My Weighted Blanket Experience

With all things going on in our world, I felt myself becoming more anxious.

My increased anxiety was affecting my sleep, and worse yet, I started to feel considerable pain all over my body. I realized I needed to make changes to my life and the first thing was getting my mental health in order.  This is what brought me to weighted blankets.

More specifically, it brought me to the kuddly weighted blanket.

This is my story about how I relieved my anxiety and chronic pain with the kuddly weighted blanket.

Why I chose the Kuddly Weighted Blanket

After browsing the internet for the top-weighted blankets available in the UK, I opted for the kuddly blanket.  It was the one weighted blanket with the highest quality and the most reasonable price tag attached

Plus, kuddly’s reviews were great: Some people even stated in the reviews how the kuddly blanket helped them with their insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain

And I took advantage of this attractive offer: 

£49 each or purchase 2 kuddly blankets for £89.99 and get a FREE SLEEP MASK. 

I couldn’t say no to such an attractive offer and so got two, one for me and one for my hubby.  

Quick Delivery

Once I pressed the complete order button, I was itching to try out my new purchase.™ offers free shipping and many reviews mentioned how quickly their kuddly products arrive. So, I didn’t have long to wait long for my kuddly blanket.

A day later, my parcel arrived wrapped in a beautiful bow and I gleefully tore into it.

Here is a photo of my kuddly blanket!

First Impressions - The perfect weight

My first thought after opening the parcel was how heavy 5kg really is.

I had read that you should get a weighted blanket at 10% off your body weight, but most customers who have tried the kuddly blanket actually found the weight of it to be perfect, especially when it was their first weighted blanket. 

I am glad I took a chance. The kuddly blanket really was the perfect amount of weight for me and I didn’t feel overwhelmed, or unable to carry it around from room to room. 

Peaceful Nights

As a child, it was easy for me to fall asleep and stay that way through the night.

As I aged, however, I found it harder and harder to fall asleep and stay asleep until morning. I used to periodically wake up in the night to switch positions, feeling uncomfortable and restless.

But after sleeping with the kuddly blanket, I am happy to report that such restlessness has diminished. At night, I feel warm and cosy under the heavy blanket and the weight helps to keep me in a comfortable position for hours of peaceful sleeping.

Overall, I’ve felt calmer, more at ease, and fully rested after a night sleeping under this weighted blanket.

Vivid Dreaming

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly if you look at the science behind it), I’ve felt like I’ve had more vivid dreams too.

REM is also when dreaming takes place. The benefit of remembering more of my dreams is great. I’ve been way more creative lately and have managed to write a good 40,000 words of my novel.

I can only assume that I’ve dreamt more due to my kuddly blanket helping me achieve a deeper, better level of REM sleep.

Refreshing Mornings

I only ever used to wake up to the blaring sound of my alarm. However, after just a few nights snuggled up under my kuddly weighted blanket, I found myself returning to a state of wakefulness before my alarm went off.

After my first night sleeping with my kuddly blanket, I woke up feeling like I had achieved a deeper level of sleep than I was used to.

As a result, I finally learned what it’s like to be like a morning person.

Many have said it can take a few weeks sleeping with a weighted blanket to feel a difference, but after a couple of nights, I was pretty impressed.

The Science Behind It All

Before weighted blankets became widely popular with the mainstream, autistic people and those with ADHD understood how calming and soothing a weighted blanket could be. 

According to certain studies, the many benefits like improving sleep and focus, relieving anxiety and stress, are due to the weighted blanket’s gentle pressure which stimulates (DPT) deep touch pressure. DPT is what induces a calming sensation throughout the body.

As such, the weighted blanket produces happy hormones which help relax muscles and ease away stress.

Essential Self-Care

As Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec would say, TREAT YO SELF.

This is my go-to mantra for the weekend, and really, for any session of self-care.

Whether it’s taking the time to retreat to my room for a quiet moment, reading one of my favourite books, or bingeing an entire series in one sitting, the kuddly blanket makes for a pretty cosy companion.

I found that I was able to sit and enjoy the task at hand for longer, without the need for readjusting positions or for lack of concentration.

Cuddling up with my kuddly blanket also helped me drown out the rest of the world.

Those anxious feelings were muted, and I felt a more profound sense of security overall.

Final Thoughts On The Kuddly Weighted Blanket

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience using the kuddly weighted blanket. So much so, that my family is already annoyed with how much I’ve brought it up in conversation.

You can say that I have jumped on the weighted blanket bandwagon, but that’s a mouthful.

I hope, too, that a weighted blanket will benefit your life like it has mine.

In fact, I, as many others have, highly recommend the kuddly weighted blanket. 

I encourage you to get yourself one while the kuddly blanket flash sale is still on.