’s also machine washable. That said, it seems to be an American company and the only way we were able  to find a way to get it in the UK was through Amazon. We couldn’t find if they had a money back guarantee.