Is™ a Scam? Here’s What We Think

Is™ a scam?

If you’re looking for the short answer, then no–™ is most definitely NOT a scam. But, how can we say this with certainty? Well, we’ve tried their products and have come to love the quality that™ has to offer.

If you’re looking for the long answer, then read on to see all the positive things we have to say about this cosy UK brand.

A kuddly review: Revisited

Not too long ago, we did a full brand review on™ and all of the products that they offer. We didn’t base it on hypotheticals either–our testers tried each and every product for themselves to ensure the quality was just as™ has claimed.

Suffice to say,™ is legit. It’s a legitimate company that sells legitimate (and comfy) products. Our reviews of their products are written with proper testing and research, and provide sufficient information on why you should invest in™.

Why is Kuddly so great?™ is a fantastic brand because they are committed to high-quality products and excellent customer service. We’ve tried everything–from the weighted blanket to the Kloud Sliders–and we can safely agree that™ makes the cosiest and comfiest products on the UK market.™ is also 100% UK-based, so we’re proud to help support a business that’s located right here at home. With their free-shipping,™ ensures that their customers can enjoy their products as quickly as possible.™ also provides a 30 day, risk-free, trial for ALL of their products. With amazing shipping times and a 30 day trial, why wouldn’t you want to give them a go?

Something else that we found was really great about™ was their customer service. We had concerns about the delivery of one of blankets but when we reached out to their customer service department, we received a thorough response within 24 hours!

You can reach™’s customer service team at support@kuddly.

Free shipping it really trustworthy?

According to scam-detector,™ is a company that sells drugs and medication. If happiness were a drug, then yes, they do sell that. But, it isn’t, so we can safely say that this assumption is anything but factual.

Scam-detector claims that™ is a fraudulent website based on 53 specific factors that deemed the trust rating 23.5 and questions if kuddly is legit. We took a look at this review/rating and couldn’t seem to find the details regarding this data.

The website fails to list what exactly these factors are and doesn’t even provide justification for the score they generated. If you ask me, that’s pretty sketch.

With so much inaccurate information (and some of it flat out WRONG), we’re not so sure we can trust scam-detector. But you know who we do trust?™.

Still having doubts?

If you still don’t believe us, then perhaps you should try™ out for yourself! We highly recommend them. 

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