The Best Weighted Blankets For Combating Anxiety

reduce anxiety with weighted blankets

You might be wondering, “weighted blankets for combating anxiety?” Well, many people live busy lives and rarely get a chance to settle down and relax. This hustle and bustle lifestyle often creates stress and anxiety, which can ultimately lead to negative effects on our health. 

However, research shows that one of the best ways to reduce stress is by investing in a weighted blanket! 

Keep on reading to find our list of the best weighted blankets for combating anxiety!

Negative Effects of Anxiety

Not treating your anxiety can lead to more serious and long-lasting effects. Some of the symptoms that can follow anxiety include:

  • Sense of doom
  • Panic attacks
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Breathing problems
  • Pounding heart
  • Upset stomach
  • Loss of libido
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Muscle aches and other pain

How Weighted Blankets Can Help With Anxiety

Weighted blankets are great for dealing with anxiety because of Deep Pressure Touch (DPT), which is a type of pressure therapy. Through the use of DPT, weighted blankets can help the body relax and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

A study by the American Journal of Occupational Therapy explains that weighted blankets are often used in emotional and physical regulation, which helps reduce anxiety.

Deep Pressure Simulation also reduces autonomic arousal, which is responsible for increased heart rate and other symptoms during anxiety. Research also shows that in a group of 32 participants, 33% felt reduced anxiety when using a weighted blanket.

Read about our top weighted blankets for combating anxiety in the next section!

Top 5 Weighted Blankets Combating For Anxiety

SleepBo’s #1 Choice £117  £59

#1™ Cooling Blanket

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Sleepbo’s number one pick to combating anxiety is the kuddly cooling blanket! Not only is it a weighted blanket that helps soothe the body, but it is also a cooling blanket that regulates body temperature to calm and relax you!™’s breathable MicroFleece™ fabric combined with their HydroCool™ technology ensures that the cooling blanket maximizes body heat regulation. The result is a cooling sensation that calms the body and makes you feel totally relaxed.

The kuddly cooling blanket is successful in lowering blood pressure, soothing muscle and joint pain, and providing a sense of relief.


  • 5kg weight
  • HydroCool™ technology to cool your body
  • 100% UK-based brand
  • 30-night guarantee
  • Free shipping!
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2. KOALA BLANKET £199 £79

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The Koala blanket by Kalmkoala™ focuses on delivering a comforting experience. With a focus on restorative sleep, the koala blanket is designed to provide Deep Pressure Touch and relieve stress and anxiety.

Included is an eco-friendly duvet cover made from 100% bamboo and cotton blend. Use the bamboo side to cool down when it’s hot out, and use the soft, plush mink side for when it’s cold.

The therapeutic Deep Pressure Touch is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and completely zen, effectively reducing your anxiety.

Features include:

  • Available in two sizes (standard and double)
  • 3 different weights to choose from (4kg, 6.8kg, and 9kg)
  • Double-sided duvet cover
  • 100% UK-based brand
  • Free Shipping!
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#3 – Gravity®

The Gravity® blanket is a weighted blanket that completely relaxes your body and helps with stress, sleeping disorders, and developmental disorders.

Made with a high-quality, breathable, and machine-washable material, the Gravity® blanket is available in a wide selection of sizes, kid’s sizes, and colours.

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#4 – Therapy®

The Therapy® blanket is designed so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout your body. Therapy®’s weighted blanket comes with a soft two-sided cover that can be removed and washed.

The Therapy® blanket is available in various sizes, kid’s sizes, and colours.

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#5 – Levia™

The Levia™ weighted blanket is designed to promote mental health and improves anxiety and sleep. The Levia™ blanket comes with two options for covers: 100% cotton or 100% flannel.

The Levia blanket comes in three weights: 7, 9, and 11kg.

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So, Why™?

We chose™ as our number one choice because of their consistency when it comes to quality products and quality customer service.

With thousands of satisfied customers,™ understands what works and delivers every single time. They are also located right here in the UK, so their products are sure to arrive in no time!

The kuddly cooling blanket combines the best of both worlds: a weighted blanket to help give you that comforting hug while the HydroCool™ technology keeps your body temperature nice and low to promote sleep and healing.

If you find that your anxiety is getting the best of you, then maybe it’s high time for you to invest in one of the blankets mentioned above! 

While all of these blankets deliver on soothing your body, we definitely recommend the kuddly cooling blanket for that extra cooling sensation.

So, are you ready to relieve your anxiety?

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