Do Weighted Blankets Help With ADHD and Sleep Problems?

ADHD and sleep problems go hand in hand and can create a cycle of inattention. Weighted blankets for ADHD sleep may provide relief, as we found…” truhugs sleep study. 

Some studies have shown the correlation between ADHD and sleep problems, stating that weighted blankets can help those with ADHD by helping improve sleep. 

In 2011, a study was conducted showing how a weighted blanket not only helped those with ADHD sleep better but also improved upon ADHD symptoms. 

The study  determined that the use of the weighted blanket increased sleep quality and most were able to fall asleep quicker.

ADHD and Sleep Problems

Having ADHD creates difficulties:

  • Falling asleep
  • Staying asleep
  • Waking up

The great thing about weighted blankets is that they are designed to help improve sleep.

Perhaps a weighted blanket could help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up more refreshed the next day. The best part, most weighted blanket brands have a 30 Night Trial with a money-back guarantee.

One of our favourites is the Koala Blanket. Many kuddly customers have said they had better sleep since owning one. 

4 of the most common sleep disturbances associated with ADHD:

1. Difficulty falling asleep

For most with ADHD, it’s hard to shut off their mind when trying to go to sleep and about 70% say they spend at least an hour trying to fall asleep. 

A weighted blanket is designed to help you fall asleep due to Its deep pressure that helps quiet your mind.

2. Restless sleep

Those with ADHD toss and turn and don’t consider their sleep to be refreshing. In most cases, they wake up as tired as they were the night before. 

A weighted blanket helps you fall asleep quicker and encourages high-quality sleep as it helps you sleep longer and deeper.

3. Difficulty waking up

More than 80% of those with ADHD say they wake up multiple times a night to about 4 AM, and then have trouble waking up. In extreme cases, they can sleep through many alarms and can be very irritable, and combative if woken before they are ready. 

A weighted blanket can help you regulate your sleep schedule. Many have said that after owning a weighted blanket, they have started to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go before their alarm.

4. Intrusive sleep

When you fall asleep because you’ve lost interest in an activity and have started to look for something more interesting. This disengagement can be so abrupt that it induces sudden and extreme drowsiness. 

Weighted blankets can help you focus. By activating the sense of touch, weighted blankets can keep you from being distracted by other sensory stimuli which helps improve your attention, helps your remain on task, and helps you fidget less. Many use their weighted blankets at their desks, either draped over their shoulders or placed on their laps.

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