6 Ways a Koala Weighted Blanket May Improve Your Sex Life

According to research by relationship support charity Relate, almost a quarter of couples (23%) said they were struggling with their relationships during the pandemic. A similar amount, especially women, considers their partner more irritating than before. Obviously the stress of the pandemic has affected the intimacy between couples. 

Many don’t know this, but a weighted blanket can help improve your sex life. This is because weighted blankets are designed to help improve your sleep, and sleep and sex go hand in hand. 

Here are 6 ways how a Kalm Koala Therapeutic Weighted Blanket could hack your sleep for more intimacy, opening the door to a more healthy and loving relationship: 

  1. Helps Maintain your Libido levels
  2. Keeps you in the Mood
  3. Brings couples together
  4. Increases the “love hormone”
  5. Synchronizes your sleep schedule 
  6. Reduce tension, Stop Hitting Snooze

Maintain your Libido Levels

Sleep affects our sense of well-being, vigor, mood, and most importantly our libido. This is because when we lack sleep, our testosterone levels decrease. What you may not know is that testosterone is the hormone most closely linked to libido. 

Weighted blankets are designed to help us get more shut eye. They’re literally a quick one time purchase to better sleep for most. I love mine, and I bet you’ll love yours too. 

Stay in the Mood

Sleep affects our mood. When we lack sleep we’re quick to anger and irritation and no one…well mostly no one… wants to get into bed with an angry partner. Not if you want a healthy relationship. 

Your weighted blanket is going to help you stay calm and feel grounded. People claim to be much happier when they’re enjoying the benefits of a weighted blanket.

Get more Intimate

Weighted blankets are designed to help improve sleep. When we work on fixing our sleep disorders, especially sleep deprivation, our quality of life improves. 

When we have a happy and healthy life, our sex life and intimacy is going to be fulfilling and healthy too.

Encourage the “Love Hormone”

 “Sleeping together in the same bed can improve your relationship by lowering levels of the stress hormone and increasing levels of the bonding or love hormone,”

Bruce Corser, M.D., MBA, the medical director at the Sleep Management Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Weighted blankets are designed to encourage lowering levels of the stress hormone and increasing the levels of the love hormone as well. They also help you sleep better, staying asleep throughout the night.

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

“Ideally you want to go to bed and wake up around the same time,” says Corser. This can be challenging because some people are night owls and some are morning people. 

A weighted blanket can help you reset your sleep schedule since it’s designed to help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Plus, Corser says, “it only takes two days for your circadian rhythm to reschedule itself.

Spending more time together, especially time in bed only ups the odds of getting more intimate.

Easily Get Up and Out of Bed

With the help of a weighted blanket, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to keep hitting that snooze button. 

Stop irritating your partner by hitting that snooze button every five minutes. Sleep well, and you’ll be wide awake and ready to go once that alarm goes off. If you’re lucky, you’ll be awake before the alarm wakes you up.

The Koala Weighted Blanket

This Koala blanket could be the one thing to change your life. Why not try one out? They have a 30 day night money back guarantee.