Blissy™ Silk Pillowcase VS™ Silk Pillowcase

Clear glowing skin, shiny luscious hair, a long restful night’s sleep are only the beginning of the benefits a silk pillowcase has to offer and you’re here because you heard Blissy™ was the best of the best, but™ has entered the fold with their own 100% 22-Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, and we’ve put them both to the test. Based on quality, price, and delivery, here’s who came out on top:


Highest quality 22-Momme Mulberry Silk is where the magic happens!

Not all silk pillowcases are made equal, and it’s fair to say that these two are on par when it comes to the quality of the silk. Both are made with 100% 22-Momme Mulberry Silk, both come in a cute little package that allows you to pack it up again and travel with, both have their logo embroidered on the top left corner, and both provide the same kind of benefits:

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-bed head
  • Anti-dust mites and allergies: hypoallergenic
  • Anti- sleep crease: delicate on skin
  • Anti-bacterial: non-irritating
  • Moisture retention: for glowing skin and luscious hair
  • Regulates temperature

So now you might be thinking, where Blissy™ and™ differ? Read on. 

PRICE Elite Level Quality at an amazing price.

For many years, Hollywood and the elite have kept this well kept secret for years, but now the benefits of silk pillowcases have entered the mainstream and people all over the world are looking for the best silk pillowcases at a banging price so that they, too, can look like a Hollywood star. Many silk pillowcases will cost you a fortune and the gatekeepers, the elite, have made silk pillowcases almost impossible to afford:

The™ Silk Pillowcase is your answer

It’s definitely the more affordable of the two.™ also makes it ten times more accessible for customers to get more than one silk pillowcase for a really good price. In fact, you can buy 4 standard silk pillowcases for a total of £131. That means you’re getting each silk pillowcase for only £32.75 each. Compared to Blissy™ who offers the same deal but at a slightly higher price,™ is the more ideal choice.

The consensus? Comparing price,™ comes out just on top. 

Where the two brands really differ is how fast a customer will receive their silk pillowcase. 

DELIVERY is a UK based company meaning delivery is fast and reliable. Get yours the next business day!

No one wants to wait weeks, not to mention days, for their purchase—ever. This is where™ really shines. As a UK based company, their warehouse is in the UK, meaning they have super quick deliveries. They’re so fast, they ship the next day. Basically, buy a™ Silk Pillowcase today, and you’ll have your new pillowcase in your hands the next working day. 

In comparison, Blissy™ is an American company so if you’re a UK customer you’re going to have to wait for your silk pillowcase if you buy from Blissy™. In their shipping policy, they ask customers to: “please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Not only that, you might have to pay duties before your silk pillowcase is released from customs, depending on your delivery address. So are you really only paying that listed price on their website? Because duties can end up being pretty pricey.

Honestly, don’t pay duties, just buy™.


The entire Sleepbo staff sleeps on Silk Pillowcases!™ is the clear winner. 

With next day delivery, you can enjoy the benefits of clear skin, shiny hair, and a long restful night with™ and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg—and you won’t have to pay unexpected duties because unlike Blissy™,™ is UK based.