Why the Kuddly Weighted Blanket is Sleepbo’s #1 Choice

As the saying goes, not all weighted blankets are made equal. With this extremely cosy tool becoming such a hot commodity, it can get difficult deciding which is the best fit for you.

Here, at Sleepbo, we spend the time doing the research and testing various sleep aids on the market so that we can give our readers the best advice and tips to overall better sleep and health.

After a fair amount of time looking into the best weighted blankets and testing out dozens of different brands, we have determined that the Kuddly Weighted Blanket is by far the best in the UK compared to all the rest.

Read on to find out just how we came to this cosy conclusion:

kuddly is UK BASED

Buying from small local businesses is important, these days now more than ever, and we’re excited to say that the Kuddly Weighted Blanket is designed and shipped from the UK.

Kuddly is helping fellow Britons get better sleep, relieve stress and reduce anxiety one weighted blanket at a time. So why not give one of our own a helping hand to help spread that positivity!


Since Kuddly is UK based and ships out of the UK, their delivery times are super quick.

In most cases, you could receive your weighted blanket by the next working day. It’s usually that quick. Plus, the shipping is on Kuddly.

That’s definitely a plus, seeing as other brands might charge you for shipping that doesn’t come for a few weeks!

Kuddly is high QUALITY

The most important thing about any weighted blanket is its quality. Here is a breakdown of just why the Kuddly is top-notch:

  • the softest blanket we’ve ever gotten our hands on
  • The stitching is superb
  • unlike most others, you don’t have to worry about the bunching of its filling
  • you don’t have to struggle with a silly cover. The Kuddly Blanket is a single unit. 
  • filled with tiny round glass beads, which puts it in a higher tier of quality.
  • Only the most luxurious and smooth weighted blankets are made with glass filling
  • The best part? It’s completely machine-washable!

Taking all of these points into consideration, we xan truly say that the Kuddly is the best and most worry and stress-free weighted blanket out there.


No other weighted blanket can beat Kuddly’s quality and be able to sell it at the price Kuddly does. In fact, Kuddly’s price simply can’t be beaten!

Normally, the Kuddly is sold for £117 pounds, but Kuddly is always offering great deals! One of their best deals is that if you buy more, you save more. They’re practically giving them away!

We’ve also heard that Kuddly is selling their blanket for a super great price right now. You could get a Kuddly for only £59. But who knows how long that deal will last, so you better act fast.


There’s a reason why these Kuddly Blankets are always sold out, and today it’s time to find out why. Get yourself a Kuddly Weighted Blanket. You won’t regret it. It’s truly a cosy, comfortable, and relaxing blanket that will leave you smiling!

Invest in a Kuddly Weighted Blanket today! Trust us, you will not regret it!

Includes free delivery and a 30-Day Money-back guarantee