Manta Sleep Mask VS™ 3D Sleep Mask

Sleep masks have got to be one of the number one sleep tools out there. They may look silly, but they provide some solid sleeping benefits like:

  • Blocking out the light to improve your sleep and health
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Protecting your skin and preventing puffiness
  • Travelling with your own sleep sanctuary
  • Treating dry eyes
  • Mitigating migraines

Finding the right sleep mask can be difficult as there are so many on the market and they all vary widely in their materials, form, and function. That said, there is one sleep mask that claims it has made all other sleep masks obsolete: The Manta Sleep Mask. But has it really made all other sleep masks obsolete? That’s a very bold claim, and maybe at one time it had been, but there’s a new sleep mask on the market that looks very similar to the Manta, the™ 3D Sleep Mask, and it just might be the better of the two

I decided to get my hands on one of each: a Manta Sleep Mask and a™ 3D Sleep Mask and did a 7 night sleep test for each mask. And after testing for 100% blackout, accessibility, materials, durability, and  pound for pound the best, these are my findings:

100% Blackout test:

First and foremost, both masks claim they 100% block out the light, and I have to say those claims are valid. Both definitely block out the light. 


Even though both block out the light, I do have to say it was a bit easier to adjust the™ Sleep Mask to my face compared to the Manta. I also read on some other review sites that some people also struggled fitting the Manta mask to their head in a timely fashion. 


The Manta Sleep Mask is soft, I’ll give them that. It appears to be breathable and its eye sockets seem to be made from a cotton blend very reminiscent of a cotton t-shirt. The inside of the mask that wraps around your head appears to be a soft fleece. 

The™ 3D Sleep Mask is also extremely soft. It’s breathable and the eye sockets, as well as the part that wraps around your head, are made from a soft fleece. 

Durability Test:

During my 4th night testing out the Manta, I happened to spill some of my water onto my sleep mask before I had a chance to put it on. That mask soaked up the water like it was the Sahara desert. I’m not kidding, I even recreated it in the video below. Then it took hours for the Manta to dry and I wasn’t about to get up and put the thing in the dryer. But that got me thinking about the™ 3D Sleep Mask and if it would absorb the water, and I was shocked to see that in fact it repelled the water. 

As you can see from the video:

Manta Sleep Mask is absorbent. Spill the glass of water you bring to bed on it, and you’ll have to wait for it to dry. When tested, the water completely soaked through and it ended up sopping wet. Now, just think what else that mask is going to absorb…germs…I get the willies just thinking about it. 

Whereas the™ Sleep Mask repels liquids, keeping it nice and dry. So you don’t have to worry about spilling things on it. You can go to sleep worry free. 

I also noticed that the Manta sleep mask has a pair of elastic bands on the side to allow a more firmer fit. However, after a few nights of sleeping with it, I did notice that the integrity of the elastic started to warp and I wondered how long it would actually last, especially if I have to keep adjusting the strap because of the elastic’s sudden lack of elasticity. 

On the other hand, the™ Sleep Mask doesn’t really have that problem and I feel it’s built to last longer. 

PRice Test:

The Manta Sleep Mask costs around £22.54, whereas the™ Sleep Mask costs around £18 with a special voucher code I’m going to slip in here: MS38. 


In my honest opinion, the™ Sleep Mask is the reigning champion between the two, but don’t take my word for it. Try out the™ Sleep Mask today and use the code MS38 for a £12 discount. You get a 30 night money back guarantee, so if you don’t enjoy some solid beauty sleep with your new™ 3D Sleep Mask, you can return it for a full refund.