Answers to Your Questions About Weighted Blankets

Updated: May 20, 2021

What are weighted blankets, how are they weighted, and how do they work?

Weighted blankets are blankets designed to help people improve their sleeping patterns, reduce their stress and anxiety, and ultimately feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day. 

Small round plastic or glass beads sewn into small evenly distributed pockets give the blanket its weight. 

It’s known that glass beads are the ideal filling for a more breathable and higher quality weighted blanket. 

Weighted blankets work by using deep pressure touch to help stimulate the body. This deep pressure touch is similar to the feeling of being hugged or getting a massage. By wrapping a weighted blanket over your shoulders, laying a weighted blanket over your lap, or sleeping under a weighted blanket, your body will release what is known as the happy hormone and you will begin to feel more relaxed and at ease.

How do you use a weighted blanket with a duvet?

A lot of people sleep with their weighted blanket on top of their duvet. In some cases, they might use their weighted blanket underneath the duvet. 

Many people actually use their weighted blanket as their duvet. 

In the end, it really comes down to preference.

How do you wash a weighted blanket?

Taking care of a weighted blanket is really easy. 

Now, not all weighted blankets are the same. Many come with removable covers that you can wash in your washing machine. 

Others, like the kuddly blanket, are made without a cover and can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and tumble dried.

Does a weighted blanket really have to be 10% of your body weight?

No. Your weighted blanket does not have to be 10% of your body weight, but it definitely shouldn’t be heavier than that. 

This 10% of your body weight is only recommended for safety reasons. It’s not recommended that you use a weighted blanket above 10% of your body weight.

Most people enjoy a weighted blanket on the lighter side as it’s not too heavy and is quite comforting. 

The optimal weight for perfect relaxation and comfort, recommended by psychology today, is 5kg.

How do you know what weight is best for you?

A lot of people go by the recommendation of using a weighted blanket at 10% of your body weight. Of course, this weight is only recommended for safety reasons as you shouldn’t be using a weighted blanket 10% above your body weight.  Essentially, your ideal weight will depend on your own preference. 

Many people like lighter weight and enjoy the calming effect of a 5kg blanket because it’s not too overwhelming.

In some cases, people have gone for a heavier blanket and have enjoyed that more. 

The best thing about shopping for a weighted blanket is that many brands provide trials so nothing is really stopping you from giving one a try. 

If you try a lower-weighted blanket and don’t enjoy it, most brands offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning you can return your blanket for your money back or perhaps trade it in for a different weight.

Do weighted blankets make you hot?

Well… they can… blankets are used to keep you warm normally. 

That said, there are cooling weighted blankets. And a lot of the glass-filled weighted blankets are extremely breathable and don’t retain as much heat as the plastic-filled ones. 

Some weighted blankets like the Koala blanket come with a cool side and a warmer side so you can use it all year round. 

I can't Bear anything on my legs at night...How would this help my Restless Leg Syndrome?

It’s been said that deep pressure touch (DPT) stimulation offered by weighted blankets works by stimulating the production of serotonin, which relaxes and calms the muscles. DPT is also known for its ability to decrease heart rates and reduce blood pressure. That said, nothing has stated exactly why it works, but many have claimed that the right weighted blanket has done wonders.

In fact, an anxiety specialist by the name of Katie Higgins as seen below has said she suffers from restless legs and the kuddly weighted blanket, at 4.7kg, has given her relief from her restless legs.

Additionally, we’ve read that for some, weighted blankets do actually help those with restless leg syndrome. 

Here are some testimonials from those who have received relief from their restless leg syndrome symptoms with the help of a kuddly blanket: 

I’ve not had restless legs since getting mine. It feels so snug. I couldn’t go back now. My sleeps improved too, not been getting so much brain fog.” Mandy Barlow

“I suffer from fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome , I bought a weighed blanket and wow what a difference. I put it on top of the duvet it feels heavy at first but you soon get used to it .” – Jacquie Jackson

Ultimately, it appears as though the best weight for fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome is around 5kg. 

Do weighted blankets actually work for those with Fibromyalgia?

There’s no scientific evidence that says weighted blankets will actually work for those with fibromyalgia, but even so, many who have tried a weighted blanket have said it’s helped them immensely. 

In fact, some people don’t believe it will work for them, but then they’re pleasantly surprised at how much a weighted blanket has helped them.

Here are some testimonials from those who have received relief from their fibromyalgia symptoms with the help of a kuddly blanket: 

“I have fibromyalgia and ME/CFS and all the awful symptoms associated with these horrible illnesses including restless leg syndrome etc and I bought a weighted blanket just to see if I could tolerate it. They are marvellous and I certainly get a better sleep” – Anne Mooney

“I have one and have fibromyalgia and anxiety and depression…this helps my pain and completely stopped my spasms the first night I used it …the best thing I’ve ever bought. I’ve bought 1 for my mum who has restless leg syndrome” 

Featuring the kuddly blanket. Now on Sale for £49.

I have insomnia. Do weighted blankets actually help you sleep?

Some find that the weighted blanket doesn’t cure their ailment overnight, but they end up getting a night of better sleep.

Sleep experts emphasize how consistent “good” sleep is the most productive way to heal all ailments because that’s when the body was designed to do all its healing.

But don’t take our word for it, hear what others have to say:

“I have had insomnia for years, got severe pain in my legs. Bought a 8kg blanket on sunday and my sleep has improved so much. I wish i knew about these blankets years ago. I don’t dread going to bed now, i look forward to getting sleep. X” – Liz Thomson

“It took me a while to get used to it. I didn’t like it at first but now I love my blanket. I have fibro and suffer from anxiety and amnesia and am sleeping much better. Give it a proper chance.” Lisa Hart

I couldn’t sleep properly now without my weighted blanket. I use the 9kg one from kalmkoala. You can get cheaper ones but this is very high quality and comes with an amazing cover. Check them out. Several of my friends have bought them for themselves and one friend has a son with autism who absolutely loves his. It seems to settle down the anxiety, and restlessness.” Debbie Feherty

Do you think a weighted blanket would help with arthritis flare up too?

We don’t see why not.

If the weighted blanket has helped others with pain relief, we wouldn’t be surprised if it also helped with arthritis flare-ups. 

Weighted blankets are pretty magical and it never hurts to try one out.

Here are some testimonials from those will to give a weighted blanket a try:

“I love mine. I have restless legs fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have never slept so well as I have since my weighted blanket arrived. Mine is a 6 kg.” – Jean Walton.

“I have fibro and arthritis, I haven’t slept right for years, my hubby brought me one for my birthday, I wish I had one years ago, as I have slept soundly and almost pain free ever since.” – Paula Geisner 

Are weighted blankets also good for menopause?

Yes, weighted blankets are great for menopause. Since one of the early signs of menopause is lack of sleep or sleep issues, a weighted blanket can help you keep a consistent sleep pattern while your body goes through these hormonal changes. 

In addition, the weighted blanket’s ability to release the happy hormone, and provide a sense of calmness, may assist with combating the mood changes, and depression often associated with menopause.

I suffer from M.E Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) I have awful pain in my shoulders, knees and hips would this help me?

We haven’t read anywhere, or see any scientific evidence that a weighted blanket would help with M.E., but who is to say it won’t? 

From what we can tell, most people who end up giving a weighted blanket a try end up falling in love with it. It’s helped so many who suffer from fibromyalgia, it’s quite possible it could help with M.E. too! 

And like we’ve mentioned before. Most weighted blankets come with money-back guarantee trials, so there really isn’t anything stopping you from giving one a try. 

You never know, your new weighted blanket might just change your whole life.

Do weighted blankets actually help with anxiety and stress?

Oh, yes. Besides helping with sleep, we think weighted blankets are most known for relief from anxiety and stress by helping the masses with sensory and stimulation differences. This is due to the blanket’s ability to provide deep pressure touch which helps release the happy hormone. 

It’s hard to be anxious and stressed when you’re feeling so happy and relaxed wrapped in the comforting folds of your weighted blanket.

A Testimonial on the kuddly Blanket from Katie Higgins Hypnotherapy:

Why the difference in price? Why not buy on Amazon?

The difference in price can come down to a few factors. 

  1. The materials used. A higher-priced blanket usually means it is made with more high-quality materials. 
  2. Sometimes it comes down to the fact that it’s larger, meaning more materials are being used. 
  3. If it weighs more, it costs more to ship, and most brands ship for free. 
  4. Usually, a product can cost more depending on how well they treat their employees. Aka. Their employees get paid a fair wage, and they get breaks and are treated well. 

Many times we get comments that customers could find a cheaper blanket on Amazon.

Yes, that may be true, but let’s consider what we’ve been hearing in the news about Amazon and how often they treat their employees like machines, not people.

The more we buy from Amazon, instead of our small local businesses, the more we perpetuate the issue of Amazon treating their employees poorly and the more our own small business owners suffer.

Every time we buy from Amazon, we say, it’s okay to treat people, not like people. 

We think it is important to support small local businesses, especially during a time when they’re hurting the most. That is why we highlight the brands we do.

Our List of the Top Weighted Blankets Available in the UK:

SleepBo’s #1 Choice£117 £49™ Blanket

Note: At the time of this article being written, kuddly™ has a BOGO sale. You could save up to £145! See if the sale is still on>>

The kuddly weighted blanket is a one-of-a-kind blanket designed and sold by a UK-based company. 

  • It’s a singular unit, meaning it’s really easy to care for (you don’t have to worry about ties and all that) and the entire thing can be machine washed 
  • Comes with Free-Shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • it is one size (a single, much like a throw), making it easy to take from room to room
  • comes in one weight, a perfect 5kg
  • made with MicroCool Fleece, and weighted by micro glass beads

Many reviews rave about how much the kuddly blanket has improved their lives. 

You won’t go wrong choosing a kuddly blanket. 

KOALA BLANKET (Prices Vary depending on size & weight)

IMPORTANT: Kalm Koala is currently having their biggest sale of the year! 

For a limited time only, you can save huge on a koala blanket. Get 33% off, plus an additional £30 with voucher code SPRING30!

That’s the lowest we’ve ever seen koala blankets go for. So don’t miss your chance, take advantage of this super exciting sale today and enjoy the calming benefits of a koala blanket before it’s too late. 

Designed by a UK-based company, the Koala weighted blanket is a high-quality, luxury blanket made to provide comfort all year long. 

  • It comes with a removable duvet cover that can be washed in the washing machine
  • The duvet cover is two-sided: warmer mink fleecer on one side and a cool bamboo on the other
  • Comes with Free-Shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It is offered in 2 sizes (single and queen)
  • three weights: 4kg, 6.8kg, and 9kg
  •  weighted by micro glass beads

Many happy customers rave about how much the Koala blanket has improved their sleep

You won’t be disappointed choosing the Koala blanket. 

Gravity Blankets UK (prices vary depending on size & Weight)

Gravity is the most expensive weighted blanket on this list, and it offers the shortest trial: only 28-days. 

That said, it’s still the 3rd best weighted blanket available in the UK and deserves a spot on this list. 

They offer 6 different weights: 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg and they come in 2 sizes: 135cmx200cm, 150cmx220cm.

They also offer two cover types: summer and all seasons. 

The one downside we give them is that you literally have no idea what the prices are until you’ve added them to the cart. In that sense, their website is hard to navigate. 

They also have the longest delivery times: 21 business days. 

Many weighted blanket companies offer 30 day trials

Skeptical? We understand. Weighted blankets might not work for everyone, but many who have given them a try have been pleasantly surprised at how much a weighted blanket has helped them. 

“To my surprise I have found it very comforting. Especially in my hips and legs. I don’t tend to use it on my top half just hips and legs and it is really helping. So maybe, just maybe don’t rule it out until you’ve tried it for a couple of days. Esp those really bad days when nothing is working. Ask a friend if they have one if you can borrow it. But go for the throw not the blanket. Mine is 4kg” Kaz Hunkin

Honestly, it never hurts to give the weighted blanket a try. We commend those who gave a weighted blanket a try and it didn’t work out.

Being proactive about getting better sleep, and living a healthier life is what we’re all about. And for those who found solace after trying out a weighted blanket, we truly believe their lives have changed for the better.

Give a Weighted Blanket a Try, you might be pleasantly Surprised

Reminder. Many weighted blanket companies provide 30-day money-back guarantees, offering you a 30-day trial. If you find that the weighted blanket doesn’t work for you, you can easily return it for your money back. 

Some weighted blankets don’t cost you that much. In fact, some sell for as low as £49 when the right sale is on. That’s not much to pay for something that might change your life for the better. Plus, like we mentioned above, you’re not locked in. You have 30 days to give it a try.

The best sleep and wellness tool ever invented

Sleepbo loves the weighted blanket. We think it’s the best sleep and wellness tool ever invented. So give a weighted blanket a try. How about our favourite?