Relieve Your Restless Leg Syndrome With a Weighted Blanket

The sun is down, you’ve changed into your cosiest pyjamas, and you’re ready to hop into bed, but there’s one thing that’s fidgeting in your way: Restless Leg Syndrome.

Keep reading to find out if you have RLS, and what you can do to relieve your restless nights.


Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, is a nervous disorder that affects your ability to relax your legs. It usually appears as uncomfortable sensations in the leg which intensify when you try to relax your body or go to sleep.

Mild cases may not show symptoms every night, but there are more severe cases where it becomes impossible to get a good night’s rest. Sleep deprivation from RLS can cause extreme fatigue and other health risks.

Symptoms can include:

  • Itching
  • Crawling
  • Pulling
  • Aching
  • Throbbing
  • Pins and needles

RLS affects over 9 million people in the UK alone.


While RLS can develop at any age, there are certain risk factors that are directly related to it:

  • Usually diagnosed within middle-aged people
  • Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed than men
  • Genetic
  • Can develop during pregnancies
  • Other chronic conditions can lead to RLS
  • Some medications can aggravate RLS
  • More common in Northern European descent

Additionally, RLS affects your overall health and can contribute to a higher risk of:

  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Kidney disease
  • Compromised immune system
  • Early death

How Can You Relieve your restless leg syndrome?

RLS doesn’t have to be as bad as you think! While there are no cures for RLS, the symptoms can be effectively treated. There are plenty of home remedies that you can try to reduce your fidgeting feet.

Try some of these:

  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Reduce tobacco and alcohol
  • Set a bedtime routine
  • Practice yoga, stretching, or meditation
  • Soak in a bath with Epsom salt

But if you really want a solution that doesn’t compromise on some of your favourite things, then it sounds like you need to invest in a weighted blanket.

Weighted Blankets

Many people with RLS, and even doctors, agree that weighted blankets can help alleviate restless legs at night. That’s because Deep Pressure Touch evenly applies weight to your body, providing a comforting hug.

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What does this mean?

Well, when you have RLS, your legs are unable to stop moving. This can be a result of nerves, overthinking, or other preexisting conditions. 

A weighted blanket applies pressure to your body, like a massage. The pressure will ease up tense muscles and relax your body and nervous system. 

Once relaxed and under the comforting weight of the blanket, it’ll be much easier to drift off to sleep.

Weighted blankets have proven to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which are major contributors to RLS.

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At 5kg, it’s the perfect weight to hug you through the night, gently applying pressure to your restless legs.

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Designed with MicroCool™ fabric, the™ weighted blanket helps regulate your body temperature, so you stay nice and cosy while you sleep.

Our testers are absolutely in love with this blanket. It is the size of a single bed, so it perfectly hugs your body while you sleep and gives you the full comfort of the evenly distributed 5kg weight.

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If you’re worried about the heat adding to the stress of your RLS, worry no more!™ offers a cooler option to their bestselling weight blanket: 

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Also weighing 5kg and designed to fit a single bed, the cooling blanket offers the same comfortable gentle pressure as its predecessor.

Crafted with HydroCool™ technology, the cooling blanket will calm your nerves and help relax your restless legs for a cosy night of sleep.

Features of the kuddly weighted blankets:

  • MicroCool™ and HydroCool™ fabrics to regulate body temperature
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Soothing weight of 5kg
  • Size of a single bed, so it fits you perfectly
  • 100% UK based
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“I have RLS and it gets so hard to sleep at night. The weighted blanket has been a godsend. I purchased the cooling blanket option because I get night sweats as well, and it has done wonders in keeping me cool and keeping my RLS from acting up.” – Harry K.

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The Koala™ blanket comes in a variety of sizes and weights, so there’s a blanket available for everyone!


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“Love my blanket, it is ideal for my restless legs and arthritis and helps me sleep so much better” – Sally P.

“I originally bought 2 kuddly blankets for my son, who can be very restless at bedtime and my mum, who has suffered with restless legs for almost 40 years. I only wish I’d bought sooner!!! These blankets are soft, comfortable and have enough weight to settle a wriggly 8 year old, as well as calm and relax restless legs. The best thing is, they’re washable!!! I’ve bought another 2 blankets (the following week) for my husband and nephew. I’m seriously considering more!!!” – HPmum

“Amazing PRoduct, Sceptical at first about what it could help with. First night took some getting use to. Since then slept better every night. So far no restless legs or fibromyalgia flare ups. Highly recommend.” – Joyce D.

“I have restless legs and so I was amazed at how well the kuddly blankets work. My husband is a hot sleeper and is always sweating, so I got myself the regular weighted blanket and him the cooling blanket. Its safe to say we both have hit the jackpot! Love these blankets. Thanks kuddly!!!” – Sarah L.

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