Why Students Are Using Weighted Blankets To Improve Focus

If you’re a parent to a child in school, you know that it has never been a more stressful time to be a student

Just a few years ago, students only had to worry about exams, social events, and extracurriculars. Today, on top of all that, they worry about school closures, online learning platforms, and their health.

The amount of stress and anxiety facing students has doubled in recent years. For that reason, many parents are searching for ways to support their children’s well-being and academic success

Parents all over the world are noticing a lack of focus, poor quality of sleep, and increased anxiety as major causes for concern.

And since students spend a considerably greater amount of time at home, this has lead to an increased interest in how a comfortable home environment can improve a student’s performance in the classroom.

At Sleepbo, we are obsessed with helping you and your family get the perfect night’s sleep. We spend our time researching sleep-aid products and methods and without a doubt, our must-have addition to any student’s nighttime routine is a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are exceptional tools for relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and relaxing the mind for improved sleep and better focus in the classroom.

Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Behaviour

“Sleep and lack thereof certainly plays into learning and memory. It plays into appetite and metabolism and weight gain. It plays into mood and emotion, which are already heightened at that age. It also plays into risk behaviours—taking risks while driving, taking risks with substances, taking risks with maybe sexual activity … we’re learning more about the core role that sleep plays.”

Stanford Medicine News Center

sleep deprivation impacts students in many different ways.

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause:

  1. Difficulty focusing. This can prevent students from paying attention to lessons or getting distracted while studying.
  2. Inability to reach flow state. In order to complete learning tasks, projects, and homework, students must be able to get into a state of flow. Sleep deprivation creates inattention which prevents flow from occurring.
  3. Increased impulsive or defiant behaviour. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts the body’s hormone levels, causing irritability and negative emotions that can lead to suspensions or poor relationships.
  4. Poor memory retention. The human brain creates memories best during sleep. Students who sleep well will retain more information from previous lessons than those who don’t. 

Children Need More Hours of Sleep Than You May Think

In addition to getting plenty of sleep, it’s important that students get enough quality sleep or the same effects of sleep deprivation can affect performance. A weighted blanket can help. 

The recommended hours of sleep:

  • 5-10 year-olds need about 12 hours of sleep per night
  • 10-13 year-olds need about 10 hours of sleep per night
  • Teenagers need 9 hours of sleep per night

Weighted blankets can help students get quality sleep by increasing serotonin and melatonin production while lowering cortisol levels. This provides them with the mental well-being they need for success in the classroom.

See our top 5 recommendations below. 

Here’s Our List OF the Top 5 Best Weighted Blankets for Students:

SleepBo’s #1 Choice £117  £49

#1 Kuddly Blanket

We can’t get enough of this blanket and we’re not the only ones!

Kuddly has nearly four thousand 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, making it one of the most trusted weighted blankets on the market. With all their features and benefits, it’s easy to see why.

  • Full Body Relaxation. Kuddly’s weighted blanket is designed to create Deep Pressure Stimulation. This lowers the sympathetic nervous system’s response to stressful stimuli and helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, inducing a state of full-body relaxation.
  • BPA Free Glass. Unlike many weighted blankets on the market which use plastic pellets to create weight, Kuddly’s blanket is filled with BPA-free glass beads.
  • Comfort and Convenience. Because Kuddly uses glass instead of plastic, its blanket is one of the few machine washable options on the market.
  • Designed with Sleep in Mind. The Kuddly blanket was designed to release endorphins in your body similar to those produced during a hug. Their colours—soft grey and deep blue—have been shown to create a feeling of calm and emotional neutrality, promoting relaxation.
  • Fairly Priced. Just one more reason why we love Kuddly blankets! The average weighted blanket on the market sells for approximately £179. Kuddly’s blankets are priced at £117 and at the time of writing this, their kuddly blanket is on sale for over 50% off.
  • Nearly 4000 5-star reviewers. Customers love Kudd.ly blankets for their quality, comfort, and value.
  • Kuddly also offers a 30-night money back guarantee and quick free shipping on all their products. 

Here’s what Heidi Roberts had to say: 

“Wow! My 10 year old son has sensory processing difficulties and has just been tested for ASD on top of suffering from major anxiety. Within minutes of him opening up the bag and taking the blanket out, he snuggled underneath it and fell asleep (he is on a part time school schedule so as it was just after lunch I had to wake him! He never ever sleeps in the day!) He also loved the soft feeling of the Weighted Blanket. At bedtime he went to sleep within minutes and finally slept all night! This product is AMAZING!”

2. KOALA BLANKET £199 £79

Pay as little as £79 for a limited time!

IMPORTANT! For a limited time, get a Koala Blanket for as low as £79 on your Koala Blanket set.

The Koala blanket is a great option for the eco-conscious customer.

  • Deep Touch Technology. The Koala blanket is designed to calm your nervous system, stabilize your stress levels, increase your relaxation, therefore improving your sleep.
  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship. Made with sustainable, durable, and skin-loving materials: bamboo and cotton.
  • Customizable. The Koala blanket comes with a two-sided cover. Use the silk eco-bamboo side on warm days, or the ultra-soft Minky side on cool nights. To make the experience even more customizable, the Koala Blanket comes in multiple weight options. Make sure the weight of your Koala is suitable for the recipient.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and Free Next Day Shipping. Kalmkoala offers a 30 night trial period on their weighted blankets to give you a chance to test it out. They also have next-day shipping which means you’ll get the blanket really quick.

3. Gravity Blanket £149

With its many collections, spanning from their summer collection, which offers breathable fabric, to their kid’s collection, Gravity blanket has many options for a variety of their customers. The Gravity blanket improves sleep and enhances feelings of calmness and relaxation. To top it off, it comes with a removable cover to easily machine wash it!

Gravity Kids provides the same stress-reducing and sleep-enhancing benefits as their adult sized blanket but it’s suitable for kids aged 7+.  The dimensions are66” x 42” & is available in pink & green. It has an duvet cover made of cooling fabric (100% polyester ), which is moisture-wicking. lightweight & extremely breathable.

4. YnM Weighted Blanket £89

This weighted blanket provides year-round comfort with moisture-wicking management and bamboo viscose. There are also two extra layers of durable and breathable fabric ensuring there are no leaks or breaks in the blanket. Just choose your weight and colour and you are all set.

YnM manufactures blankets specifically for kids that typically weigh between five and seven pounds.

5. ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket £89

ZZZNEST uses 7 layers of fabric and small diamond tight stitching to prevent movement of the beads in the blanket, allowing for the most comfortable and sound sleep. Targeting disorders like RLS and anxiety, ZZZNEST promotes calmness and restfulness, allowing you to sleep much more soundly. Its beautiful grey colour is bound to compliment any room.

A customer states that: “Fantastic product … Comfortable and soft feel … Weighted but not heavy … Almost feels like you’re being held and gives a sense of comfort to anxiety sufferers like myself. It helps relax the body, I would recommend this to anybody, Fast efficient delivery … Thank you very much!!!”

 The Kuddly Blanket is Sleepbo’s #1 recommended weighted blanket

And nearly 4000 5-star reviewers agree with us!

Remember: For a limited time, the Kudd.ly blanket is on sale for only £49!

“Love my Kuddly blanket. Absolute godsend during my exams, massive help for stress and anxiety too. Super soft, I highly recommend Kuddly for all the kids I tutor. Don’t know what I’d do without it now.”

Christi M. (a happy Kuddly customer)

“Two weeks in and so far the blanket is really helping our son’s sleeping habits...The Kuddly blanket is fab quality and a wonderful colour.”

Eric Boyd (a happy Kuddly customer)

“The blankets are amazing. I purchased 2 for my children...who absolutely love them. They are super soft, a great weight and just perfect for snuggling up with or easing anxiety. I wish I had purchased one for myself.”

Emma D. (a happy Kuddly customer)