Balancing the Chakras with Essential Oil Diffusers-why it’s important

Chakras. You may have heard of the term before, but you’re still unsure of how they work. You may also be wondering what an essential oil diffuser has to do with chakras. Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out. 

What are chakras?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel,” and there are multiple chakras present in our bodies as points of energy (similar to gateways). 

Energy flows through these specific points in our bodies and helps in keeping us balanced. Certified aromatherapist and healing arts master, Candice Covington, explains in her book, Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice, that chakras are “spinning wheels of energy, psychic centres that exist not on the physical plane, but rather in the spiritual dimension.”

Although it has been said that there are about 114 chakra points within our bodies, the seven main chakra points are: crown (top of head); third eye (brow); throat (throat); heart (centre of chest); solar plexus (upper abdomen); sacral (below belly button); and root (base of spine).

Since these points are tied to our emotional and physical health, any amount of stress or injury can result in the blockage of these points. This results in an imbalance within our life force and leads to further emotional and physical strain.

How do essential oils help?

Essential oils have long been an effective tool in helping the body regain balance by reopening any blocked chakra points. However, it’s important to know that no single oil can be a universal remedy. Each chakra point requires a different oil to help soothe different blockages.

For instance, palmarosa can help open up the heart chakra, while sweet marjoram or lavender are used to quiet it down.


Now, you can use essential oil directly on your body to soothe any discomfort within your chakra points in the form of a massage; however, the remedy will remain topical. Since chakras exist on a spiritual plane, it is recommended to switch to aromatherapy to help.

That’s where diffusers come in. Using an essential oil diffuser will help surround your environment with the healing properties of the essential oil. This elevated form will not only assist in calming your body but will also help soothe your soul.

Which Essential oil Diffuser is for you?

There are countless brands of diffusers available on the market, but we’re excited about a particular one. We’re talking about the Aromatherapy Diffuser by kalmkoala™.

The Aromatherapy Diffuser has a sleek design made with porcelain. kalmkoala™ has also developed a total of 12 essential oils: 6 individual scents and 6 specialty blends.


  • Sleek porcelain design
  • 12 essential oils to choose from: 6 single scented and 6 specialty blends
  • Uses safe scents
  • Helps improve sleep, appetite, and energy
  • Combats bacteria and mould
  • 100% UK-based
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To help gauge the effectiveness of the Aromatherapy Diffuser, we took to the streets of London to ask a few volunteers to test out the product. Here’s what people had to say:

Amy K.
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The Aromatherapy Diffuser is so sleek and modern! I’d love to have it in my home as decor with a hidden benefit!
Geneva Q.
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I’ve actually studied chakras for a while and recently discovered that I had some blockages due to some emotional trauma. I decided to try the Calm blend essential oil and instantly felt soothed. It was as if something was pulling the tension and pain out of me and replacing it with peace.
Michael F.
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First of all, this thing looks so cool. I would definitely buy an Aromatherapy Diffuser for my home. Second of all, the oils smell so good! I really enjoyed the Energy blend--it’s got a refreshing smell to it that just wants to make you go go go!
Claudia H.
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I’m really into yoga and spirituality, so I’m always looking to invest in more essential oils and diffusers. The Aromatherapy Diffuser has a very modern and sleek design, so it looks really good as a decor piece. I was also impressed by the different blends that were available, especially the Breathe blend which uses pine, cypress, roman, chamomile, and frankincense.

A Solid choice

Whether you need to unlock your chakras or simply need to realign yourself, the kalmkoala™ Aromatherapy Diffuser is an effective tool in helping you achieve balance.

kalmkoala™ has even knocked down the price by £40 and is offering the diffuser for only £59!

Feel reassured when you purchase the Aromatherapy Diffuser, thanks to kalmkoala™’s 30-day money-back guarantee!

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