The 5 Best Hoodie Blankets in the UK


What’s comfier than being wrapped up in blankets or wearing an oversized hoodie?

Why not do both?

Studying on the couch and at your desk this winter could be a lot more fun and cosy wearing one of these massive hoodies. Whether buying one for yourself or as a gift for a loved one thinking about midterms or exams, there are so many hooded blankets to choose from.

As it might be hard to determine which one is the best quality for your money, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Here’s our list of the top 5 hoodie blankets sold in the UK:

    1.™ Hoodie Blanket
    2. The Oodie
    3. Snuggy
    4. The Comfy
    5. Toxic Fox Hooded Blankets

Best 5 Hoodie Blankets in the UK

SleepBo’s #1 Choice£109 £49

#1™ Hoodie Blanket

The kuddly Hoodie Blanket is the latest to hit the market, and we think it’s absolute perfection.

It’s the softest, most massive hoodie we’ve had the pleasure of wearing. 

Made with ultra-soft and highly breathable MicroCool™ fleece, you won’t feel overheated. Plus, we’ve noticed people wearing them at the beach while watching the sunset during the summer. 

Its quality is superb. With reinforced double-stitching, double-lined, it’s built to last. Sagging won’t eventually occur after frequent use like most of the other brands.

Better yet, it’s completely machine washable. So it’s super easy to care for.

The kuddly Hoodie Blanket is sold by a popular UK company. They offer a 30-day refund policy and free delivery


  • Large pocket
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable MicroCool™ fleece exterior
  • Soft and cosy sherpa fleece interior
  • Engineered around a 6XL hoodie
  • Shipped with free delivery
  • 30-day trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee
  • free gift when you spend over £89

#2 The Oodie £85

Smiling man in a Hoodie

The Oodie was a close second.

Designed and sold by an Australian company, it’s a bit pricier and we had to wait quite a bit for it to be delivered. 

Made with a sherpa fleece interior and a fleece exterior, the Oodie is quite soft. We did, however, notice that the cuffs on the Oodie varied depending on the colour—in some cases (the patterned hoodies), the cuffs were a bit too long for our liking and we had to fold them over to a more comfortable size.

The Oodie offers a 30-day return policy. It’s also completely machine washable. 

#3 The Snuggy £69

In third was the Snuggy, made with super soft, extra thick premium polyester. It holds the same amount of warmth and comfort for around the same price as the top two. The main difference is Snuggly’s pocket is a lot higher, allowing for easy access to any items you place in there. For some, however, the pocket might be too high as it cuts right across the chest.

Just like the others, the Snuggly offers a 30 day return policy. Their delivery takes 1-4 business days from when it leaves their warehouse.

#4 The Comfy £69

Girl in a grey Hoodie-Blanket

Coming in fourth is the Comfy. As the original hooded blanket, many others could learn and improve upon its quality. It’s 100% polyester, with the sherpa interior and fleece exterior, and comes in various colours including black, blush, pink, burgundy, and plaid. Its pocket and hood are also the smallest of the top four.

As with the others, the Comfy is machine washable, but their site doesn’t mention the delivery times or if they have a 100% money back guarantee.

#5 Toxic Fox Hooded Blankets £79

Last but not least is Toxic Fox Hooded Blankets coming in at number 5. It’s the only hooded blanket that doesn’t come in the form of a hoodie. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be on the list. Coming in a variety of patterns, those of which can be customised with a name, Toxic Fox Hooded Blankets is a fun and unique blanket.

Due to the customisation feature, the delivery of the Toxic Fox Hooded Blanket takes much longer than the top four. We were also unable to see if they have a 100% money back guarantee, but it’s our assumption that once something is customised, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to return it.

Kuddling up with our Hooded Blanket

All in all, we recommend™ as the number 1 hoodie blanket for its superior quality, price, and size.

In fact, the™ is currently on sale for only £49, but that deal won’t last long. Get your™ Hoodie Blanket now, before it’s too late.

More about the Kuddly Hoodie Blanket, Sleepbo’s #1 Choice:

Girl with pink Hoodie-Blanket

"I absolutely love it. It comes in 3 colours. Pink, Grey, and Blue. Check them out and add them to your list of must haves for this winter season."​

Katja, @xliveurdreams
Smiling Girl in pink kuddly Blanket

"I'm so warm, I'm all set for a cosy winter."

Anita, @anita.yung
Laughing girl with a kuddly Blanket

"I love this so much!!!! It's the cosiest thing ever. It's going to make my winter more bearable."​

Nikki Jones, @nikkayjones