Written By: SleepBo Research Team

For many suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, a weighted blanket has proven helpful. In fact, some studies have indicated that weighted blankets can decrease insomnia severity. 

Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket

"Results of the randomized, controlled study show that participants using the weighted blanket for four weeks reported significantly reduced insomnia severity, better sleep maintenance, a higher daytime activity level, and reduced symptoms of fatigue, depression, and anxiety"

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

The study determined that weighted blankets may indeed be an effective tool for combating insomnia.  This was due to the stimulating nature of weighted blankets that help people feel calm and relaxed, similar to the feeling of having a massage.  This calming effect helps people fall asleep

I was surprised by the large effect size on insomnia by the weighted blanket and pleased by the reduction of levels of both anxiety and depression,” Dr. Mats Adler, the principal investigator said of the study. 

Around 60% of participants had a positive response to using the weighted blanket with a decrease of 50% or more in their Insomnia Severity Index score, and around 42% had a score of seven or less (the score for remission). 

If the study shows anything, it’s that a weighted blanket has the ability to help a fair amount of people improve their sleep and quite possibly put their insomnia into remission.

We suggest you give a weighted blanket a try. Most weighted blankets come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if the weighted blanket doesn’t work for you, you can easily send it back.  

Here's our list of the top 5 weighted blankets for combating insomnia:

1. Kuddly Blanket £49 (SleepBo’s Choice!)

Note: Kudd.ly is currently having a massive sale, selling their weighted blankets for only £49!

We’ve heard great things about this blanket especially when it comes to helping customers improve their sleep: 

Myself and my husband are happier and more sleep refreshed all thanks to Kuddly [weighted blanket]. To many, this may seem daft but to someone who is sleep deprived and desperate for some quality sleep this is like a lottery win and … having 4 -6 hours now of what my fitness tracker says is good quality sleep and being able to get back to sleep after taking my meds at 1 am – unbelievable. – Kath Runciman, Trustpilot

“I have a weighted blanket which has totally cured my insomnia that I have battled with for years. It’s a miracle! Sleep like a baby now it’s incredible! Feel so much better and more energetic during the day. Love love love my kuddly blanket.” S. kendrick, Trustpilot

The kuddly blanket is our number one pick for three main reasons: quality, price, and ease. 

For one, it’s a great-looking and feeling weighted blanket. Made with velvety Microfiber fleece, it’s extremely soft to the touch. Plus, their pockets are sewn together with reinforced stitching, and their weight consisting of tiny, round, non-toxic glass beads are evenly distributed across the blanket and never bunch.

Two, for the quality you’re getting, it’s the best-priced weighted blanket out there. Plus, kuddly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Last, but not least, it’s the only weighted blanket on the market that is completely machine washable, making it one of the easiest blankets to care for. 


30-Day Money-back Guarantee

UK Based

Free Shipping

Machine Washable

The Koala Blanket‘s reviews on their Facebook page are full of people talking about how theirs has drastically improved their sleep:

“Treated myself to a Koala Weighted Blanket. It’s the best money I have spent and I wish I had taken the plunge and bought it sooner. It feels amazing and for me it’s like instant relaxation when I lie down under it and I have slept better the last three nights than I have in ages.” Mel Lewis, Facebook

Using its Deep Touch Technology that calms the nervous system, the Koala blanket helps stabilize your stress levels, increases your relaxation and improves your sleep. Made from bamboo and cotton, the Koala blanket is eco-friendly, durable, and competitively priced. With its two sided cover, you can use the silk eco bamboo side on those warmer nights, or the ultra-soft minky side on cooler days.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

UK Based

Free Shipping

3. YnM Weighted Blanket £89

The YNM is our third choice for its moisture-wicking management and bamboo viscose properties, providing all year-round comfort.

Plus, there are two extra layers of durable and breathable fabrics ensuring there a no leaks of beads, or breaks in the blanket. It also allows you to pick the weight you want and comes in a variety of colours. That said, it’s on the pricier side.

One happy customer said: “I suffered from insomnia for most of my life and it has affected work, not being able to get up in the morning, every morning, and now always having a horrible day is completely fixed. I am off to sleep within minutes of getting into bed with this blanket. It is very heavy to hold and rather cumbersome to put on my bed, but stays in place once on. Would highly recommend purchasin

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket £89

ZZZNEST uses 7 layers of fabric and small diamond tight stitching to prevent movement of the beads in the blanket, allowing for the most comfortable and sound sleep. Targeting disorders like RLS and anxiety, ZZZNEST promotes calmness and restfulness, allowing you to sleep much more soundly. Its beautiful grey colour is bound to compliment any room.

A customer states that: “Fantastic product … Comfortable and soft feel … Weighted but not heavy … Almost feels like you’re being held and gives a sense of comfort to anxiety sufferers like myself. It helps relax the body, I would recommend this to anybody, Fast efficient delivery … Thank you very much!!!”

Bedsure Weighted Blanket £89

This 15lbs weighted blanket triggers hormones that calm and soothe you, helping you achieve a deeper sleep. Its unique seven-layer process ensures maximum softness without feeling the filling on the inside. Bedsure is composed of breathable fabric and filled with comfortable glass beads. This weighted blanket will surely help you sleep better and feel much calmer.

A Happy Customer Says: “This blanket is brilliant! At first use, it is very heavy and trying to lift it up with your leg whilst in bed is very hard work if you are the kind that likes to ‘stick a leg out’ but after a few days, you get used to the weight. I will say, I sleep much sounder since I purchased this and getting to sleep no longer takes hours just minutes. If you have sleeping problems then this is marvellous!”

More testimonials of Kuddly, our most recommended weighted blanket for combating insomnia:

I bought this item [kuddly blanket] as I suffer with restless leg syndrome, and due to stress and anxiety. To be honest, it was a last resort, all I can say is it's the best nights sleep I have had in many months ( when covid reared its head last Feb / March) I highly recommend this weighted blanket if you struggle with stress, anxiety or restless leg syndrome, the weight of the blanket helps to promote feelings of security and reassurance, and at a very reasonable price, I could of given this item 10 stars I would, I will now be buying my son a blanket, he suffers with anxiety due to PTSD ( army veteran ).

Phyll Hodgson

I bought the kuddly blanket for my son who has adhd ptsd, angsiety, and depression, it's amazing how quickly it made a difference to his sleeping routine he is able to wake at the same time each morning and feel refreshed his mood is more pleasant each day after 30 years of struggling with sleep insomnia its a god send. I would recommend this for anyone that struggles with any of these things.

Margaret Mckenna

Absolutely amazing!! I lost my dad recently Nd suffered so bad with insomnia and anxiety I’d lay away till 3/4 am and have to get up with 2 children at 7am, I was skeptical when I bought the blanket but omg it’s been an absolute god send !! I slept the first night like a baby and every time I don’t sleep I pull it over me and I’m out like a light it deffo is worth the purchase.

Roxili Jane