Why Sleepbo Picked the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket as #1

Sleepbo's favourite: The kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket!

Hoodie Blankets are one of the top trending gift items in the UK for 2021. Their wide range of fun colours and truly one-size-fits-all design makes them perfect for literally anyone on your list!

But when it comes to choosing a brand to buy from, it can be difficult to know who is trustworthy. 

At Sleepbo, we spend a lot of time researching different home comfort brands and products so that you can buy with confidence.

Recently, our team compared three of the top hoodie blankets in the UK, and kuddly came out on top! 

Here are a few of the reasons why:

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The Biggest, Cosiest and Most Fun Hoodie on the Market!

The kuddly Hoodie Blanket was measured and put up next to some of the biggest names in the Hoodie Blanket market like the comfy™ and the Oodie.

After tedious measurements, the winner was determined:

The kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket is the most massive hoodie blanket out there with an enormous length of 94cm—a whole 5cm longer than the Oodie. 


SALE ALERT:  kuddly is currently having a sale! Their Hoodie Blanket is on sale for only £49. They’re very popular and in high demand. Get your colour now while it’s still in stock! 

Top quality, but also the best price.

kudd.ly™ knows how to make a solid massive hoodie blanket.

  • They use reinforced stitching and make sure their hoodie is lined with a proper lip so the hoodie will keep its integrity longer than competitors.
  • The sherpa inner lining is the softest among the competition and the Patent MicroCool™ Fleece is top-notch.

Honestly, it’s the comfiest hoodie blanket we managed to get our hands-on. 

Plus, they’re coming out with some wicked new patterns that we’re really excited about.


Spreading warmth, laughter, and cosiness to fellow Britons.

Buying from small local businesses is important, these days now more than ever, and we’re excited to say that the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket is designed and shipped from the UK. kudd.ly™ is spreading comfort and joy to Britons one blanket hoodie at a time. 

The perfect gift

the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket makes for the perfect gift because it can be worn anywhere at any time!

Its large design and sherpa fleece interior makes it suitable for almost anyone, providing a cosy comfort throughout the day. Anyone and everyone will enjoy receiving a kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket!

Fast Delivery

Since kudd.ly™ is UK based and ships out of the UK, their delivery times are super quick.

In most cases, you could receive your hoodie blanket by the next working day. It’s usually that quick. 


SALE ALERT: The kuddly hoodie is currently on sale for only £49. They’re very popular and in high demand. Get your colour now while it’s still in stock!

Last but not least, we consider price a huge factor in determining why kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket is our Number One choice.

Truly, kudd.ly™’s price along with its quality can’t be beat.

Regularly sold for £109 pounds, kudd.ly™ is always offering great deals and if you buy more, you save more.

They’re practically giving them away!

In fact, kudd.ly™ is selling their hoodie blanket for a super great price right now! You could get a kudd.ly™ for only £49. But who knows how long that deal will last.