"The mental health of all children is really being affected in a negative way with virtual learning...It's been really tough trying to keep the children motivated to do the online learning...It's difficult to help with their work because at times the directions are unclear...plus the numerous issues with the internet and technology cause[s] even more stress on the children. As a parent you have no time to yourself as your children need your support all day. "

Rob G. (Elementary School Teacher, 2 daughters in elementary school)

For most parents, the COVID-19 era has been the worst year of their lives because it’s been so difficult for their kids having to adapt to online learning. “The mental health of all children is really being affected in a negative way with virtual learning, ” says, Rob G., a father of 2 daughters. Like many parents, Rob has been struggling to find a way to help his children through this stressful way of learning. 

One thing that’s helped many parents and their kids adapt to online schooling and working from home is the weighted blanket.

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How Weighted Blankets Help Kids adapt to online learning:

Weighted blankets help because they are great tools for relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and calming the mind for improved focus and sleep. 

In fact, studies have shown that sleep deprived kids have more difficulty concentrating and focusing on a specific task like listening to the teacher, especially when it comes to online learning. 

Sleep deprivation can affect your kid’s school performance in two major ways:

  1. When kids are too tired, they are unable to focus or pay attention. This can cause kids to miss important verbal lessons, which means they’re unable to complete specific school tasks. And ultimately, the result is more stress. 
  2. Kids who have a goodnight’s sleep will have a better time remembering the previous day’s lessons. This is because kids form their memories best during sleep. 

Weighted blankets are a great solution for helping kids adapt to online learning. They have been known to help kids get enough quality sleep, and as a result, many kids have enjoyed being able to focus more on their studies. Thus, kids are less stressed, and when they’re less stressed, parents are less stressed. 

Here's our list of the top 3 weighted blankets to help kids adapt to online learning:

1. Kudd.ly Blanket £117 (SleepBo’s  #1 Choice!)

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Parents love the kuddly blanket. Not only is it very reasonably priced, it’s super easy to care for, making it the perfect blanket for kids. 

It weighs 5kg, the perfect weight for kids above the ages of 6. 

The kuddly blanket is great quality and super soft, most kids love cuddling up with it. 

One happy parent stated: “I have an autistic son who also has adhd. He has been really struggling with sleep since the Covid pandemic, even his melatonin hasn’t been working! After the blanket arrived, we have had 4 beautiful nights of sleep. He has also used the blanket during a meltdown to help soothe himself. It is so well made and sooo soft. Thank you Kuddly for your amazing customer service.”

Designed by a UK based company, the kuddly blanket is shipped from the UK with free delivery.  kudd.ly™ also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if your kid doesn’t enjoy being embraced by the super soft folds of the weighted blanket, you can send it back for a full refund. 

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The Koala blanket comes in different weights and sizes. The best Koala Blanket size for kids is their smallest weight at 4kg.

Your child will enjoy the cooling effects of the Koala blanket’s bamboo side, and if they want to get warm and cosy, they can flip their Koala blanket to the soft minky side. 

Here’s what a happy grandmother had to say: “My granddaughter was thrilled with the Koala blanket. She had it wrapped around herself all day, when it arrived. The next morning she awoke earlier than her usual late rise and her response was that she had had the best sleep ever. She also woke up feeling more relaxed and without her usual morning anxiety.”

Designed by a UK based company, the Koala blanket is shipped from the UK with free delivery.  Kalm Koala also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if your kid doesn’t enjoy benefits of the weighted blanket, you can send it back for a full refund. 

Gravity Kids provides the same stress-reducing and sleep-enhancing benefits as their adult sized blanket, but it’s suitable for kids aged 7+. 

The Gravity Kids blanket’s dimensions are 66 x 42” and it’s available in pink & green. It has a duvet cover made of cooling fabric (100% polyester ), which is moisture-wicking, lightweight, and extremely breathable.

The Gravity blanket improves sleep and enhances feelings of calmness and relaxation. To top it off, it comes with a removable cover to easily machine wash it!

Many Parents Have Praised the Performance and Quality of the Kuddly Blanket, Sleepbo's Number One Choice:

I bought [two] Kudd.ly blankets for my teenage daughter[s] who suffers with anxiety and has trouble sleeping... arrived as promised and were well packaged with a zipped bag and pretty ribbon. Both of my daughters love them and they tell me that they are sleeping better now. The weight is just right for them and they are a lovely quality, very soft and cuddly. We are really pleased and highly recommend them.

Kerry Ellis, Trustpilot

I have purchased three of these blankets. One for my son who is 15. He is on the autistic spectrum and so has sensory issues... he absolutely loves his blanket... I also bought one for myself at the same time, as I’d heard and read a lot about them, and couldn’t wait to try one...They are so soft and cozy. And are a very nice quality. Safe to say, we are all very pleased with out Kuddly blankets... Excellent as a gift 👍🏻🙂

Karen Stokes, Trustpilot

Bought for my daughter who struggles to get to sleep & she absolutely loves it. My son & I also love it & try to steal it whenever possible. It gives me a calming, relaxing feeling if I sit under it to watch a film & I usually struggle to sit still.

Sarah Kitchin