An amazing new weighted blanket has just hit the American market and many are praising it as the one and only thing helping them get to sleep at night when all they can think about is the pandemic ravishing the world.

The best part is that this weighted blanket has the perfect weight, as recommended by Psychology Today, around 12 pounds which is optimal for anxiety relief, relaxation, and sleep. And as you know, for years now, Americans have become more and more afflicted with anxiety, but never before have people been looking so hard for ways to relieve their stress and worry. This is where this blanket comes in.

Unlike other weighted blankets, which are made with toxic plastic beads and many thick heat inducing layers, this new weighted blankets uses BPA-free non-toxic glass beads, and extremely soft and breathable layers, making it one of the best tools for sleep and stress relief on the market to use all year round.


It’s called the Kuddly Weighted Blanket and since being launched last year, it has been used by thousands of people, with many ecstatic customers saying it improved their sleep, made them way less stressed and gave them unbelievable anxiety relief.

Just check out Heather below, she’s been using the Kuddly Weighted Blankets for weeks now and can’t get enough of it:

Plus, the Kuddly Weighted Blanket has been rated five stars by everyone who’s had the benefit of getting their hands on one. I say this because they sell out fast due to the fact that customers are always taking advantage of all the great deals the people at Kuddly offer. Why would they practically give their blanket away? Well, it’s because the people at Kuddly know how important sleep is as well as the benefits that come with it and they want you to score those amazing benefits too without breaking the bank.

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Due to the recent launch of the Kuddly Weighted Blanket and its extremely high demand in America, stock in several American states are depleted. Their 30 nights sleep guarantee is causing stock to fly out of their warehouse.

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Weighted blankets work because they use what is called deep pressure touch to help calm the body, creating the perfect relaxed state to induce getting to sleep quicker and to help users sleep longer. You might be wondering what it feels like. Imagine being embraced by a loved one, but your whole body is being hugged. Not to mention that Harvard researchers have determined that firm, gentle, and consistent pressure on the body can make people with sensory processing disorders, stress, or anxiety feel more relaxed and less stressed.

When people get under their weighted blankets, they’re immediately benefiting from deep pressure touch. They instantly begin to feel deeply relaxed, and most likely they begin to get pleasantly drowsy—their eyelids become heavy, their heart rate slows, and their whole body relaxes. This is deep pressure touch—the weighted blanket—at work. And that’s not all, studies have shown that 68 percent of people who use weighted blankets have exhibited positive changes in lessening their anxiety. In fact, when using their weighted blankets, participants were observed to have lower heart rates and reduced blood pressure. Crazy right? No wonder weighted blankets are all the rage right now. But don’t stop here, keep reading to find out why the Kuddly Weighted Blanket is above the rest.


Kuddly is considered the number one weighted blanket on the market because unlike other brands, the Kuddly Weighted Blanket:

  • Is machine washable—the only one on the market
  • Uses BPA-FREE non-toxic tiny, round glass beads for its weight
  • Is the perfect weight at 11 pounds—keeps it from adding too much heat
  • Uses new tiny pocket technology for even weight distribution—no bunching
  • Is highly breathable—can use it all year long
  • Makes no sound when you move
  • Has a velvet touch—the softest on the market

And just like Heather, happy customers are leaving glowing reviews on the internet:

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Even though most report experiencing improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and less stress after the first night of sleeping with their new Kuddly Weighted Blanket, it’s best to use the Kuddly every night—we even suggest taking it wherever you go to have that cosy, comfortable hug whenever you need it.

This is why Kuddly offers a chance to purchase more than one Kuddly Weighted Blanket at a discounted price with their limited time voucher—so you can have double the hug, or give one to a family member or friend.

But that’s not all!

At Kuddly, they believe in love at first night’s sleep. So, if you don’t absolutely love your Kuddly after night 1, they’ll give you 29 more tries, or your money back! It’s their 30 Night Guarantee. That’s right, you can try a Kuddly absolutely risk-free—no hassle. It’s that easy.

For a whole 30 days, you can try the Kuddly Weighted Blanket, and if you’re not satisfied with your results, you can simply contact them to get your money back!

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