Millions Are Finding Relief From Cold Feet With This New Technology

Published on 01/01/2022

People across the UK are finding relief

While more and more people are suffering from constant cold feet and pain due to low blood circulation, there is a unique solution.

A recent heated slipper has been helping millions across North America, and now, some companies here in the UK are taking inspiration and creating their own designs––but beware, not all are made of equal quality and some even have long delivery times.

The best news is that these slippers can be affordable and help within just hours of wearing them.

One of our favourite brands happens to be™ since they’re closer to home and ship from right here in the UK (which makes their delivery times the quickest, in fact, we heard they have Free Next Day Delivery). Plus, we aren’t the only ones who love the Komfies. It’s really hard to get a pair since they’re so popular and almost always sold out!

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Why are they so popular?

What Makes them the best for cold, tired feet?

The secret is the heated insert. It’s designed to provide a warm and soothing sensation to relax muscles and provide relief to those tired feet. Heat is the secret to increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles, and relieving pain––all while stopping potential future damage by neglecting to take care of your feet (the one part of you that supports your entire body).

Our patent-pending HeatPAD™ insert, made of organic heatable clay, takes just 30 seconds to warm up in the microwave, and provides a period of warm, soothing bliss. By increasing blood flow to the feet, your legs get increased blood flow as well, which will help to prevent injury or muscle pain.

People describe wearing Komfies as getting a warm, cosy hug––but for your feet!

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Why do I want them for my sore feet?

Our feet are overworked everyday, and not giving them the proper care can lead to serious long-term problems. This can then further lead to joint and back pain. Without further care, this can lead to irreversible damage!

The Komfies are a great way to keep your feet warm and healthy by giving them cosy support and the added benefit of heat––all at an extremely affordable price!

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Why Taking care of your feet is important

There are a total of 52 bones, 66 joints, and over 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments in both of our feet combined, and they support our entire body.

In fact, the average person will walk 240,000km in a lifetime, which is equivalent to walking around the globe five times! That’s about 90,000 to 135,000km of stress on our feet. So, it makes sense that our bodies, muscles, and joints ache when our feet are in pain.

They’re literally our foundation!

kuddly, trusted with high quality: Guaranteed™ is a UK based company that was founded on the idea of helping fellow Britons attain comfort with their products.

Its flagship product was a weighted blanket that has already helped over 100,000 people in the UK soothe their anxiety and stress and embrace a deep, restorative sleep.

Seeing how successful they were in helping people achieve a happier life with better sleep and less pain,™ decided to expand their collection and further support wellness. This led to research and coming to the conclusion that:

Our feet were a significant factor in maintaining a healthy and functional body.

Considering how much pressure our feet are under (literally), we must begin treating them better and providing constant relief.

That is why™ has developed one of the cosiest and comfiest slippers to wear while you relax at home. The HeatPAD™ insert provides additional comfort in the form of heat. This helps the promotion of blood circulation and relaxes the muscles of our feet.

Kuddly Komfies - Cosiest Heated Slippers

When people think of slippers, they often think of tattered slip ons that no longer fit because they’ve been stretched out. When they think of heated slippers, they’re probably thinking of bulky footwear that needs to be plugged in.

The major benefits of heated slippers is that they stimulate your blood vessels to improve circulation. This means more blood and oxygen is being cycled through your feet, which helps in muscle recovery.

Another issue with a lot of heated slippers out there on the market is that they can be quite pricey. This makes them unattractive and inaccessible––so what good are they anyway?

The best part about the Komfies is that they are designed to be cosy enough to wear all day throughout your home. They are made with high quality, super soft plush and have non-slip soles (making them even more perfect for our elderly friends). 

The removable insert uses HeatPAD™ technology, made of organic heatable clay, that only takes 30 seconds in the microwave to activate. The result is a period of added warmth to help soothe those tired feet and provide ample relaxation.

The Komfies are also just a fraction of the price of most heated slippers, making them effective and attractive to many consumers.

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If there’s one thing that you can do to improve your lifestyle, it’s taking care of your feet. From the moment we learned to walk is when they fully begin supporting us, making sure we get to where we need to go.

So, in response, the first step we should take is to purchase a pair of Komfies and provide the warm relief that our tender soles oh-so deserve. The slippers can be worn all day and can be heated up repeatedly to give you long lasting comfort.

Do yourself and your feet a favour and get yourself a pair of Komfies from™.

But do be warned––not all heated slippers are made the same, and there are plenty of cheap knock-offs lurking about.™ is a trusted company that prides itself in providing excellent customer service, high-quality products, and in being 100% authentically British.

The Komfies will provide that warm hug that your feet deserve, like a longtime friend. So, make yourself and your feet happy and get a pair today. You really can’t go wrong when you choose™.

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