Back to School Basics: Why Add Weighted Blankets to Your List

Summer may be over soon, but the rest and relaxation don’t have to be. Going back to school can be tough since school is usually one of the largest contributors to stress in children, teens, and young adults, so finding something to help cope with that stress is important.

Keep reading to see how you can help your child to reduce stress and anxiety, and focus more!

Sleep Deprivation in Children and Teens

Studies show that many children and students are sleep deprived due to the excessive schedules they live.

About 85% of teens don’t get enough sleep. 

Balancing school, homework, after-school programs, and a social life can all lead to youth overexerting energy and not getting the sleep they need.

On average children between the ages of 5 and 10 require 10 to 11 hours of sleep, while children between the ages of 10 and 17 need 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep.

How to Tell if Your Child is Sleep Deprived

Signs of sleep deprivation include:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Constantly distracted
  • Tardiness or absenteeism
  • Hyperactivity/impulse control
  • impatience/moody/aggression

So, what happens if sleep disorders are not treated for youth? They become chronic and can lead to the following:

  • Underperforming at school
  • Depression
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Affects health problems, such as obesity or diabetes

The good news is that sleep deprivation can be easily treated with slight adjustments in a child’s life. The goal is to allow children to destress and relax.

Downtime is important for children, just as much as it is for adults. Children and teens may naturally have more energy than adults, but overexerting them with work and extracurriculars isn’t the answer.

Dedicate time for children to play and enjoy their own interests. This means activities without pressure or concrete goals. It’s also important to ensure that children and teens have the perfect environment for sleep.

What’s required for a perfect sleep environment? Soft music, no digital distractions (phones, TVs, computers) and, most of all, being wrapped in a soothing weighted blanket.

Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have so many benefits when it comes to helping stressed or sleep-deprived children relax their bodies and minds.

Some of these include:

  • A non-invasive method to dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Deep Pressure Touch calms autistic children and those with ADHD

Weighted blankets naturally relieve stress and anxiety, which is perfect for older students in high school and college.

Weighted blankets also improve sleep quality, helping the body heal and regenerate nutrients that are needed throughout the day.

A BACK TO SCHOOL MUST-HAVE: Help your child focus and perform to the best of their ability! A weighted blanket is a must-have on any school supply list, and below is a list of some of our favourite options!

Our Top Three Weighted Blankets for Back to School

#1 KUDDLY™’s number one bestseller is their weighted blanket. Designed to hug your body as you sleep and made from ultra-soft and breathable MicroCool™ fleece, the™ weighted blanket is a great option to get cosy and destress.


  • 5kg weight
  • MicroCool fleece is breathable and regulates body temperature
  • Glass beads conform to the shape of your body
  • 100% UK based
  • 30-night trial
  • Free Shipping

Worried that the™ blanket may be too warm for you? Worry not!™ also has a cooling weighted blanket that will help cool your body down and relax.

The cooling blanket is the perfect option to reduce stress while the weather is still warm. It will also help in reducing anxiety and hyperactivity in children.


  • Same 5kg weight as the original
  • HyperCool™ technology to keep your body nice and cool
  • 100% UK based
  • 30-night trial
  • Free Shipping


The Gravity® blanket is a weighted blanket that completely relaxes your body and helps with stress, sleeping disorders, and developmental disorders.

Made with a high-quality, breathable, and machine-washable material, the Gravity® blanket is available in a wide selection of sizes, kid’s sizes, and colours.

       Shop Gravity Blanket     
       Shop Gravity Blanket     

The Therapy® blanket is designed so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout your body. Therapy®’s weighted blanket comes with a soft two-sided cover that can be removed and washed.

The Therapy® blanket is available in various sizes, kid’s sizes and colours.

Help your child succeed this Fall! Make sure to add a weighted blanket to your back to school shopping list!