Memory Foam Pillow: My Honest Review

It’s almost cosy season! And with the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your gift list.

With many of the shops being closed, the risk of lockdowns ever-looming, and COVID-19 variant Grinch-ing up the joint, many are turning to online stores to get their holiday shopping done. But when holiday shopping online, it’s important to start early so you gifts all arrive on time.

At Sleepbo, we are obsessed with all things comfy and cosy. We spend all our time researching tips, tricks, and products to ensure you and your loved ones get the best night’s sleep possible.

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce our holiday blog series: Honest Reviews. Our team researched this year’s most popular cosy gift items and wrote their honest opinions on them so you can make smart purchases from reliable companies this holiday season.

Honest Review: Memory foam pillows

Hey there! Aly here to talk to you about waking up with that kink in your neck. Yeah, you know the one that I’m talking about. When you can’t rotate your neck so you end up looking like a malfunctioning  terminator? Mhm, that one.

I was fed up!

So, I took a look at my raggedy old pillows and knew these potato sacks weren’t going to cut it any longer. It was time to invest in something that would do my neck right. I said “girl, go get yourself a REAL pillow.”

That led to me cruising through the internet and trying to find the best memory foam pillows out there. I came across 3 that I thought would do me justice: the Simba™ Pillow, the™ Dream Pillow, and the Nectar™ Pillow.

The hardest part was figuring out which one of these three would be the best fit for me. I already own one™ product (their super comforting cooling blanket) so I thought that maybe I should go with™ and complete the set.

You ready? Because we’re about to dive into my Honest Review.

What's the deal with™?

Admittedly, I did choose™ because I’m a girl who loves a matching set. But, you know those folks over there, they delivered on a pillow that made my toes curl. Sweet mama, I kid you not. My neck hasn’t felt so relaxed in over (redacted) years! Let me tell you about it.

First and foremost, we need to take a look at just what the Kuddly Dream Pillow has to offer.  Its biggest feature is the fact that it’s fully customisable to suit your needs.

What's it made of?

The filling is made with shredded CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam. You can remove this foam as you see fit to adjust the pillow to be the perfect height and firmness. The foam itself is made with 20% microfibre and 80% foam, so it’s extra soft and cushiony!

The protective cover is hypoallergenic and uses breathable 100% cotton CLOUDsoft™ lining. The pillow itself has two layers: the outer shell is made with CLOUDpad™ lining (which uses 100% cotton), while the inner fabric is made using 100% microfibre.

You can get the Dream Pillow in two available sizes: standard and king.

Ordering the pillow is fairly easy, and child,™ has my back–always! They had this pillow on sale for £69! Just added another reason why that’s my favourite number. Oh, and it’s free shipping across the UK, which is the only kind of shipping Debra likes.

Only £69 | Free shipping

(Psst. Over here! If for any reason you don’t like the pillows,™ offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you don’t need to stress, but you may want to check your taste buds.)

First impressions

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve ordered from™ before and know they ship as soon as possible. This time was no different! I got my new pillow in just a few days. If you could have seen me on the day of delivery, you’d see why my friends call me Dancing Diva Debra!

Anyway, I was excited to try out the pillow and let my dreams actually come through, because you know I wasn’t getting any signal before with that sore neck.

When I popped that baby out the box, I knew I had made the right choice. Just holding it, I could feel how comfortable the memory foam would be to sleep on. Heck, even the cover felt so soft in my hands. 

I had to whip out my phone and uninstall tinder because I wasn’t going to leave my bed anytime soon.™, you the only one for me, baby.

Go on. Make™ the only one for you, too.

Why it's called the Dream Pillow

The number one best thing about this pillow is the fact that I can adjust the height and firmness to fit my needs. Normally, I sleep like the possessed girl from The Exorcist, my head turning every which way and my body all contorted. But, when I placed my cranium onto this pillow…


It was the most comfiest sensation. EVER. The pillow just moulded to the shape of my head and neck, and I could feel the tension in my neck just dissipating. I slept like a dead log that night. When I woke up, my hair was a mess and my drool had created a river down my chin. 

I felt so relaxed and refreshed.

This was the one. The Dream Pillow was the ONE.

Free shipping across the UK

The Verdict

Since I picked up the Dream Pillow, my sleep has been saved. I can roll my head around like it’s nobody’s business, and I’m feeling great! I don’t wake up cranky anymore, and I can truly live up to the Dancing Diva name.

If you act fast enough, you can even pick up on that sweet deal that I got. I’m talking 69! 

Pounds! £69! That’s right,™’s got you covered with their limited time offer. (That’s £30 off the regular price!)

If you’re suffering from an everlasting kink in your neck, I highly recommend using the Kuddly Dream Pillow. And if you don’t want to invest in one, then why’d you read this article?

Tell that kink in your neck, “bye felicia.” Get a Kuddly Dream Pillow today.

         No more kinks! >>     
Save your neck and save £30!

If you’re planning on buying a kuddly dream pillow for Christmas this year, check out some other popular gift items from™ that my colleagues and I reviewed as a part of this series. 

You could cross multiple people off your list in one virtual stop. And the sooner you get your shopping done, the sooner you can rest your head on a luxurious dream pillow and enjoy the holidays.

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Alyssa Kline

Alyssa Kline

Alyssa is a Product Researcher here at Sleepbo. She's a proud mum to three kids and a Cocker Spaniel.