To all the Fibro-warriors Out There

Updated: May 18, 2021.

I can hardly begin to imagine what it’s like for you. From my research and the stories I have come across, living with an invisible illness is no easy feat, especially when those who can’t possibly understand say things to you like:  “you look fine; there can’t possibly be anything wrong with you.” How dare they? You deserve way more compassion and respect. 

Shocked by what I learned in my research

I want you all to know that I was shocked by what I found. Whenever the pain in my feet flares up and I must either soak them in Epsom salts or use toe spreaders to get some sort of relief, I had looked for a solution, a reason as to why.

Only then did I come across the word “Fibromyalgia,” and discovered your plight.

Only then did I dive down deep into the Google rabbit hole, searching for the symptoms and the cure. To my surprise, there isn’t one. There are only ways in which to alleviate flare-ups. There are no studies, no scientifically proven solutions to helping those with fibromyalgia as every case is different. For that, my heart goes out to you. 

A possible solution

Relief at last! HOPE!

I do not write this as if I am an expert. How could I, when I myself have not been diagnosed?

That said, as I have found the same benefits with my own, there were a few stories from your fellow fibro-warriors that stood out to me speaking of soothing fibro pain with the help of a weighted blanket, and I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you may, too, find the same comfort. 

Testimonials from Fellow Fibro-warriors

I suffer with fibromyalgia and bought one of the weighted blankets and wish I’d done it sooner. It really helps to relax my legs and takes away the ache. I’ve never slept so well!” Sian Gale

Recently ordered 4 weighted blankets, whilst they were on ‘sale’ at £49 each, saving over £300 in the process. When they arrived I was presently surprised by the quality and softness of the blankets…I suffer with Fibromyalgia, and a disability. I am so glad I made the purchase as from the 2nd night of using the weighted blanket, my sleeping has improved a lot, also noticed that the pain from my disability & Fibromyalgia has improved especially first thing in the morning, it’s now much easier and not as painful as it used to be. Tracy Holmes

The benefits of using a weighted blanket for fibromyalgia relief

A firbo-warrior by the name of Abbie Anderson spoke of her discovery of the benefits of using a weighted blanket for relieving her Fibromyalgia symptoms:

“It was by accident that I used the weighted blanket [...] While my son was using it, it was bedtime, and he wanted to read to me. I crawled onto his bed and covered up with his weighted blanket. Within a minute or two, I was yawning and sleepy [...] I really like to use it for sleep, but also I find it very comforting on days where I ache from the weather or if my anxiety is increased for whatever reason. It gives me a sense of calm.”

Abbie Anderson, Fibro-warrior

A Weighted Blanket has helped

Another by the name of Sue Ingebretson speaks to how she, too, had trouble finding the science to back up the notion that weighted blankets can help with Fibromyalgia, but what she does know is how her weighted blanket has helped her manage her chronic pain, as well as her patients’ pain.

Give a weighted blanket a try

When looking at the reviews and comments about weighted blankets, it was clear to me that many were reluctant to try them because they can’t tolerate even a light sheet or their own clothing on their body, but most who did give a weighted blanket a try were pleasantly surprised. 

Despite the lack of scientific proof, Sue encourages others to give a weighted blanket a try saying, “sometimes we need to try something for ourselves.” And I think she’s right, for it seems that many fibro-warriors have found solace in the warm folds of a weighted blanket.

My Weighted blanket recommendation

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Warm Regards,

A Kind Stranger