Here’s How I Beat Insomnia With The Kuddly Dream Pillow

Hi there, my name is Isaac, and I’m a former insomniac. I’m here to share my story with the world and hope to help other insomnia sufferers conquer their demons.

While many think it impossible, I found an effective way to reclaim my sleep and beat insomnia.

Here’s how I conquered insomnia and how kuddly dream pillow helped.


I first developed insomnia four years ago. At first, it wasn’t too bad and I just felt as if I was going to bed a lot later than usual. 12am turned to 2am, and 2am turned to 6am. I would be able to take short naps, but found myself awake more than I was asleep.

Within a few days I found myself moving sluggishly, feeling cranky, and just overwhelmed with fatigue and exhaustion. Despite desperately needing sleep, I couldn’t—basically, I was too tired to even fall asleep.

Not knowing what to do, my health gradually deteriorated and I felt myself losing all sense of who I was. I had become simply a shell of my former self.

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Looking For the Solution

My friends and family desperately tried to help me get better. Together, we all researched and tried different methods to relieve my symptoms, beat insomnia, and try to get me to fall asleep. I consumed pills, tried meditation, and even changed my diet.

Nothing worked!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did manage to score a few days of falling asleep, but it was all temporary. The exhaustion and fatigue returned and I found myself staring at my ceiling instead of whisking off to dreamland.

Truly, I felt as if there was no hope left for me . . .

But, that’s when my sister found something interesting. Apparently, having the right pillow, especially a memory foam pillow, was proven to provide relief for people with high stress levels and anxiety. They were also proven to help with insomnia.

Despite not wanting to waste my time, I decided to give memory foam pillows a try. I look back and really thank myself for doing so, because that’s when everything changed.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

After conducting some research, I came across a UK-based brand that is devoted to making people feel comfortable and stress-free. Looking at all the wonderful products they offered, I was glad to see they had a memory foam pillow available.

What really sold me, though, was the fact that this pillow was adjustable. That meant I could customise it until it was perfectly suited for me—something that other memory foam pillows lack. I instantly placed an order and waited for my pillow to arrive.

On a side note: I had a slight issue with my order and quickly emailed™’s customer service team.  They responded quickly and kindly resolved my problem. 

I was blown away with the courteous and timely response and was even more ecstatic when my pillow showed up! Already happy with the service, some of the best service I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, I couldn’t wait to try my pillow.

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  • 100% customisable
  • Removable 100% micro-fibre shredded memory foam
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Breathable CLOUDpad lining
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Best for all kinds of sleepers (back, tummy, side)
  • 100% UK-based
  • Free Shipping
  • 30-night, money-back guarantee
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Hello Sleep, My Old Friend

That night with the dream pillow was honestly the first time I slept soundly after four years. I had adjusted the pillow to fit what I needed (it even came with a little pouch for the excess foam). I placed my head on the pillow and felt so incredibly comfortable.

Before I knew it, I was asleep. And I slept, all throughout the night.

It’s been three months since I purchased the Dream Pillow, and I’m so happy to say I can finally dream again. I feel healthier and my mind is clearer. My family and friends instantly saw the difference, and I’m just so grateful for™. I finally beat insomnia!

Thank you.

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You've got to experience it for yourself

I encourage you to try the kuddly dream pillow a well if you haven’t already.

It truly is a huge game changer.

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