Finding the right pillow to relieve neck and back pain

Tossing and turning every night because you can’t get in a comfortable position is the absolute worst. Not sleeping on the right pillow can really do a number on your neck and back making the next day unbearable due to the pain. To combat this, finding the right pillow to relieve neck and back pain is the best way to recover from the pain and encourage deeper, better sleep. 

Neck Pain and Sleep

The number of hours spent in bed every night can really reinforce critical problems for anyone who suffers from neck and back pain. This is because the way we sleep, and our ability to relax, are greatly affected by the quality of our pillow. 

Studies show that the wrong pillow can lead to serious pain issues that result in sleep problems like sleep deprivation and insomnia. 

By choosing the right pillow and sleeping in a healthy position, you can ease the pressure on your neck and spine. And making sure that the pillow you’re sleeping on can constantly provide you with proper support is especially important. This is because sleeping on an unsupportive pillow is the major cause of your neck pain.

What to look for in a pillow

If you’re someone with neck pain, choosing the right pillow could begin your journey to living pain-free. Understanding what makes a good pillow is key to finding the right one. 

Most people don’t understand the importance of sleeping on a properly supporting pillow depending on how they sleep. As such, they don’t realize it’s their unsupportive pillow that’s causing them all these pain issues.

Below are the most important factors to consider when choosing a pillow.

The Loft of your Pillow

This is what determines the angle of your head in relation to your spine. You want to choose a pillow that keeps your head and neck aligned with your spine depending on your sleep position.

Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, you want a pillow with a small amount of filling, as it should support the amount of space between the bed and the curve of your neck.

Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, you want a pillow with more filling that supports the amount of space between your bed and your head. Essentially it should be at the height between the distance of the end of your shoulder to your neck. 

Front Sleepers

It’s really not recommended that you sleep in this position as it puts the most strain on your neck and pain. Try finding a way to change the way you sleep would be ideal. 

Tip: The ideal pillow is one you’re able to adjust to your body’s measurements exactly—otherwise known as an adjustable or customisable pillow (Here’s our favourite).

The Support of your Pillow

As mentioned above, one of the most important factors of a good pillow is that it provides the right amount of support. This goes hand in hand with your pillow’s loft. Finding a pillow that can provide you with quality support that won’t falter after a month or so is ideal.

Tip: The best type of pillow for high-quality support is a memory foam pillow.

The Firmness of your Pillow

Make sure your pillow has the right amount of firmness. This means it’s not too soft that your head sinks too far into the pillow forcing your neck to bend. It also means that it isn’t too hard that when you sleep on your side, the pillow causes pressure points.

Tip: with an adjustable pillow, you can play with the pillow’s firmness to find the one that suits your head best.

Price of your Pillow

Investing in a good pillow that will last you years is crucial to keeping you healthy and pain-free. Pillow prices vary widely and you might be inclined to buy a cheaper standard one that you’ll have to keep replacing more often (which costs you more in the end).

Tip: Buying a high-quality pillow with materials that will last might cost you a bit more now, but it will make all the difference, not just in your wallet as you won’t be replacing it as often, but most importantly your health. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. 

Quality Materials your Pillow is Made of

As mentioned above, the quality of the materials your pillow is made out of is important when it comes to the longevity of your pillow’s support, durability, and comfort.

Tip: Memory foam pillows’ support and comfort are known to last the longest. They are also the most durable. Also, finding a pillow with a machine washable cover that protects against dust mites, bacteria, and sweat only adds to the quality of the pillow. 

What’s the best pillow material for neck pain?

“Most sleepers find success with a memory foam pillow.”

Sleep Foundation.

Memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic and you can occasionally find them on sale. New shredded foam memory foam pillows have entered the market (We found the best one). They allow you to customise the pillow to your body and preferred sleep position. 

Finding one with a proper pillow cover that you can wash will help increase the longevity of your memory foam pillow. 

Check out our curated list below of what we believe are the top 3 memory foam pillows for neck pain.

The best pillow in the UK for neck pain

SleepBo’s #1 Choice£99 £69™ Dream Pillow

Number one for its quality, price, and ability to be the perfect comfort for all types of sleepers. The™ Dream Pillow is an exceptional product of deep research and development into the latest sleep tech. If you want the perfect sleep, that is truly comfortable no matter what kind of sleeper you are, this is the pillow for you. 

It’s a customisable pillow, meaning it’s fully adjustable. So if you sleep on your back, front, or side, you can be sure this pillow was made just for you. 

Filled with a mixture of 100% recyclable shredded microfiber memory foam, the™ Dream Pillow is sustainable and extremely comfortable while also giving you the right amount of support. It also comes with a removable and machine washable 100% cotton cover and made with their CUSHIONpad™ lining to feel like an ultra-soft duvet. It’s also extremely breathable and antibacterial. 

Additionally, every™ Dream Pillow comes with a small bag with extra fill, so you can store extra filling from your Dream Pillow if needed. 

Honestly, this pillow was pure perfection.


  • Machine washable 100% cotton CUSHIONpad™ lining cover with zipper is breathable and 100% antibacterial which protects your skin from harmful toxins that build up in other pillows
  • Filled with shredded microfiber memory foam that can be removed or added for full adjustability
  • Comes with a small bag with extra foam
  • Labelled with a standard 100 OEKO-TEX label, meaning its made of high-quality materials tested and approved for human use
  • Exceptional airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable
  • Engineered for all types of sleepers: back, front, side
  • Made with ethically sourced fibres that are organic and hypoallergenic 
  • Comes with a 30 night trial with their 30-night money-back guarantee program
  • Shipped from the UK with free next day delivery

Want a high-quality, extremely breathable pillow that never loses its support and feels as if it was made especially for you? Go with the™ Dream Pillow, our team says no other pillow matched up. 

Plus, it’s shipped from the UK with DPD, so you won’t have to wait long before enjoying the sleep of your dreams.