My Koala Weighted Blanket Experience

My new best friend!

Needing to know what the big deal was, I got myself a weighted blanket. Like you, reading this article now, I did my research.

I wanted a high-quality weighted blanket that promised me all the amazing benefits every weighted blanket claims: better sleep, less anxiety and stress. This is my well-being we’re talking about, and I don’t know about you, but I want the best. Aka. the koala Therapeutic Weighted Blanket by kuddly.

 Here’s why I chose this exceptional weighted blanket, and how my life changed for the better after. 

The koala blanket is REcognized by well-known publications

First of all, it was hard to get past the fact that the Koala Therapeutic Weighted Blanket made almost every top weighted blankets list I found.  It wasn’t always listed as number one, but the consistency in which it was named in the top 5 intrigued me. Nothing gets named that often unless it’s a well-liked, solid product. 

Great highly recommended reviews

The Koala blanket is highly recommended by most reviewers

The next thing I looked at was the koala blanket’s reviews. And I have to say, they spoke very highly of the koala blanket.

Many stated how well the koala blanket helped them sleep better and that the quality was superb. And how it was the best purchase they’ve ever made. 

After scrolling through them all, I was itching more to get my hands on one, and the last thing I needed to look into was the price. 

A Great Deal

When I ordered my Koala weighted blanket, they had a flash sale on. I got my Koala weighted blanket for only £79.00.

That’s a steal for a weighted blanket with this kind of quality.

Plus, kuddly offered free NEXT DAY shipping, so I didn’t have to wait that long at all to feel the sweet comforting benefits the Koala blanket just ensues. In fact, I believe this deal is still on.

The Koala Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

The Koala Therapeutic weighted blanket comes in two different sizes and three different weights, so you can easily find a size and weight perfect for you.

I chose the smaller size, 48”x78”, and the weight of 6.8kg.

When I received my Koala blanket, I was pleased by the packaging. Both the weighted duvet and cover come in a nice box and the blanket fits perfectly in the cover with ties to keep the blanket in place. 

It even came with a little thank you card. Very cute. 

For Hot and Cold Sleepers

2 Sides of the Koala Blanket Cover

The best part about my Koala weighted blanket was how its cover had two sides.

The quality of the cover was great too, and I enjoyed how it had a soft mink side and a smooth bamboo side.

Choices are nice. An ultra-soft mink side for when I wanted to feel cosy and warm, and a silky bamboo side for when I was feeling too warm.

As a hot sleeper, the silky bamboo side was perfect for me. Normally I wake up in the middle of the night because I’m way too hot, but I had no trouble falling asleep quickly and staying asleep.

Easy to Care For

At first, I thought it was pretty daunting washing the cover and then tying the blanket back inside, but I was surprised by how easy it was.

The ties are perfect because it keeps the blanket in place inside the cover.

Even my regular duvet doesn’t stay still in its duvet cover, so the fact that kuddly has thought of this is great.

Improved my Sleep

Life Changing Sleep!

After spending a few nights sleeping under my Koala weighted blanket, I have to say it’s done wonders for my sleep schedule.

Before, I used to wake up at least 3-4 times a night. I’m surprised by how often I sleep completely through the night now.

Sometimes I even take my Koala weighted blanket to the couch when I read because I like the comforting feeling it gives me.

Final Thoughts

The koala blanked helped improve my sleep and helped reduce my stress!

Honestly, after spending a week with my Koala weighted blanket I’ve been sold on the hype surrounding weighted blankets and their claims about improving sleep, helping with anxiety and stress.

For me, weighted blankets are all they’re cracked up to be. I’ve felt a lot calmer after one week of using one and I like the way it feels wrapped around my body. I like it so much, I use mine as much as possible

I think everyone should invest in a solid weighted blanket. And if you want the best, you should invest in a Koala weighted blanket.